Large Crystalline Anal Beads with nylon string
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Crystalline Anal Beads made with plastic
Crystalline Anal Beads Crystalline Anal Beads - close up view Crystalline Anal Beads - held by hand

Crystalline Anal Beads - Large

The crystalline anal beads are made from light weight Acrylite, which is a hygienically superior plastic. This plastic material is made from the highest quality materials, making these anal beads durable, sturdy, sensual, smooth and very eye catching! The glossy finish shines brightly, and also adds to the softness.

These anal beads are large sized and come loosely connected on a nylon string. This string connects not only the anal beads, but the retrieval ring as well. This ring is pulled right before climax, removing the anal beads and giving you a heightened orgasm.

Each crystalline anal bead measures 1 inch in diameter, with a whole length of 15 inches for the whole strand. These anal beads are perfect for intermediate and advanced anal enthusiasts!

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