A sensual board game for adults for intimacy and romance.

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Stairway to Pleasure

Stairway to Pleasure

Try something new you've always wanted to but was too inhibited to suggest, forget your worries about being shy and suggesting an activity that your lover may not normally agree towith the Stairway to Pleasure Senusal Board Game for Lovers. There is nothing too freaky here but his game allows you to expand your sexual repertoire with romantic and intimate ideas.

There is also the opportunity to act out silly cards and you will certainly find a good laugh with some of the activities such as:
"Stand up and act like the Statue of Liberty & recite Mary had a little lamb as if you were giving the most important speech of your life"

As you travel through the Stairway to Pleasure Senusal Board Game for Lovers board game, you'll encounter themes such as "Fulfill my Fantasy, Truth or Dare and This Might Be Embarrassing", pick the corresponding card and follow the instructions! Game includes: Die, 2 Playing Markers, play cards, 1 Candle and a sample of massage lotion and personal lubricant.

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