Developer inflatable anal toy.
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Inflating Anal Probe
Inflating Anal Probe - with bulb Inflating Anal Probe - close up of bulb Inflating Anal Probe - deflated Inflating Anal Probe - inflated

Anal Developer

Want an inflatable anal toy without the typical shape? The first long-handled anal developer with a circular expansion bulb. Seamless design with 17 inches of flexible hose, a quick release valve, and an easy-to-squeeze bulb make this a truly unique new item.

Especially recommended for the novice due to the super slim line design. The bulb tip is made of latex rubber and the slim shaft is made of smooth, firm rubber.

You can inflate this probe directly inside the anus or insert it further into the rectum for amazing deep pressure. The hand bulb has a quick air release button that you press to evacuate the air from the balloon.

Developer inflatable anal toy measures 6 inches long and 1 inch wide. When deflated, the anal probe tip measures 1 inch wide and inflates easily up to 2 1/4 inches maximum width.

Review submitted September 14, 2010
- " The probe is completely solid, it may be coated in a rubber because it pulls on the skin so you need to have lots of lubricant at hand. It likes to slip out so you'll need to pump it up or hold it in. The deep inflating is a good feeling, deeper then other inflating anal toys. There is quick release so you can let it slip out when you're satisfied."
- Male 33, San Antonio, Texas

Price $26.99
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