Anal sex toys including butt plugs and prostate massagers.
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Stimulating the anus greatly enhances sexual response. If you're not keen on insertion, try teasing the exterior with a thin toy during foreplay. It's a powerful erogenous zone and we're confident you'll soon be receptive to more. Our high quality anal sex toys are chosen with care so you can buy with confidence.

Vibrating anal toys

Vibrating Anal Toys

We like to suggest vibrating butt plugs first simply because you'll get the common shape and you'll benefit from the enhanced stimulation from the vibration of the toy.

Vibrators tend to be quiet and the multitude of shapes enables every adult to get the best feel. It's the hottest trend, sex toy manufacturers are releasing new styles on a regular basis so we're constantly adding new products here.
Butt Plugs and Anal Dildos

Butt Plugs and Anal Dildos

An anal probe is the perfect accessory for rousing foreplay. Slimmer dildos are a great choice for beginners, we've even got huge butt plugs that can give you shivers just looking at them!

Any shape you can think of and it's probably been created - perhaps it's here waiting for you. Be sure to browse this section we've got some items that you won't see anywhere else.
Prostate Massager

Prostate Massagers

The most popular men's anal toys are designed for prostate massage. The prostate gland is located inside the rectum about 2 inches up facing the front of the body.

Use during masturbation and you'll experience stronger ejaculations - they intensify male sexual pleasure by massaging the prostate which is comparable to the female g-spot.
Inflating Butt Plugs

Inflatable Anal Toys

These strange looking devices are the compromise between a thick girth and thin shaft that won't cause pain when inserted. Pump up the inflating butt plug and get the maximum pressure for the maximum pleasure.

Some inflatable butt toys vibrate and the latex balloon tingles delicately inside you - can you imagine how arousing this would feel?
Anal Beads

Anal Beads

We have three styles of anal beads. First is the traditional plastic beads on a string, second is the silicone or jelly strand and the third style vibrates.

Plastic has an incredible contrast, the smooth gliding of the single strand is more modern and easier to maintain and the vibrating feature needs no explanation - vibrations offer a whole new intensity of pleasure.

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