Soft and tight black stroker masturbator.
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Stroker Masturbator
Stroker Masturbator Stroker Masturbator Stroker Masturbator Stroker Masturbator

Orchid Stroker Masturbator

One of a kind sex toy gives you a sensual feel that men really enjoy, this is the masturbation sleeve that has the most positive reviews.

Exquisitely detailed 5-chamber masturbator gets tighter with deeper penetration, it simulates the sucking action of the perfect blow job, the deeper you go, the tighter the suction gets!

Constructed from cushy jelly, when wet you can glide endlessly and men really like the feel of the penis head pushing into the closed soft cavity. It's stretchy so you'll find the tightness just right no matter what your size and it's easy to clean just stretch it open gently and rinse with hand soap and water.

Compact stroker masturbator measures 5 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide.

Price $19.99
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