Extra Large Penis Pump

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Extra Large Penis Pump
Extra Large Penis Pump Extra Large Penis Pump Extra Large Penis Pump Extra Large Penis Pump

Extra Large Penis Pump

This penis pump is extra large sized, giving the cylinder more length and more width than most standard pumps. The smoky color gradient design on the cylinder is stylish and masculine, giving it a more appealing look than a regular clear pump. The smoky color is not too dark, so you can still see through it and watch the magic!

The hand pump bulb features an easy quick release air pressure valve, so when you are finished pumping, simply push the valve and end the suction. Slide your penis out and enjoy your new erection! Using lubrication on the jelly sleeve of this pump will make removing your penis more comfortable. Also using lubrication will make the air tight seal more intense, and easier to pump.

The jelly sleeve is thick and plump, and very comfortable! The thickness of the jelly is not only for a great air seal and comfort against your penis shaft, it also acts as padding against the is pelvis when pumping.

The extra large cylinder measures a wonderful 9 1/2 inches long, all of which is insertable. The width of the base of the cylinder measures 3 3/8 wide. The perfect sized penis pump for extra large men!

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