Smoky silicone glider long anal toy.
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Silicone Glider Anal Toy
Silicone Glider Anal Toy Silicone Glider Anal Toy - showing the flexibility Silicone Glider Anal Toy - close up view Silicone Glider Anal Toy - held by hand

Silicone Glider

One of the best anal toys for thrusting. The handle is shaped for exact finger holding, allowing you to never slip off or let go. These anal beads are made from a strong and firm Phthalates free silicone, which is slightly flexible for a cozy fit.

The gentle curve in the shaft of the silicone glider gives a more pin point and intimate massage against the wall of the anus, offer more pleasure for the receiver. Use a water based lube which will allow this probe to actually glide.

The total length is 9.5 inches, and the insertable length measures 8.75 inches. The first bead measures 0.75 inches wide, and the top bead measures 1 1/8 inches wide.

Price $17.99
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