The Reality of Lesbian Sex Toys

The Reality of Lesbian Sex Toys

The Reality of Lesbian Sex Toys

For bisexual and lesbian women, it can be hard to find certain resources on the internet. The whole idea seems to be tainted by the sexual fantasy desires of men.

If you try to type a search for lesbian sex stories, the results are usually porn related. Why is it so hard to find a real column documenting the tales of a one night stand from a realistic point of view? One of our fellow staff members found an active column with a great conversation going by real people, actual women who like women.

It’s not an overly sexed fantasy dream like twenty something men even have (even 15 year old guys enjoy the fanatsy but we can’t really admit this) so if you’re looking to connect and share your opinion, take a look at this column called Sleeping Around #1: “Why I’m So Easy”. It’s actually quite good and we assume that the title #1 means there will be others to follow.

Another difficulty lesbians have online is trying to find real sex toys. If you type the term “Lesbian Sex Toys” in your favorite search engine, we really doubt you’ll find what you’re looking for. We tried – the results are filled with wannabe adult film stars using sex toys, webcam sites and that’s not what we want to see.

If you ask most lesbians they don’t mind using a vibrator that looks like a penis. In fact some of these offer women the best feeling and who cares if it looks like a penis, for many this does not matter. Of course of you’re squeamish about the penis thing that’s okay too.

Double dildos are also mistakenly targeted towards lesbians assuming it’s a popular pastime to “share” an end. Heterosexual couples enjoy these too so we’re not convinced double ended dildos are for the targeted niche. We think it’s a couple’s toy regardless of the sexual preference of the couple.

Luckily we’ve got plenty of vibrators and even some dildos without an over phallic look. Just try searching for normal sex toys and leave the lesbian thing out of it. One is good for all, we say so begin your search here for anything that you think will feel good.

What is your opinion, we’d like to hear from the bisexual and lesbians out there, do you like a penis shaped vibes or would you prefer something a little less “manly”?


Bending Bubbly Vibrator Review

I know there’s already a review directly on the product listing but I was so intrigued by both the description and other person’s experience that I wanted to try it for myself.

Everything about the concept is very good, I think this is too much of an underrated toy, it does not sell as much as some other rabbit vibrators who share the same page and hopefully after this analysis the sales will see a little spike, deservingly so.

Bendy Vibrator Review

The first feature that stands out is the big white coil spring inside the shaft. This is what allows it to bend. It can go side to side too, not just backwards or forwards. Honestly, the only way you’d even really bend it is forwards to rub over the g-spot.

I tried this not sure if it would work because it’s not actually curved, but if you’re laying down and you hold it with your hand by reaching under the thigh, it will rub the g-spot, sort of like how a man’s penis rubs it when you’re doing the reverse wheelbarrow position (When you put your ankles around his neck and lay on the bed while he stands on the floor) This is what the penetrations felt like when it was bending forwards.

With that said, even though the Bending Bubbly Vibrator is pink with hearts on it, the penis shaped head is what makes it feel real, and surprisingly it does considering the physical appearance.

Now for the clitoral part, a splashing bottle of champagne totally cute and perfect for the Aquarius girl like me who doesn’t like trendy things. I completely agree with the other reviewer where it lays over everything without giving direct pressure to any particular spot.

This is great, not as good for clitoris orgasms like the rabbits however but I really did enjoy the feeling of something new. The clitoral part is a real tease but the vibrator inside is so powerfully strong that the pleasing of the inside combined with the teasing of the outside is a cool combination that make me orgasm nicely. I was quite out of breath after!

It’s quite strong considering it only has 3 batteries, the wiring must be good not to loose any of the power as it’s transferred. I give the Bending Bubbly Vibrator 5 out of 5 stars for uniqueness, 4 1/2 out of 5 for efficiency as the rabbit ears still give you better clitoral squeezing if that’s your real thing.


Name that Dildo

Don’t you love the names that are given to sex toys? You gotta call them something and it would be hard to name a dildo.  Anyway, we’re going to compare the Super Cock and the Basic Penis to see which one is better.

I just had a great idea. Along with the product comparison, let’s also host a “name that dildo” contest. At the bottom, post your comment and suggest a name for one of these dildos. Pick either the skinny guy or the fat guy and let’s see just how dirty of a mind you have!

Alright, now to get back on topic. Both dildos look very different so this is really comparing apples to oranges. Personal opinion will be the biggest variable so keep that in mind when considering the differences.

Every time we write a comparison, we pull the number of units sold. Before anything can be said, it’s important to note that both sell much more then we thought, so really this is not a winner vs. loser scenario rather it’s an analysis of 2 best sellers.


Analysis of two dildos.

Guess which is "Super" and which is "Basic".


Why the Super Cock is better.

- Head wider then the shaft provides the irresistible “bump” as it rocks in and out of the vagina.
- Shaft maintains the same girth throughout for a more filling realistic feel.
- Dense rubber is more solid allowing you to feel the ridges and curves.
- Testicles are a good handle so you can orientate the direction when its inside.
- Can be used with a strap on harness that has a metal ring.
- Size: 6 inches long, slightly over 1 1/2 inches thick.
- Available for purchase here.


Why the Basic Penis is better.

- Tapered towards the end allows it to poke deeper without discomfort
- Softer and bends easier, if you like to move around the flex will fit.
- Thinner is better for first timers and it’s not as scary looking.
- Suction cup is very sticky and withstands kinky doggie style position.
- Can be used with a strap on harness that has a metal ring.
- Size: 8 inches total length. The tip is 1 1/4 inches wide and increases to 1 1/2 inches wide at the base.
- Available for purchase here.


The conclusion to be made is forget about the name. The “Super” cock is not necessarily any better then then “Basic”. Again it comes down to the name. Don’t let it sway your decision, just buy the dildo that’s better for your needs according to the 6 individual points listed above. P.S. Now it’s your turn to post your names in that “name that dildo” contest. Prizes? If we get enough good suggestions there may just be some free prizes to go out, we’ll have to see!



Talking About the G-spot on a Major News Network

You’ve got to hand it to the Canadians. Airing September 22, 2011 was a documentary about the analysis, study and medical opinion of the g-spot and how it relates to the whole of female sexuality. They interviewed not just regular women but experts in the field such as doctors, gynecologists, sexual therapists and researchers.

It’s nice to see the liberation of women’s rights for sexual pleasure in front of your face on prime time TV. Thanks to the introduction and popularity of vibrators, it’s been OK for decades for women to pleasure themselves and now we get to learn about the realities of G-spot stimulation.

For any man who thinks this is a myth, they’ve proved it otherwise and dispelled the myths even going as far as showing ultrasound images showing the connection between the different parts of a woman’s vagina and pelvis. Basically we would say that a man who doesn’t believe the g-spot exists doesn’t know how to please a lady in the first place.

This is a very good educational and tasteful documentary for women and men. They also interviewed women who tell about their first time g-spot experiences and how they never go back to simple intercourse since they’ve experienced this intense internal orgasm.


Female ejaculation screenshot

Explaining the physiology behind female ejaculation.


One really interesting comment they made was how the clitoris is literally connected to the g-spot. They show cut-outs of the anatomy of a woman’s pelvis in a cartoon diagram to show the connection between the two. It shows that simultaneous g-spot and clitoral stimulation is what will produce the strongest orgasms. We have been saying this for years and now it’s a great news that it’s been proved medically.

The rabbit vibrators, especially the ones with the forward facing curve are not “snake oil” marketed towards females, it’s the real deal capable of dishing out the strongest muscle clenching orgasm a woman could possibly experience. When you see this diagram, you’ll know what your body is doing when you, your sex toy or your man is rubbing on the spongy walnut size patch inside the vagina.

We also really liked how they coined the term “scientific sexology.” We should use that term more often as it differentiates the reality between naughty porno sex and real honest sexual pleasure they way God intended.

This is the link to the show In Search of the G Spot so that you can watch it, we really recommend it to everyone it’s very educational and you’ll never look at foreplay the same ever again. We’ll continue to outline some of the other points they covered below.


G-spot Documentary Screenshot

Medically proving the connection between the G-spot and clitoris.


Another finding is that the size of a woman’s clitoris will directly affect the amount of pleasure received. Size does matter in this case so some women experience stronger pleasure then others but thanks to a new G-spot injection which swells the sensitive internal structure, any women can intensify her pleasure.

The doctor who does g-spot enhancement surgery is quite cutting edge as well, we can see his business flourishing as it makes the g-spot more sensitive and bigger. Men have their penis extenders, women have their g-spot injections. Welcome the new age of sexual freedom!

A proper documentary about female sexuality can never overlook female ejaculation. It’s such a taboo subject even sex toys that are made for ejaculating are commonly discontinued becuase the buyer’s market is not there to support the supply. Of course they went there, focusing on a female version of the prostate and even reveling the makeup of the fluid by collecting it and analyzing it in a lab.

We won’t spoil the secret, this you’ll have to see for yourself when you watch the show, it’s a little added incentive for you to sit back in front of your computer for 30 minutes to with this ground breaking television program.

With all that said, it’s easy to come to the conclusion about why g-spot vibrators are such best sellers. That’s not the point we were trying to make in today’s presentation but it’s a conclusion that can be drawn after you see this show for yourself. In another article we will go into detail about the different shapes and styles but for now we’ll refer you to the g-spot vibrator category as a whole.

Please feel free to add your opinion about the show. What did you think? Let’s start a conversation and spread the world on “scientific sexology of the g-spot”.

Photo credit: In Search of the G-spot by Doc Zone on CBC


Top 3 Masturbation Sleeves for Men

It’s easy to assume that stroker sleeves are all the same with the exception of the physical appearance and color. We would strongly disagree, since we’re in contact with these everyday it’s easy to feel the difference but not easy to see the difference. Instead of describing every single masturbator for men, we’ll get straight to the point and pull up our top 3 masturbation sleeves (no pun intended!)

We could take the easy way out and simply suggest the first handful of sleeves you see in the masturbators category because it’s true they are best selling sex toys for men but we’re going to dig a little deeper and highlight some styles that are buried in the category but not becuase they’re no good, it’s due to the fact that as much as we would love to, for merchandising and aesthetic reasons, every toy can’t be put on the first page.


Beaded Masturbation Sleeve

Why pink?

1.) Dual Beaded Stroker

Too bad this is colored pink. In our opinion, that’s a really bad move on the part of the manufacturers to color a men’s toy pink. Vibrators and dildos should be pink, guy’s things should be blue.

Personal opinion aside, this stroker is one of the finest because it’s very tight and the 2 rows of beads are noticeable but never unpleasant. It’s a very unique feel that your hand can’t replicate.

Sure there are others with beads but the density of the jelly is really what makes this style so great. Get over the color or maybe turn out the lights but don’t pass this one over.


Clear Masturbation Sleeve

Men love Sue.

2.) Honcho Stroker

Thanks to Sue Johansen, who is the object of secret admiration of every college guy across the USA. She is always right up to date when it comes to sexual pleasure and she’s always pro-for experimentation.

She has endorsed a series of toys and this one really hits the mark, it has a closed which means it creates a slight vacuum suction when you push your penis deep inside. Add some lube to get the full effect of the suction. What’s even better? Unlike the example above she was smart and colored her toy clear.


Realistic Masturbation Sleeve

Not a cop-out.

3.) Lacey’s Pocket Pussy

Some may argue that we’re sort of cheating here – technically it has the word “pocket pussy” in the name but really it’s not. It’s only a thin simple sleeve that happens to have the same skin like material that a pocket pussy is made from.

Consider this a conversion, a fair compromise between a smaller discreet sleeve and a life like feeling silky skin. This one has it all, soft, cozy and all those features you love but with a new material that’s not as common in this style of stroker.



Sex Toys we Would Never Sell

Today’s post is very interesting as you don’t usually hear about this side of the adult business.

We’re going to back up one of our claims: That we actually take time to select the toys we sell and we don’t just include every item on a manufacturer’s catalog. Some stores do, they claim to be the largest retailer with over 20,000 adult products. We don’t want to be that guy. We want to be smaller, we want to have only a select few items.

Sometimes it’s not good to be the mega store because it causes confusion. The reality is that out of the 4 major manufacturers, each one has copied each other’s products. Additionally there is a big handful of smaller manufactures trying to break into this market and they offer variations of the exact same thing and some sex toys are just plain bad.

It’s really easy to get confused as to which product is better, even sometimes we have trouble picking items to to sell on the website. We order a shipment of items with potential, test them out, look at them and analyze it to see if it’s worthy of being sold. In each batch of items ordered, there is always a dud or two.


Here are 2 examples of “duds” that we would never dream of selling to prove that we have strict standards and only choose the best sex toys:


1.) A bad masturbator.

Bad Masturbator

Masturbator misses the mark.

This one is for men, it sticks to the wall with a suction cup and the penis is to be inserted into the pussy opening on the front. The concept is very good, vibrators with suction cups are very popular so naturally we would assume a masturbator with suction cup would be a popular selling toy for men.

There is a massive flaw in the design however that caused this one to be discarded. Everything was great during the trial run, it stayed stuck to the wall very well and offered an enjoyable sensation to the user. The flaw came after the toy was used.

Every sex toy needs to be cleaned and when it came time to rinse this one out, we noticed that the pussy face was not sealed to the cannister. This resulted in about a half a cup of water getting into between the tube and the cannister. It would swish around into the sleeve and it was virtually impossible to get all the water out. After about 2 or 3 uses it would start to grow mold on the inside and this is obviously a concern. This unique masturbator had a great concept but poor execution and was tossed away.


2.) A poor vibrator.

Bad Vibrator

A good idea gone bad.

Another adult product that missed the mark was this glass vibrator. Glass sex toys are very popular and we were quite excited when it was released a few months ago. The color is great, the size is small and the price was right for the consumer. The glass is actually a hollow sleeve that slips over top of the plastic vibrator.

The big flaw becomes obvious when the vibrator is turned on, the motion of the plastic vibe rattled so loudly against the glass sleeve, it was the loudest most distracting and unpleasant noise we’ve ever heard from a sex toy!

There is a tiny rubber band that comes with it so we tried to move it up the shaft near the top before sliding over the glass sleeve hoping it would prevent the 2 parts from hitting each other. It did not work, we tried to tamper with it in a few different ways but to no avail. Once again an incredible concept with poor execution. We’re still on the lookout for a glass vibrator that doesn’t rattle and have come across a few that are a one piece unit which seems to be the key.


Every week we add new sex toys to the index and after reading these two failed attempts you can see that we care about the toys we feature and although our selection is not as large as some other stores, it’s easier to purchase with confidence because you know that someone tried out the models and they all passed the quality test.


Alexis Amore Vibrating Pocket Pussy Review

Pocket Pussy ReviewI can’t think of any better pocket pussy then this one. It looks the best, comparable to the high end full size vaginas. It’s half the size and half the price but the same quality. If you want to compare to to more, see all the pocket pussies here.

The pussy hole allowed my erection to slip through with a tighter squeeze like a real vagina does and when you’re moving back and forth, the lips have the same type of hugging appeal that a real woman does.

If you stick in the bullets, they go on each side and when you sink in real far and squeeze the end the it makes the end feel more dense almost like the pubic bone inside. The ribbed interior stays firm and your penis head goes “bump bump bump” as you’re moving in and out. The anus has the same tunnel as the vagina and is the same tightness.

The matching vibrations evens it out better which is really the only way to go from now on. Lopsided vibration can’t cut it anymore, this best pocket pussy has raised the bar. I don’t think I’ll be trying any others anytime soon and I’m really glad I got the opportunity to take this one home. Buy  Alexis Amore’s Vibrating Pocket Pussy And Ass.


Bondage Made Easy

We don’t claim to be the leader in bondage supplies, in fact we consider ourselves to be lackluster in that department but that’s a deliberate business choice we’ve made. Considering our customer base of  thirty-something and middle aged couples, it’s better not to add anything too freaky to our catalog.

Some bondage toys seem so severe that we even may loose staff members if they had to talk people through some strange activities that make us feel uncomfortable. This may leave you wondering why we even have bondage gear at all then?

Taking an extreme vanilla stance we really believe that trying light BDSM can really enhance your sex life. If you’re unsure of exactly what you should be doing when you open your package with handcuffs and a whip we’ll make it easy for you by outlining some really good starting points for your first BDSM experience together.


Bondage Toys


1.) Set your scene.

If the thought of being tied up is a turn on, get some restraints. If you think you’d like to punish your better half or ask them “who’s your daddy?”  in the heat of passion, perhaps a whip may suit your taste. The other additives like nipple clamps and blindfold can suit any scene but in order to purchase the right items you will want to imagine exactly what your session will be like. If you can get your mind into the motion then it will be easy to roll with the punches.


2.) Go shopping.

Get the type of toys that suit your scene you’ve made in your head. Most of the time a first timer will have limited role play ideas as you improvise with each other to fit into your roles and this is okay, it’s better to begin gently anyway and you can both grow together as each encounter gets a little more ramped up. All items are listed in the bondage toys category. If you’ve been around the block a few times perhaps the next step would be to purchase a ball gag for example.


3.) Role play.

Quite often bondage is more enjoyable when you’re pretending to be someone else. At least imagine you’re your own mirrored super-self that has a double life. A fetish fantasy such as this is easier to let inhibitions go. Stepping out of your personal convictions just a little bit is necessary but if you can’t manage to let go then imagining you’re a different  person is very helpful.


4.) Blind and restrain.

It may seem cliche but it’s a real stereotype that is deserved. A blindfold and pair of handcuffs can take you very far in your play. Keeping sight withheld is the best way to heighten all other sensations and it really works. This is one of those tips that you may have heard before but you’ll never really understand until you give it a try. Handcuffs, ropes and ankle cuffs are the submissive and dominant dream which is really important. It’s hard to play together in this way if you can’t tie up your partner so we highly suggest restraints of any kind.


5.) Have a sense of humor.

Bondage doesn’t have a reputation of being funny but we think it’s so important to approach it in a light-hearted way. The first few times around you’ll most likely have some silly sayings, you’ll hit a roadblock where you don’t know what to do nest or you’ll get tied up in the wrong way, trip etc. These are just a few examples of what could and probably will go wrong but don’t let it distract you, approach the whole session with a sense of humor and playful mind so you can improvise your way through and make it enjoyable. Don’t place to high of standards on your new BDSM life just go with the flow and each time you play it will get more in sync with your partner and the game you’re enjoying together.



Tigers vs. Dolphins: A Cock Ring Comparison

Tiger Cock Ring

Tigers vs.

Just like a sports game, we’re going to pit the Tigers versus the Dolphins. Each “team” has some strong points and some things they need to work on. They each have their own fan base that loves them for various reasons.

If you’re new to the sporting world of sex toys this little niche called cock rings is tucked away in the corner is like the Lacrosse of the sports world – not as popular but those who are a fan are diehards for the sport.

The same goes with vibrating cock rings; way underrated so we’re going to highlight this toy in the corner and maybe some more fanatics can hop on board. Lacrosse is a good sport that should be more popular and cock rings should be as well.

Visually, the tiger has more to look at, a beefy version of the thinner dolphin. The color, exactly the same however the material, not so much. You can’t understand how something feels by looking at the photo but we think our product descriptions do a pretty good job at conveying this important detail across to the potential customer. Go ahead and read the descriptions or we can save you some time and get the bottom line across now; the tiger is soft, the dolphin is hard.

Dolphin Cock Ring


Softer is better for the guy, harder is better for the girl. Now this is where the beefy tiger excels over the skinny dolphin. If the designs were to be reversed, the Tiger would be too solid for the man to enjoy fully. The dolphin would be too soft and the big top would fold over.

The manufacturers of these adult products really do know what they’re doing and the end result usually works well. In this case, they both do.

The woman would most likely get more contact from the dolphin becuase it’s bigger and more firm whereas the tiger is too squishy for a solid impact, it’s better at providing a soft all around squishy padding which it will do due to those cutesy little raised feet. The dolphin stimulation is more precise and the tiger stimulation is more general.

As for vibration, they are quite similar. Each one has padding so no one will have direct contact with the bullet, one is silver and the other is blue but that’s the main difference between them. Both are quiet and operate on the same style of batteries.

When it comes to appearance on the penis some would say they both look ridiculous as each one is crafted to look like an animal. This is usually more appealing to women as it seems to be the target market for such products.

It’s had to say which is better; it really depends on what the customer wants. We’ll leave you by saying that the Dolphin sells 79 percent more then the Tiger for the same time period. This is quite an alarmingly high number that would cause most to immediately assume that the tiger is the inferior product however we would not agree  and don’t want you to leave thinking this is a horrible product so we’ll estimate why the sales results are so different.

The dolphin is cheaper and on the first page, it’s smaller and the barely-there design is quite desirable for cock rings. The tiger looks to complex for some and it’s not on the first page and not as highlighted in it’s category compared to the other. If I would have to choose personally, my choice would be the Tiger ring.


Cheaper Alternative to Cyberskin Vibrators

One of the most commonly known adult toy materials, Cyberskin is a unique blend of rubber and silicone which is safe for the body,  phthalates free and is one of the first surfaces to replicate the feeling and warmth of human skin. It’s soft and silky and if you’ve never touched a Cyberskin dildo before, it feels just like a real penis.

Unfortunately Cyberskin can be expensive and we are often asked if there are other vibrators that have the same softness without the higher price tag. Luckily there are a few great options but we’re happy to reveal the newest addition to our sex toy line that feels like Cyberskin, is also phthalates free and costs literally half the price as a Cyberskin vibrator.

It’s called Fanta Flesh and has been used in male sex toys for a while now and is relatively new to vibrators. Last month the Fanta Flesh vibrators were introduced and we immediately snapped these up and are now touting them as the cheaper alternative to Cyberskin. There are three colors available, white, brown and black.


Cheaper Alternative to Cyberskin

Cheaper alternatives to Cyberskin, same warmth and softness.


The major difference in it’s construction is that the core of the Fanta Flesh has a solid vibrator inside, so it can’t bend like Cyberskin can however the exterior sleeve is so thick that you won’t notice the center is solid, it will simply act as an effective way to hold it up.

Fanta Flesh is so floppy if there wasn’t a center core, it would collapse into a pile of mush on the floor whereas the interior of Cyberskin is the same all the way through but the center is extra dense which is what gives it the shape and still allows it to bend.

We think this difference is so minor that a customer looking for the softest vibrator won’t mind the discrepancy between the two, they’ll be happy that there is a replacement that costs less and still delivers the same life like feeling that so many crave.


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