Swirl anal beads made with from jelly

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Swirled Anal Beads
Swirled Anal Beads Swirled Anal Beads - close up view Swirled Anal Beads - held with hand Swirled Anal Beads - alternate view

Swirled Anal Beads

The swirled anal beads are spiraled which delivers unmistakably amazing sensations when pulled out of the anus, slick and fast with rippling pleasures. Very easy to clean because any residue can quickly wash off with the aid of antibacterial hand soap and hot water.

Measures 10 inches long total length with 8 inches insertable. The first bead is .75 inch wide and they increase to 1 inch wide They have a large retrieval ring and can be pulled out fast without discomfort compared to standard plastic anal beads on a string.

Apply water based lubricant to the strand and slip into the anus slowly starting from the bottom working towards the ring slowly.
They can be pulled out at any time however they are meant to be pulled while you are having an orgasm.

Review submitted August 18, 2010
- "Very stiff beads compared to other ones. Don't be fooled by appearance. The stiffness is solid inside and can be uncomfortable. The bumpy beads are a feel to enjoy. Very easy to clean."
- Male 30, Grinnell, Iowa

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