A very long masturbator that does not look like a vagina.

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Big Man Masturbator
Big Man Masturbator - front Big Man Masturbator - top Big Man Masturbator - bottom Big Man Masturbator - showing flexibility

Big Man Masturbator

Perhaps you're looking at this product because you want a larger masturbator and are not interested in all the "vaginas" for sale. Not every man wants a real looking toy, sometimes a simple padded tube is more your style.

If this meshes better with your personality you've got to purchase the Big man masturbator. It's much longer then any other sleeve and made with the same compounds as a realistic model, it's extremely floppy and thick so you cant feel your hand holding on.

The middle of the interior has silky ribs that massage your erection and each end is open and textured differently. One entry side has bumps, the other side has ridges.

Colored black which is a male friendly color so you wont feel silly sticking your penis into some overly feminine pink thing. Let the softest silicone tube treat you to a better way of masturbating. Measures 7 1/2 inches long.

Price $29.99
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