Are cheap sex toys really a bargain?

Are cheap sex toys really a bargain?

Are cheap sex toys really a bargain?

“Cheap sex toys” is a common search keyword that’s used but do you really know what you’re buying? There are 2 definitions of the term “cheap”, first is low priced, second is low quality. We’re about to discover if these two descriptions go hand in hand when it comes to sex toys and adult products in general.

We’ll start with vibrators. We’ll discount tiny vibrators because it’s obvious they will be cheaper because they’re smaller. To make an accurate account, we have to compare apples with apples, so to speak. All things considered, the Turbo Glider is the cheapest vibrator we have for sale. Let’s compare it to a similar vibrator that’s more expensive like the Bathtub Buddy. Both vibrators are solid and they vibrate relatively equally in terms of strength and they are both waterproof.

Comparing 2 vibrators


There are 2 main differences: First the Bathtub buddy has a thin rubber coating on the top which warms it up a little bit, the Raspberry is plastic which is solid too but it’s a little colder then rubber. Also rubber feels softer to the touch. The other main different lies inside where we cannot see. The Raspberry is loud, the metal tip that spins inside rattles the batteries in the compartment because they have a looser fit.

The bathtub buddy’s interior compartment fits around the batteries much closer and the metal spinning head inside doesn’t create as much noise because the wires and cords are sheltered from each other and the casing, resulting in a more quiet operation. This is the real difference between cheap and moderately priced sex toys.

In conclusion, cheaper vibrators usually rattle more and moderately priced vibrators are better made inside resulting in more silence. You may have noticed we mentioned specifically “moderately priced” because you don’t need to slip into expensive territory to get a quiet vibrators. We suggest a price point of 20 dollars and up if silence is a must-have for you.

Cheap masturbators are all about he material it’s made with. Jelly is cheap, silicone is more expensive. Hard rubber is cheap, soft rubber is more expensive. Here’s a secret: jelly is just as good as silicone. If you’re shopping for a masturbation sleeve, you can get a very cheap one and it will still feel good.

Cheap Masturbator

Cheap masturbators still feel good, it's OK to buy.

A thicker padded sleeve costs more money and will feel better but the thin ones will still feel good. Bottom line is it’s okay to cheap out on a masturbation sleeve. A pocket pussy is a whole different story. We avoid selling the 15 dollar pocket pussies because these are hard rubber often too scratchy and sometimes you won’t even be able to fit your penis inside. Our cheapest pocket pussies start at about 30 dollars or so and these are all soft.

Cheap massage products often contain lots of sugar to sweeten them, sugar is a very inexpensive additive. The result is a sticky back however if you’re planning on jumping into the tub or shower together then save yourself some money and get the basic version. If you’re looking for a real honest sensual massage then splurge a little and get something with higher quality. Prices vary because the bottle size varies so you’ll have to read the description to get an indication of the quality. Words like “basic” indicate a more sugary formula.

Clitoral stimulators range in price but not as much as vibrators so it’s easier to splurge a little in this department. Higher prices always seems to correlate with stronger vibration. Silicone is also more expensive. If you want pure power then the higher priced bullet will deliver (Turbo Accelerator) but a moderately priced bullet is plenty powerful enough for pretty much every women to experience a clitoral orgasm.

Bondage is a tricky department because it seems mostly overpriced for what you get. We have searched for better quality and lower priced bondage toys you won’t find hundred dollar handcuffs in our store mainly because we offer “vanilla” choices but even the experienced enjoy these more basic piece, we have BDSM and dominatrix product reviewers that have taken home some of our bondage toys and they see the value in the price point we have and have all commented that for the average person, our selection well suit everyone’s needs just fine.

The conclusion to be made is that really cheap sex toys are noisy sometimes to the point of complete distraction. You’ll want to get a better step up in quality so in the end you’ll end up purchasing 2 vibrators. Skip yourself the irritation and spend a little more and get it right the first time. You do get what you pay for but we need to stress you don’t need to spend a fortune either, middle-priced sex toys are the ideal range to be. Luckily, that’s most of what we offer for sale. Happy shopping!


G Spot Flower Vibrator Review

Close up of the Silicone G Spot Flower Vibrator

Certainly one of the most unique vibrators I’ve seen in a long time. It has sort of a classic design with pretty colors and little sunflowers on it, very well suited for a lady.

When it comes to g-spot vibrators, there’s not a whole lot of variation that can be allowed in the design otherwise it won’t work at hitting the g-spot so with that said, the Flower Vibrator combines look and relative effectiveness into one.

The curved tip is very wide and I think it squishes a little when it’s inside which makes sense since the whole shaft can flex a bit.

You won’t get a precision solid g-spot massage but it’s a “general forward motion” of rubbing which does impact the g-spot since it’s so wide and the spot is so small.

Your liking will really depend what kind of stimulation you’re looking for. Personally I enjoy both styles for their own ways. It’s always nice to have some variety becuase even the best vibrator can get boring after a while if you’ve used to too many times.

I would say this is a very good “second g-spot vibrator” but don’t make it your first if you’ve never felt what a pinpoint g-spot massage feels like (which is totally outstanding by the way). For that feature, I like the Iridescent Vibe better as the “first g-spot vibrator”.

This shaft is decorated with sunflowers and I really did feel them when the vibe was thrusted in and out by my over-eager hubby. I’m not a fan of over the top texture so I found it kind of scratchy. Furthermore the silicone was quite cold and it didn’t warm up quickly so you’ll need either warming lubricant or run it under warm tap water for a minute first to warm it up.

The vibration was quiet and centered high up, not as strong as I would like but it was plenty powerful to make me feel good. I also found that the wheel was quite stiff when I tried to turn it to increase the vibration intensity. I give it 4 stars out of 5. I would definitely use it again but it won’t always be my first pick when I reach into my sex toy box.


Obsession with Butterfly Vibrators

We often get calls from customers asking if we have butterfly vibrators for sale. We reply with the question “What type of butterfly vibrator are youStrap on Butterfly Vibrator looking for?” and it’s most often followed by a curious pause.

It seems like this is one of those terms that has been launched into popularity by general media and perhaps word of mouth. Today we’re going to set the record straight about this style of well hyped female sex toy.

The reason that a butterfly is an commonly used character in sex toy designs is the physical aspects of it’s body. If you think of how a butterfly looks, it has a blunt rounded body, a curved nose and thinner wings on each side. Now take this shape and place it over a woman’s privates.

It’s more then just a coincidence, the butterfly’s body fits right into the space between the labia, the curved butterfly nose lays over the clitoris and the wings spread over top of the lips. It’s like a ying and yang symbol, all the parts just fit right together.

Tiny Butterfly VibratorProbably the most common butterfly vibe is the strap on style that a woman wears. We suggest these primarily as a sex aid for couples to be used during sexual intercourse.

With the way they fit, there will always be access to the vagina since the butterfly sits higher up on the pelvis. When a woman has this subtle pressure and vibration externally over the lips and touching of the clitoris, it’s quite an enhancement to the penetration from her partner.

Additionally, she is free to move as she pleases without readjusting because the vibrator has straps around the waist and thighs keeping it right in place. Some women purchase a butterfly vibe expecting an impressive hands-free climax, only to be disappointed upon first use.

We have to mention the truth that strap on vibrators will never give you an orgasm, it’s pretty much impossible because the vibration is never strong enough and the pressure on the clitoris is never firm enough. Make sure you’re aware of the purpose – it’s a sex Silicone Butterfly Vibratoraid for couples only.

Manufacturers also know the raging popularity of the butterfly as a phallic object and as a result, there are some vaginal vibrators that are created with a butterfly which acts as the clitoral stimulator with the same result as a rabbit. If you were to ask us which is the best vibrator, we would always answer the rabbit is better.

With all that aside, it’s great that there are so many phallic animals to make cute vibrators with character, it’s a great ice breaker for the first timer and when it comes to body dimensions, some critters are just meant to fit with the intimate features on a woman’s body – or maybe that’s just our minds in the gutter!


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