The only original sex pillow for easier sexual intercourse
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Wedge Sex Pillow

Heart Sex Pillow

Perhaps the only sex pillow that's not in some ridiculous cheese wedge like shape, rather it's a heart shape which is good for room decor without screaming out loud "hey I'm a sex pillow in the corner". That's right, you can leave this one out when your aunt is over visiting your house.

Inflates to a heart shape which is packed full of benefits with the main one being the ease of penetration when having doggie style intercourse. Your legs will go on wither side of the base of the heart while keeping your pelvis slightly elevated and allowing your legs to move freely. You can wrap your arms around the top for some good old fashioned pumping fun.

That's really only scraping the surface however this one can have other uses for making more creative positions possible. Features softer velvet coating with reinforced seams and a locking air hole.

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