Long beginner's vibrating anal tickler.

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Beginner Anal Toy
Beginner Anal Toy - far view Beginner Anal Toy - at an angle Beginner Anal Toy - holding Beginner Anal Toy - bending

Beginner's Anal Tickler

A perfect anal toy for the beginner. Probe as deep as you can go or tease the anus lightly, the choice is yours. This amazing extra slim vibrating anal toy has many possibilities of pleasure.

Made of pliable, soft and supple thick jelly, it feels squishy and flexible to the touch and inserts easily into the anus and feels great as it slides through your rear pleasure zone.

Extra long length is perfect for deep exploration to the farthest reaches of anal pleasure. Turn up the vibrations for a new feel that will take your orgasms to the next level of excitement. Multi speed so you can get the right feel and features a slim and discreet battery pack that stays out of the way.

The Beginner's anal tickler vibrating anal sex toy measures 10 inches long and 3/4 inches wide at the tip and flares to 1 inch at the base and uses 2 AA batteries, not included.

Review submitted October 7, 2010
- "This thin prober is perfect to slide in easily and is incredibly comfortable, more comfortable then a butt plug. The fault of this anal toy is that the vibration is at the base so you can hardly feel it at all near the tip."
- Male 27, Danville, Vermont

Price $22.99
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