Edible panties made of candy.

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Candy Edible Panties
Candy Edible Panties Candy Edible Panties - Side view Candy Edible Panties - Hleld by hand Candy Edible Panties - View of package

Candy Edible Panties

The final step up in edible lingerie, these look really good, they are the same as candy bracelets from your childhood except they've been beefed up and shaped into a fully functional thong panty for women. Stretchy elastic connects the candies allowing it to slip over your waist and sit properly on your hips just like actual underwear.

It's built very well but as soon as someone starts nibbling on you to revel the secret hidden underneath, you might have to retreat to the bedroom! The candies are solid and crunchy so if you are searching for a really risque outfit to wear to a costume of fetish party, you could actually wear the candy edible panty out of the house and for extended periods. One size fits all.

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