John Holmes penis enhancement vacuum pump.
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John Holmes Enhancement Pump
John Holmes Enhancement Pump John Holmes Enhancement Pump John Holmes Enhancement Pump John Holmes Enhancement Pump

John Holmes Penis Pump

This vacuum pump was built for the legendary adult film star John Holmes, and is now available for you to take home and use! The stylish design and unique plunger style pumping feature makes use fun and easy.

The cylinder is made from plastic, and features a quick release hole, which is meant to be covered by your thumb. Once you have pumped your penis to your full erection, simply remove your thumb from the hole and you will release the air pressure, allowing you to slip the pump off quickly and easily.

Using lubrication with the rubber air tight seal will make removing the pump more comfortable. If you don't use lubrication, you may feel some discomfort while trying to slide the rubber seal off your penis. This seal removes easily for a quick replacement if you choose a different sleeve.

The pumping works by pulling the top handle out and pushing it back in. This pump style allows you to get into a rhythm easily and keep your pumping constant.

The cylinder measures 8 inches long. The base measures 2 7/8 inches wide.

Price $29.99
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