Quick Lubrication Lesson

Quick Lubrication Lesson

Quick Lubrication Lesson

A smooth glide can make all the difference to your sexual pleasure. Most women at some point in time will experience vaginal dryness and there are many causes, it can be as simple as stress from work, hormone imbalance or medications such as decongestants that reduce nasal mucous – and it also affects the vagina. Symptoms such as itchiness are prevalent and sexual intercourse is often painful or very uncomfortable. Adding lubrication is one of the best ways to get the glide required to immerse yourself into the mood and to feel good.


Are big brands better?

In America, there are 2 brands that are immediately recognizable by most people, they are Astroglide and ID lubricants. These are high quality formulas but they are popular mainly because of the companies larger advertising and marketing budgets, however some of the smaller brands are just as good. Some swear on these big 2 brands but we’ve taken some little unknown products for a test drive and were pleasantly surprised with the results.


Aloe Cadabra personal lubricant

Organic plant based lubricant.


A new up and coming personal lubricant is called Aloe Cadabra. Making the push towards body safe ingredients, this one is 95 percent plant based organic ingredients so it’s a better natural option. It features food grade ingredients which are all non toxic and approved for human consumption so you know it’s safe to use during sexual intercourse.

It’s a thicker gel, think of Aloe Vera right from the plant – it has the same consistency. We enjoy this because it’s not runny and won’t drip. We think this new name is going to be very big, very soon and are proud to be one of the first retailers to offer this exciting new product for sale.


Water Based vs. Silicone

Silicone or petroleum based lubricants fit into the same category. They should never be used for anal use and we suggest it should be only for external masturbation. The reason is these liquids are not water soluble. If you use it underwater, it stays on the skin. The only way to get it off it to wash with soap and water, it’s never a good idea to put soap into the vagina as it can cause a natural bacteria imbalance and other health problems such as a yeast infection.

Silicone is excellent for male masturbation as it will never absorb into the skin unlike water based lubricants. If you’re using lube for sexual intercourse or using with sex toys, always choose water based lubricants.



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