Waterproof vibrating anal beads for sex

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Waterproof Vibrating Anal Beads
Waterproof Vibrating Anal Beads Waterproof Vibrating Anal Beads - close up view Waterproof Vibrating Anal Beads showing the how flexible they are Waterproof Vibrating Anal Beads - held by hand

Vibrating Anal Beads

These large-sized waterproof vibrating anal beads have a concentrated vibrating tip for deep, invigorating stimulation. They're also waterproof for added versatility and fun in the shower.

The beefy, stiff shaft is mostly solid but it can bend slightly if you push it hard enough. It's a delight to thrust in and out because of the varying size between the bulb and the shaft it's like driving on a road full of potholes with the rigid surface and big contrast between the diameter of the shaft versus the beads.

It's crafted from rubber and plastic however it's important to note the rubber is very hard and is almost plastic like in consistency. Measures 8 1/4 inches total length with 5 inches insertable. The beads measure 1 inch wide. Multi speed vibrations uses 2 AAA batteries, not included.

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