Adult novelty penis straws.
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Dicky Straws

Dicky Straws

Imagine this: You and the ladies are sitting around on a hot day under penis shaped balloons celebrating your BFF's bachelorette party. It's the afternoon before you go out on the town and you're going to begin the epic night of debauchery with a drink. You duck away into the kitchen, stick in the penis straws and come out with a platter of beverages. Can you picture the roaring laughter?

There is no better way to make a statement at your next adults only party. These penis sipping dicky straws are a party favorite, very taboo and down right hilarious! They are actually functional, you can really drink from these plastic straws. The top has a penis and tiny little balls. Features veins and detail to make a great impact. Comes in a pack of 10 dicky straws.

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