Bacon Flavored Lubricant

Bacon Flavored Lubricant

Bacon Flavored Lubricant

Here at we’re always trying to stay on the cutting edge of the adult industry. Keeping up with the Joneses also includes highlighting some rather wacky products that may appeal to some and appall others. Last night on Jay Leno, he talked about bacon flavored lubricant in his monologue. The next day at work, we all sat around the coffee room in the morning and talked about this. The consensus was that 3 people thought it was neat, 2 through it was gross. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Will we ever carry bacon flavored lubricant? Let’s just say that there have been some other strange products that have been invented that actually ended up being very popular. A perfect example is the Clone-a-Willy and Clone-a-Pussy that came out about 5 years ago. We brought in a few and put it on the website and to our amazement they sold out so quickly that we ordered in a huge batch! 5 years later, it’s still selling strong and one of those odd adult novelties that sell well even though first opinions might suggest otherwise. It goes to show you never know.

We’re talking about bacon lube now and will most likely approach the company about wholesale and bring it to you. In the meantime however here is the link to their store if you want to purchase some right now. What is our opinion? It could be good, bacon scent really makes you mouth water so perhaps it might be nice for oral sex. Ask most guys and if it does a good job at masking pussy flavor with pig flavor, they might be a big fan. As long as it smells real then it should be a hit. Although greasy bacon is not really an aphrodisiac, it might be appealing enough to some that they’d want to bring it in the bedroom. Stay tuned and we’ll see how this product takes off!


Best Basic Anal Toys

I need to distinguish the intention of this lesson, you may have noticed the word “basic” in the title. I’m going to highlight some basic anal toys meaning the ones that don’t stand out visually, they are usually straight and boring to look at. Of course the curved, colored and interesting patterns are easy to suggest; they look good so from a business merchandising point of view it’s a good idea for an adult sex shop to suggest something colorful but we’re going beyond that, I will forgo looks and concentrate on your pleasure because that’s what I do best!

Another advantage of basic looking anal sex toys? They’re cheap. Fancy shapes cost more money, a straight mold is much cheaper to produce and we’re able to pass the savings along to the customer.


Long, skinny and straight.

These are the best probes. Longer gets in there really deep, typically more narrow so it’s more comfortable and you’re squashing into the depth of your last explored frontier. Rubber will be a more stiff poke while jelly gives you more flexibility. I would love to give every adult a long skinny probe, it’s the best type in my opinion, the feeling is really neat without being too dirty or intrusive.

Long and bumpy.

Mimicking the same effect as anal beads without needing to be pulled out. These have the advantage because the gripping ridged surface may not fall out as easily as the straight probes. The sensation is different some people like the texture thrusting in and out, others don’t so it’s hard to say which is better, personal preferences really prevails here.

Tapered butt plug.

The most typical and boring looking anal toy. Surprisingly we sell so butt plugs and it’s normally the connoisseur that makes the purchase. The skinny end and flat base is really good at holding the plug in. FYI, the slimmer plugs will fall out, to get it to stay in you’ll really need that flat base.


best basic anal toys

They might look boring but you'll like how it feels.


An observation could be made that I mentioned falling out a lot here. It’s true, the anus is naturally accustomed to pushing things outwards therefore anything you stick in will want to be pushed ut. If you have a skinny neck around the rectum sphincter then it will help to hold the plug in. A way to get around this is to hold it in with your hand, try moving it around while you’re holding it will turn from a chore into something pleasurable.




Happy Thanksgiving

As one of the most anticipated holidays is upon us, it’s time to reflect and give thanks for all our blessings. No matter how difficult your personal or financial situation, we have to be thankful for living in the United States of America. Just being here means we have unlimited opportunities, we have a safe country of freedom.


Photo credit: carbonNYC


We have many simple life necessities at hand that many others living in third world countries can only dream of. In this time for family and fellowship, make sure to take a moment and be thankful for what we have.


Even though this time of year can bring stress from preparing a massive dinner with all the trimmings for a large family gathering, setting up Christmas decorations and waiting in line at 5 am for Black Friday sales, it’s all part of the joyous season and as we look back when it’s all over, these routine activities are what make the season so great.



Enjoy every moment with your family, go skating in the park and watch the annual Christmas Tree lighting in your hometown. Personally I love this time of year as it’s OK to put the diet behind me and splurge on a big slice of pumpkin pie and extra turkey servings (white meat is lean so I can have a second helping without feeling guilty!) :)

In between all the festivities, make sure to take a moment with your significant other. It’s easy to put romance on the back burner as you’re occupied with other things but that special kiss under the mistletoe is a nice relief from the fast pace of the holiday season. Take a moment for an intimate massage by candlelight, tell them you love them and that you’re thankful you have this amazing person in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, enjoy your time off work and have fun with your family and don’t forget to let some romance sparkle!


Finger Butt Plug Review

Upon first glance, this anal toy looks like one of this Doc Johnson butt plugs that got left in the street and ran over by a truck. Even though the coloration is the exact same, there is one main difference aside from the shape that makes this plug entirely different. It’s hollow which is one of the most unique features. If you’re into back door play then having a hollow toy is a more hygienic way to poke around back there.

Finger Butt Plug

The Finger Butt Plug’s hollow center is large enough to fit your finger and it’s open all the way to the tip. As a consequence, the rubber is firm, the outside is covered in a shiny slippery coating and the inside is more textured and raw. It won’t bend at all and stays solid giving you an intense probing feel.

For the first timer it may prove difficult to stick inside the rectum mainly because the end is so rounded. There nothing to ease it’s way in, you get the perpendicular end and that’s all. Once you’ve pushed it in the rest is history as this part required no effort. Just slide in.

Without a tapered neck, it tends to squeeze it’s way out again so if you want to wear during sex then one of you will have to hold it in. Being one of the more boring looking anal toys I wanted to give this a try becuase sometime looks are only skin deep, don’t pass this one up becuase it doesn’t glitter, sparkle or vibrate but it’s still a nice variety. I enjoyed the straight shaft it’s a completely different feel from a normal shaped butt plug so this one is paraded for someone’s “second butt plug”. Even though it looks tame I would recommend it only for an intermediate user and it’s so cheap that it should hardly be worth a second thought at the checkout counter.


Sex Store Thievery: Funny or Creepy

Every couple of months or so, I seem to stumble upon a news headline pertaining to sex toy related crimes. Most often taken in a humorous manner and often blown out of proportion, for example when a person steals a car it hardly ever makes the headlines, except if you live in a small town.

Sometimes the news of a sex store break-in will make it across the pond into news sources. Many newspapers added the article about the man in Ohio who smashed his pickup truck through the window of a sex shop to steal an $800.oo vagina. I vividly recall this on my local television news station and it caused a chuckle in my family. Amazingly, this event made it into the Shocking News in the UK!

Today I came across a news article that’s unlike any of the other “smash-and grabs”. This example completely takes the cake. A man in our neighboring country to the north has been breaking into homes and stealing sex toys and lingerie. This peculiar story is announced here only 2 hours and 30 minutes ago, making the top headlines in yahoo news! We need to make a poll now.

Do you think this strange case of sex toy theft is:

A. Creepy
B. Funny

Reply below and comment your answer, participate in this poll and let’s see what you think! We like customer involvement and it will be interesting to see the results of your opinions.


Here is our take on the whole crime. The guy must be a pervert, a very sick minded individual. What is he doing with these sex toys? It’s potentially a very disturbing thought. If someone broke into my house I would much prefer they took my stereo, watch or jewelry and left behind my sex toys, I wouldn’t be creeped out with a thief who took my diamond ring, he’s probably a drug addict who needs to pawn some goods for his next fix. The guy who stole my vibrator? I don’t want to know what fetish he has or what he’s going to do with them! Additionally, it would totally freak me out that a creep like this would be in my house in the first place. Also, I would be at a loss, I have expensive vibrators ;)

Yuck, I definitely vote for answer A, creepy, not funny. Reading the comments on this news article I can see many people think it’s funny. The comments are actually quite humourous too and I will be watching for the next few days to see what creative funny answers people have to this ordeal. I hope Jay Leno mentions it, he usually has a good perspective for such odd crimes like this and he likes talking about odd occurrences. I  hope the criminal gets caught and undergoes an intense psychological evaluation!



Deep Inside a Pocket Pussy

Time to give some attention to the guys. In this industry, men seem to have the short end of the stick, so to speak. Many sex shops are presented all fluffy in pink and overly feminine. A sex shop for guys is often lewd looking, but most guys are professional and classy, just wanting sexual pleasure like the ladies without anything crude getting in the way. We like to keep it classy with the understanding that men like sex toys and are not always porn-hungry wolves looking for some fresh meat. That analogy may be a little exaggerated but you get my drift.

If you’re new and haven’t seen the pocket pussy selection you’ve got to check it out before you can follow the meaning for this educational piece. The pocket pussy looks astoundingly real, but that’s in a picture. We get calls form men asking how solid these are as they look like a chunk of plastic. We’re in the process of making a video showing how soft they are, it’s not ready yet but stay tuned as one day soon we’ll upload it to the site.

The softness is really unique, similar to a woman’s warm soft well moisturized skin. The brand name toys are very well made and even though vibrators for women are always the first product they like to promote, men’s toys sell extremely well, especially for us since our store is more unisex in nature.


Inside the pocket pussy are 3 typical textures.

Pocket Pussy Spikes

Angle showing the rows of spikes inside the tunnel.


The most common is a continuous row of raised spikes.
“Spikes” is a harsh term however as it only defines their appearance. These spikes are made from the same softer element and stroke your penis as you thrust like similar to the motion of tentacles on an anemone waving gently in the ocean current. Smooth and flowing, just like that.


Pocket Pussy Bumps

Taking a peek at the bumps inside the sleeve.


Raised bumps are another option.
This more subdued texture is not nearly as popular but they do give a noticeable sensation. These bumps can be in a tidy row or spread unevenly all around. Honestly, you’ll hardly notice the difference when you trusting so this detail does not really matter.


Smooth tunnels do exist.
It will be an endless glide with nothing in your way. The least popular out of the three textures and probably the reason why less and less toys are made with this feature. We can’t even call it a feature, it’s warm and smooth but reviewers again have admitted that texture inside the tunnel is by far superior then no texture at all.


We state in each product description what the tunnel is composed of so you’ll know what you’re buying, however note that most tunnels are spiked or bumpy so you’ll benefit from the same pleasure our reviewers have expressed much preference over.


3 Secrets Behind the Bullet

The terms bullet vibrator and egg vibrator are interchangeable, in reality they are characterized by their form. As the same implies, the bullet is longer and skinny while the egg is spherical and blunt. Considering these tiny accessories typically only have 1 function (if you’re in the dark, they’re for clitoral stimulation) it may be a challenge to determine the proper style that you’ll like better. We have 5 pages of mini vibrators with the purpose of offering a selection for every personal need so even though one lady will enjoy a subtle fat shape, the girl next door prefers a pinpoint effect and maybe some casual foreplay.


Vibrating bullets

Just a few pointers in buying the right bullet vibrator.


3 attributes to consider:


1.) The Need for Speed

A powerful bullet is much more desirable however we do offer lighter bullets too. Why would anyone buy a weaker sex toy?  The main reason is the need for silence (more power = more noise). Additionally, a strong bullet means it will make your fingers tingle too and some may find this irritating, lighter is better for foreplay and sexual arousal. On the flip side, if power is important you most likely will feel unsatisfied from a weaker selection. To determine how strong it will be, read the description as we state it clearly but if you’re still unsure, then check how may batteries they use. More batteries = more power.


2.) Double the Love

Certain styles have 2 bullets together. Some have separate seed control, others share the same setting. The main reason for these is for dual stimulation meaning one bullet teases the vagina, the other the clitoris (alternatively, you can try clitoral – anal or vagina-anal) Don’t insert the egg into the anus, it’s for external teasing. Don’t discount this entirely; if you’ve never tried this type of sexual stimulation you’re really in for a treat.


3.) Wireless vs. Corded

Many customers are attracted to the appeal of the wireless bullet and it’s nice to have a tamper-free model without a battery pack getting crushed under your elbow as you’re changing positions during sex, but we must warm you that the corded bullet vibrators have much more power then the styles without. It’s because of engineering, a wireless one will be small, will have to contain the batteries AND motor in one unit creating the need for cell batteries as opposed to AA batteries like the regular styles have. It’s plain to see there is up to 5 times more power with the corded varieties.



Heart Strap-On Harness Review

It’s important to know the history of the person writing the review. Especially for strap on harnesses because they seem to be copies of each other, if you’re a connoisseur of harnesses than you know that 70% have the same 4 way thigh-and-hip harness. The Heart Strap On fits into that percentile. It doesn’t make it special in any way nor does it make it stand out but if you’re using one for the first time you’ll probably be impressed by it. I’m not trying to state it’s less then par however, the nylon fitting is very good but the downside is they are all the same.

Heart Strap On Harness

I like to buy strap ons for variety, the same old penis gets old. Especially for an old married lady like me. I’m a heterosexual married woman who likes for my man to wear different harnesses. This one if perfect for a lady like me, your man can wear I no matter how big of a spare tire he has around the belly since those nylons straps are ridiculously long, far beyond plus size. Some may say it’s overkill but in the age of obesity like this, it’s a good option to have extra log straps.

The PVC heart backing is quite flimsy and cheap looking, I was unimpressed with that however it can hold the long dildo well with the rubber rings provided. The dildo is very floppy, it seems like jelly but it says on the box it’s phthalates free. I guess you have to take their word for it as it’s probably illegal to list this on the box if it has phthalates. The dildo was nice, quite often an attachment is very hard but it needs to be so it can’t get too floppy and flaccid. The softness is nice but you’ll need to guide it into your orifice as it will buckle and you’ll have to minimize how fast you thrust. Otherwise that it’s a nice variety piece.


Truth in (Romance) Fiction

It’s a natural human impulse to escape away into fantasy. It allows us to relieve the day’s stress, escaping from any family or financial problems and it’s a great source of relaxation. Again it’s natural for these fantasies to be sexual as our hormones rush through our veins in the same fashion as an orgasmic release soothing the mind, body and soul.

Men fantasize mostly while watching adult films and women have romance novels. Some may dispute this claim stating that romance is not always sexual but the undertones are always there. Every romance novel I’ve ever read has had undertones of passion which leads to sex. Even Nora Roberts who I think is a “tame” author compared to many others set the scene for a passionate kiss and always a lovemaking scene although she does not to go into detail like some other authors.

As soon as the blouse slips off the heroine’s shoulders, the chapter ends. This is like “blue balls” for me. Some women who have old fashioned “lady-like” values leave the rest of the scene to their imaginations while other who are more open and less shy about sexuality enjoy reading what comes next. This is all up to matter of personal taste however and I’m not saying that any type of woman is right, it’s completely personal opinion.

67 million American women have enjoyed a romantic fantasy. If you think that number is high, so did I until I read stats on romantic literature as published by the Romance Writers of America. Hopefully some of this readership is reading this right now as I’m about to suggest few easy ways to make your fantasy better, more involved and more pleasurable.

I’m talking about connecting your mind with your body. One of my favorite places to read a steamy story is in the bath tub. The hot water surrounding my body, the scent of patchouli bubbles, (an aphrodisiac) and the warmth of my blood matches the heat of the book. It’s one of the finest ways to enjoy womanhood in my opinion.

I like a good novel with a steamy sex scene. I also enjoy historical romance as it takes place in far away time when women were succumbed to a man’s power and will. She had her place in the world and that was with little say. I suppose that’s the submissive side coming out, if you’re into bondage at all try a historical romance, these two may seem steps apart but you’ll get my drift when the story is in full swing. It’s the whole concept of dominant and submissive which is a secret turn-on of many women. Historical romance is also good at satisfying your secret inner fetish.

Another way to really get in tune with your body is to have a vibrator at your side. Spread your favorite silk sheets on your bed, light candles on your bedside table, lock the door. Read the story and visualize everything that is happening, character development helps to make the sex scene come alive. It’s like a movie in your head but you fill in the details in the exact way you want. When the male star caresses the woman’s body, licking, sucking, bodies entwining in a never ending dance of erotic passion. Visualize these things happening to your body.

Feel your womanly wetness as it lubricates your vagina and labia in a silk wetness. Touch yourself, hold a rabbit vibrator and rub it around your lusty parts like the man licking your sweet flower. Insert it and turn on the motor, let the rabbit hug your clitoris just like the sexy hunk’s tongue dances over the hot button releasing surges of female pleasure all throughout, let the sparks fly, imagine the vibrator is the man of your dreams, forget who you are and completely slide away into the deepest erotic vision you’ve ever had. Let your mind wander turn up the power, clench your legs like he’s sliding his firm, warm manhood inside you. Imagine the rabbit ears are his fingers magically manipulating your secret spot like no other man can. Experience that orgasm with “him” inside you. Let it all flow, the release will be incomparable to anything you’ve ever felt before.

Lay there is complete bliss once it’s over. Feel the surge in your body, feel your fingers tingle and your toes as they gradually regain sensation. Enjoy the hormonal rush after the climax. You will slowly return to your real life but will carry with you the memories of the wildest fantasy you’ve ever had. Combining a vibrator with your romance novel is one of the finer things in life, a naughty little secret that feels amazingly good and the escape is so worth it!


Romantic couple



Top 5 Sex Toys When Your Guy Feels Intimidated

Some men feel threatened when a woman wants to use a vibrator. For some guys, they harbor old fashioned feelings and it hurts their ego. They have these thoughts that a real man should be able to please a woman on his own, or that women only use sex toys when they are not impressed with the man’s moves.

A modern man knows this is far from the truth. A modern woman uses a vibrator in conjunction with her man, even if she uses it when he’s not around, it gives her an orgasm which makes her relaxed, which makes her enjoy the feeling which makes her want sex even more.

If you’re with a guy who seems to be stuck in the past and can’t let these wacky feelings go but you still want to use sex toys, we have some great suggestions of best selling innocent sex toys that won’t hurt his ego.

No realistic vibrators.

If he thinks his penis should be the only one, we have some other suggestions for you.


Top 5 Sex Toys When Your Guy Feels Intimidated

1.) Kissing Butterfly Vibrator
It’s hot pink and non-phallic. The labia massager looks like a butterfly, an adorable garden insect should never intimate. The rounded thumb like parts that inserts into the vagina does not vibrate it’s more of a teasing feel and it’s smaller too so he won’t have to worry about his penis feeling small.

2.) The Luxury Mini G
The style of this sex toy will really appeal to guys and girls, it looks luxurious and is very effective at stimulating the g-spot. There is a handle to grasp, so give it to him and let him wiggle it about. He’ll feel good when he sees the look on your face. Another thing we really like is how short it is so there is no worries about an over eager boyfriend stuffing it way too high inside you and missing the mark.

3.) Radiant Ringer
The dildo that looks like a tool, a manly apparatus and nothing like a penis. We get it when a guy can be intimated by thrusting a penis looking device into his girlfriends vagina. He may be thinking “why not just use my penis?” We have to agree that this is a legitimate complaint so if you can’t win this battle, get the dildo that looks nothing like a penis.

4.) Clit Flicker
Some guys might scoff at the idea of a vibrating ring, but tell him that this one stimulates your clitoris too. It’s not physically possible to do this without using your hands so during sex, you get penetration and clitoral rubbing and you can use your hands to prop yourself into any sexual position, rub his nipples, run your fingers through his hair – anything to pay more attention to him. A bonus? The ring can help keep his erection firm for a little longer then normal.

5.) Too tiny to care.
Think small, explore this entire section of bullet vibrators. It’s hard to suggest just one product so all these vibrators are clumped into one point. Any bullet should do, they’re all around the same size, some have animal shaped sleeves but really we don’t think it will matter to him if it’s a egg shape or butterfly shape. It’s only the size that matters. We’re sure he won’t be threatened by the tiny discreet buzzing in the bedroom.

These list has only 5 of our best selling  toys for couples but you’re not limited to only these. There are literally hundreds of toys that will make your man feel comfortable. Consider it a starting point as you browse and you’ll easily locate the perfect item that will fit with both of you becuase after all, good sex is shared between 2 adults and both people need to feel comfortable.


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