Tiny prostate toy for men wanting a first time massager.

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Talon Prostate Toy
Talon Prostate Toy - side Talon Prostate Toy - head on Talon Prostate Toy - in the palm of a hand

Talon Prostate Toy

Very tiny, probably much smaller then it looks in the photos which is why we supplied a third picture with the toy settling into the palm of a hand. It's plain to see the suitability for the first timer.

Everything about it is right for prostate massage. The shape, design, bumps and curves are right for the revolution in male sexual pleasure. Solid silicone is sturdy but feels like silk so it can glide into the anus easily however we must note it works better with lubricant.

The bottom part where it bends is supposed to poke behind the testicles, it's perianal stimulation that enhances the whole experience.

A worthy addition to your masturbation routine you'll be very happy with this purchase. Measures 3 1/2 inches long and a mere 7/8 of an inch across.

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