Thai anal sex beads
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 Black Thai Anal Beads
 Black Thai Anal Beads  Black Thai Anal Beads - side view  Black Thai Anal Beads - held by hand

Thai Anal Beads

Moderate sized beads will easily help intensify your orgasms. Designed from the ancient Thai culture, these beads are meant to be fully inserted, with only a little left out for grabbing. Once you are just about to reach your orgasm, remove them quickly with a brisk tug. This quick sensation during your orgasm will increase it and significantly intensify it!

Very flexible so you can slip them in very deep without discomfort, using some anal lubrication ill certainly help them slide in. The black Thai anal beads measure 11 inches long. The smallest bead measures 0.75 inches in diameter, which the largest bead measures 1 inch in diameter.

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