Rabbit Vibrators Outside the Box

Rabbit Vibrators Outside the Box

Rabbit Vibrators Outside the Box

Rabbits and sex toys have been best buddies for a few decades. The Ying of the rounded clitoris sticking up like a rock in a waterfall and the Yang of the heavily indented twin ears fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

Assuming you’re already aware of a rabbit vibrator‘s effect on female sexual response we won’t go there but we’ll highlight some other unknown inventions. The lovely little lagomorphs are excellent representatives for adult toys because of the term “f*ck like rabbits* which they do. I actually have proof of this, a real life analogy.

A long time ago I had a rabbit named Cookie. My friend had a rabbit names Princess. We gave them a play date, supervised the whole time. They got along very well frolicking and bantering in the living room. A mere 30 days later, I went to feed Cookie only to notice something peculiar going on in her cage.

Upon closer inspection, there were tiny naked bodies writhing underneath her… I immediately called my friend and asked him to change his loyal pet’s name, Princess no longer applies as it was obviously a male and somehow impregnated my female. The conclusion to be made is the bunnies were playing, no one got humped and we did not witness any sex happening, so the phrase about rabbits having on overly active sex life is very true!

Different kind of rabbit sex toys.

Before we bore you with the same vibrators you’ve always seen, here are a few that are unusual with a similar purpose, the vibrating rabbit ring has those double ears, double vibrators to double your sexual pleasure. Does it work? You bet, although the guy may find the vibration too intense, she will enjoy the ears. The secret to making this one successful is not to thrust to quickly, it’s for stationary sex to enjoy the full effect.

Clitoral stimulators got into the mix too, a softer version for nice girls called the Bunny or quite the opposite is a brisk solid one that almost can’t pass as a clitoral stimulator as it’s much bigger with fancy Vivid colors. These may be considered far fetched but the makers of these adult products are smart. They acknowledge the rabbit’s popularity so riding the coat tails there are a few products like this that are crafted with the familiar figure to sell more toys.

A glowing example has got to be the rabbit strap on harness, honestly who would have ever though of that idea? Some creative guy somewhere, we give him props. This one is quite humorous, the bullet has a rabbit sticking out of the top which serves practically no purpose at all, some some woman somewhere will screech “ooh look at the cute little fella”.
Strap on Rabbit Harness and Vibrator
Strap on butterfly vibrators are somewhat popular too, but have you ever considered the strap on bunny vibrator? Another far fetched creation desperately attempting to grasp at straws however we’ll still give it brownie points for a cool form. Remote control vibrators need to be married to a jack rabbit for full effect, creating a mish-mash of technology and classical shape. This one ranks quite high in the monetary scale however there is a cheap rabbit vibrator or two that’s a savings grace for women without a massive budget but who still appreciate a good orgasm in the morning.

Finally this post can’t exist without touching on the best selling jack rabbit vibrator of all time. The good ol’ dependable waterproof stiffly built model with rotating beads, firm ears, clitoral vibration you know, all the good stuff that a female sex toy should have. If there is any product to purchase from today’s suggestions this one would have to win, hands down without even considering the others. That’s my personal opinion having tried all of these (yay the perks of working at a sex shop!)


Best Products to Help with Premature Ejaculation

Almost every couple at some point of time will encounter this common problem. It’s a frequent sexual dysfunction caused by overstimulating of the penis resulting in almost immediate ejaculation, or intercourse lasting less then one minute.


Sexologist does not know best.

Ask a sexologist and they’ll give you a few tips on what to do, but these tips are not realistic during intercourse, it’s too much of a distraction for both partners. An example is the “squeeze” method which is to insert the erection into the vagina and then remove and squeeze the tip of the gland closed when he feels like he will ejaculate. Put this picture in your head and it’s a very un-sexy image. Furthermore it’s hard to “train” this innate behavior away resulting in a  frustrating sex life or lack thereof.

Another suggestion is the “start-stop” method, he is to pull the penis out before he feels ejaculations coming on. There are 2 possible results: first he can spill semen all over her belly or she will hardly enjoy a single thrust every minute or so. Even though these responses may seem comical, it’s a reality for most couples.


The two magic solutions.

We have some products that when combined can assure longer lasting lovemaking and a happy couple in the end. A penis extension is one of the best ways to last longer in bed, contrary to what most believe it’s not just for more length rather it pads the penis allowing some of the sensation to be removed. If the man experiences less friction then the likelihood of premature orgasm is greatly reduced. Stay away from the latex extenders as it’s too thin to make much of an impact, but a very suitable option would be a Futurotic extension which pads you all the way around.

If this is not your style a desensitizing cream is another popular option. Using a topical anesthetic, the same that a dentist uses to numb the gums before inserting a needle, it’s safe to ingest and quite effective. The only downside of this method is you’ll need to apply 10 minutes before sex. If you apply it immediately and then have intercourse right away, it will numb your partner too.


A secret you’ll only hear from us.

A cock ring is another alternative suggested by some sex therapists and other adult stores but in our 6 years of experience in working with customers, feedback has been the cock ring is not as effective as it’s lead to be, making this sort of a misconception. You can try it, a benefit is a stronger erection but don’t expect to become and instant all night man when wearing a cock ring.


The conclusion to curing premature ejaculation:

Try combining delay cream and an extension, you’ll be able to give her the love she needs so badly, she’ll still enjoy the warmth and texture of an erection and you can sink into a passionate embrace together until the sun comes up in the morning!

** We have heard some feedback that desensitizers work well, but they need to be combined with an extension to be completely effective, there have been customers who purchased one part only to come back and purchase the second part later. We’re here to save you money on shipping, buy both now you’ll need them together.


The Pocket Pussy Quiz

Sex quizzes are fun. From an X-rated magazine to a mainstream newspaper, you can find quizzes pertaining to your love life, sex and yourself. Sometimes they can be very eye-opening and lead you into a new perspective or they can be a great way to pas the time when you’re waiting for the clock to strike 5 PM at work.

Most quizzes seem to be targeted towards women since the organization of the whole procedure better appeals to a woman’s mind-set in the first place but some guys especially those with an analytical mind can appreciate a good test.

We’ve developed this quiz for men about how to buy the best pocket pussy and to make sure you’re happy with your selection.


1.) Do you turn the lights off when you masturbate?

A. Yes, I prefer not to witness the event.
B. I don’t pay attention to that detail.
C. No, I like to see what I’m doing.


2.) Do you visually fantasize while masturbating?

A. No, I just get the job done.
B. Depends if I have other things on my mind or not.
C. Yes the more I fantasize, the better the pleasure.


3.) Does your wife approve of using male sex toys?

A. She doesn’t know.
B. Yes, She doesn’t care / I don’t have a woman in my life.
C. Yes, She has a drawer full of the latest and greatest vibrators.


4.) Do you watch porn often?

A. No, either I’m not very interested or I have nosy roommates
B. Yes bit I’m not a fan of any particular actress.
C. Yes, I follow all the biggest names in the adult biz.


5.) Do you prefer budget or quality?

A. All budget, every day.
B. I indulge in the finer things in life from time to time.
C. Only the best, designer labels, fine wine etc.


6.) What is your favorite sexual position?

A. Missionary
B. Any position where I can get a good look at her closely.
C. Legs spread as wide as possible.


7.) Is the feeling of a vagina the best thing in the world?

A. I’m indifferent.
B. Absolutely.
C. It’s nice but I can get off in many different ways.


If you answered mostly A:
A simple discreet option is best for you. You’d appreciate something other then your hand but a big overbearing piece of faux-flesh may make you feel uncomfortable. Think masturbation sleeve instead of pocket pussy. You may be interested in the Caliente or the Crystal.


If you answered mostly B:
A thicker pocket pussy with realistic features in a compact size will make you happier. A realistic life like experience is possible with one of the middle-sized versions especially Aimee Sweet. Another fantastic option that feel slightly less real but still falls into the same category and will make you a very happy guy is the Sunrise pussy.


If you answered mostly C:
You need the real deal. A full size realistic vagina is the most realistic looking male sex toy, nothing compares to these especially for you. It’s quite the spurge but for the guy like you, you’ll never need to purchase another kind ever again.  Every popular porn star has her own artificial vagina available allowing you to get inside her in the most real way possible.



Ultimate X-10 Anal Plug Review

An anal plug had a one-night stand with anal beads and this was their resulting love child. A peculiar style that has many good points and a single overbearing bad one.

Anal Plug Review

Anal toys love child?


Here are my observations: The thinnest bulb is thin enough to put inside the anus without feeling like you’re pushing in a fire extinguisher (which is what some blunt plugs feel like, everything is magnified back there!)

The stem is stiff enough where it won’t move about as you’re sticking it in. The ring does not get in the way when used with other toys (or human parts) which could gave been a concern from liking at the photo, but it’s not that obtrusive. The length is very good longer probes are more fun and the curve is fitting to a human’s natural internal structure so it’s quite ergonomic.

Even though I just gave it high praise, there seems to be a flaw that I can’t get over. The smell is quite pungent. It’s very strange considering the thing is silicone, not only does it state that on the website but on the packaging too. It doesn’t really loose the smell when exposed to air for several days like jelly vibrators do. It also seems to absorb odors and even though it’s seamless and easy to clean, you’ll never really seem to make it scent free. That’s a shame becuase everything else seem so right about this anal plug.



Closer Look at G-Spot Vibrators

This category recently received a makeover. We removed some older products that were becoming outdated and introduced some fresh off the line new styles that look modern and are made from safer materials. Every package we added said “phthalates free” and this brought an up an interesting point, every new sex toy is now free of toxins so we’re not going to stress on this anymore nor are we going to include it in every description, it’s the new trend of sex toys which makes shopping a lot easier on all of us.

We’re going to list a few of the most important differences in to guide you in the right direction when trying to make your purchase. The list below is in point form as it’s one of the easiest ways to scan the comparison, we know how busy you are and you don’t want to waste time reading a huge paragraph so the essential points are highlighted below:


Soft G Spot Vibrators – example: G Play

- Most comfortable
- Does not make hard contact with the spot, less effective at precise stimulation
- Vibrates softly
- Often the most quiet out of all the other styles


Hard G-Spot Vibrators – example: Wicked Massager

- Best at the massage this type of sex toy is intended for
- Noticeable inside as it won’t bend at all
- Strongest vibrations
- Can be noisy, especially the cheap ones
- Best vibrator for female ejaculation


Thick G-Spot Vibrators – example: Chubby G

- A wide girth has more sensation inside the entire vagina
- Provides all sorts of female sexual pleasure at the same time
- Extra padding usually means a more quiet motor
- Extra padding also means less intensity


Thin G-Spot Vibrators – example: Satin Scoop

- Gives you a precise feel that can trigger the internal orgasm
- Often very powerful
- Smaller size is a favorite for the first time shopper
- Good to use before sex; she’ll welcome the wide penis after being hot off the climax from the thin curved vibrator


Steep Curved G-Spot Vibrators – example: Blush Massager

- Heavy on the feeling, goes far beyond the g-spot massage
- Some find it irritating if they like a slight tease
- Others who like poking inside enjoy the intrusive feel
- Feels very incomparable to any other vibe
- A good vibrator for female ejaculation


Gently Curved G-Spot Vibrators – example: Lover Massager

- Normally most effective at the g-spot massage (we know this is opposite of common sense!)
- More comfortable for some
- Others may find it’s not forceful enough internally
- Able to disperse the vibration down the shaft


G Spot vibrator types


It is difficult to suggest a particular style as the differences vary however if you want a concrete answer to which is best we’ll have to give the advantage to the combination of “thin” and “hard“. Thick is great for a regular vibrator but if you need that specific feeling inside of you then nothing beats that combo.

We used to have 3 pages of vibrators now we have 4. We thought about adding another page which means at least 6 new products but then it seemed that beyond the selection currently available, there is nothing but repetition in the designs. There is no point in offering size of the same vibrators with 6 different colors and maybe a sparkle pattern or something thrown into the mix. It just leads to confusion for the consumer.

We’ve been there and done that and when a customer is overwhelmed they begin to regret the decision or have buyers remorse after the purchase is made and this is something we’d like to prevent. A comfortable purchase begins when you only have a certain election there to choose from without feeling stressed out!


Hypnotic Audio Stories

Lately when people ask what I do, I’ve said that I produce hypnotic audio stories. But for many of my listeners, a hypnotic audio story can be a deeply erotic experience.

A few years ago, the idea of virtual reality peaked a lot of interest. People became fascinated by the idea that they could experience an entire adventure (all the sights, sounds and physical sensations) by immersing themselves in a computer program. Computers never quite delivered total immersion, but the human mind always had this ability.

The human mind has many fascinating abilities, including the ability to trance. Trance enables us to recall more clearly the sights, sounds and feelings we have in our memories. Trance enables us to focus on the moment and shut out distractions, or to step outside of the moment and imagine future possibilities. Trance enables us to lose ourselves in music and story; to sympathize with the characters and feel what they feel. Trance enables us to become sexual aroused and enjoy the sensual pleasures of our bodies. And all of this can be accessed through hypnosis.

Stories have a special ability to engage our minds. When you read, or hear, a particularly good story, you naturally visualize what the words describe. You see in your mind the people, the places, the action described by the words. To do this, you actually place yourself in a light trance. And when I tell a story with hypnotic language patterns, I help my listener’s go even deeper into a trance; one which enables them to actually feel the physical sensation of kisses and caresses as I describe them.

For many listeners this provides an opportunity to explore a sexual fantasy in complete safety that they might otherwise be too afraid to experience. You can be seduced by a stranger, tied to the bed and teased to orgasm, be kidnapped and trained as a slave, learn to enjoy fellatio, or even be raped by a demon.

Hypnotic audio stories also provide an entertaining way to help women overcome sexual inhibitions, and expand their sexuality. Many of my stories include post-hypnotic suggestions and positive affirmations for increased sexual desire and pleasure with real lovers. My recording, The Ultimate Kiss, has helped several women overcome their inhibitions about fellatio. And my upcoming recording, Reorienting, will include suggestions to help shy bi-curious women accept their desire to be with other women and become more open to exploring their desires.

Hypnotic audio stories offer endless possibilities for exploring and enhancing our sexuality. And I look forward to helping people discover, enjoy, and benefit from this new art form.

Hypnotic Dreams: Hypnotic Audio Stories for Men and Women


Sexy Celebrity Costumes

This Halloween-themed write-up is a day late on purpose. Instead of giving you ideas on what to be for this ghoulish night of joy, we’re showing you what really matters – the costumes of your favorite celebrity. It’s the perfect opportunity to dress up sexy. Nice girls can play naughty on this night.

What’s the appeal to dressing up as a slutty nurse? If you’re normally a more modest girl and you like the respect from men by not exposing your breasts every day but you know they look good. If God (or a plastic surgeon) gifted you with a well endowed chest, Halloween is the only time of year it’s socially acceptable to “let it all out” so to speak.

We would love to see your costume.  If you’ve uploaded your picture to Twitter leave your TwitPic at the bottom and share it with us!

The same stance of dressing outrageously only on one day can’t really be said for celebrities as they often dress to be noticed in public on a normal Tuesday so you know their costumes will have the standard set a little higher then  the regular public. Here is the rundown of some Sexy celebrity Halloween costumes from last’s nights festivities.


sexy halloween costume

Paris Hilton brings out the sexy vintage styling of She-Ra


We have a great tale to share, a customer purchased 6 blush dildos to be teats on the udder of a cow. Maybe he’ll do the right thing and email us some pictures of the results. You could only imagine what that looked like, it’s probably for a costume contest and we hope he won, especially the prize for homemade creativity. If you’re reading his Mr.Anonymous, please email us a picture of your cow costume!

We don’t really advertise many Halloween themed accessories however this year we were presented the Adult Pumpkin carving kit which proved to be quite a good seller. It has been taken off the shelves until next year so it’s not available anymore, but we did have a big handful of customers who left a naughty carving on their doorstep. Hopefully for the children’s sake they left the pumpkin inside and used it as a decoration for their own adults-only party!

If you missed out on the dressing up and participating in extroverted public role play, Christmas is another opportunity to bring out the sexy Santa, although nothing can beat the scantily clad french maid!


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