Explorer inflating butt plug.

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Inflating Butt Plug
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Inflating Explorer

The perfect inflating butt plug for those who enjoy varying degrees of fullness and vibration in the anus. A sturdy solid butt plug covered entirely by a layer of sleek, soft and comfortable latex rubber which inflates at the head like a balloon when you squeeze the hand pump.

The plug inserts only 4 inches so it plugs you right near the entrance, for the best sensation during sex and stimulating your most sensitive nerve endings in the anus. Makes sex feel better for both men and women.

Never worry about tearing your delicate anal tissues by inserting a too-large butt plug. This medium sized inflating butt plug inserts easily and inflates to the large size you need for full satisfaction!

The sleek and sturdy latex-coated butt plug measures 5 inches long with 4 inches insertable and is 1.5 inches wide at it's thickest point. The plug easily inflates up to slightly under 3 inches. The extremely quiet multi speed vibrations use 2 AA batteries, not included.

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