Posh Beads are a luxurious option in a double pack set.

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Pink anal beads
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Posh Beads

It's time to rethink anal beads. Often the last option for couples, the difficulty in proper cleaning is an obvious reason many people don't want to even go there, but thanks to this brand new option, it's never been easier then before to try the pleasure of anal beads without the dirtiness.

A single piece unit made from the softest silicone. The beads are more dense with a different texture. One strand is medium sized, the other is smaller. You get both for one price so using with your partner is a perfect first step.

Each partner takes one set then just before orgasm, pull them out to share the best and strongest orgasms a couple can share. Clitoral stimulation is yesterday's way to share orgasms, now sharing anal beads is the tomorrow's trendy way to play.

These are completely amazing, made very well and offers the same bumpy feel anal beads are so popular for in a safe to use and easy to clean TPR silicone.

The longest and biggest unit measures 10 3/4 inches with the beads at 7/8 of an in diameter. The smaller unit is 10 inches with 3/4 inch diameter beads.

Price $14.99
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