2012 Sex Toy Trends

2012 Sex Toy Trends

2012 Sex Toy Trends

We’re about to bid farewell to 2011. It’s been a great years and we sincerely thank all of our customers for your patronage, including the first time customers to the loyal repeat shoppers who come back every month.

The final sales stats are in cumulative for the year and it’s time to anticipate the future sex toy trends for 2012. For a store that’s new to the adult industry this may seem a daunting task, but we’re professionals, having a presence in the sex toy market for the past 8 years it’s easy for us to compare stats and know exactly where the purchasing trends are heading. Additionally, this gives us an advantage of knowing what kinds of sex toys to stock our shelves with that will be popular. We’re presenting this report in a few different stages starting with the biggest draw, vibrators for women.

Here is some old and new trends and a general idea of what you will expect to see more of and less of in the coming year:



Top Vibrators


- Scented toys
- Packages with pictures of naked women
- Jelly vibrators
- Straight plastic vibrators
- Dials on the bottom


- Multi functions
- Vibrators that warm up
- Trendy looking curvy shapes
- Silicone surfaces
- Buttons on the side


Male Sex Toys

Top Male Sex Toys


- Vibrating head cups
- Sleeves that look like flowers
- Solid rubber
- Vibrating penis pumps


- Pocket pussy with pubic hair
- Black pocket pussies
- Masturbators with finger grips
- Closed suction sleeves


Anal Toys

Top Anal Toys


- Plastic anal beads
- Butt plugs with a penis shape
- Large jelly probes
- Glittered surfaces
- Butt plugs with trendy, curvy shapes


- Jelly anal beads
- Straight vibrating anal probes
- Prostate massagers
- Prostate vibrators
- Vibrating butt plugs



Louis Vuitton Condoms

The fashion industry relies heavily on sexuality, with the barely there waif figures traipsing down the runway exposing enough to give it a R rating, a tall slim woman is the epitome of elegance and sexiness. Designers can’t deny this connection but sometimes the “elephant in the room” is avoided however we have to give props to one designer who came right out to the “dark side” and created a condom. There’s actually a good purpose behind it however, in recognition of World AIDS Day which was held on December 1st. It’s to promote safe sex and their luxury brand at the same time, consider it like link bait to bring light of attention to a really serious matter.



This product is sure making headlines as you would expect, an astronomical price tag has been attached to this simple device the layperson can purchase for a mere buck or two. The price tag? A whopping 68 dollars. If it were to be cheap, fashion followers worldwide would wonder why is it so cheap as they have a brand to uphold so it’s no wonder the price is high. What we think it humorous is how a famous European architect designed them too, it’s a condom for goodness sake, how much design really is needed?

We can give props to Trojan for condom design with specs like rubbed, bumps and spirals and there’s even a mixes too (we have these for sale by the way. The Louis Vuitton condom? Don’t expect that to hit our shelves anytime soon!) The point is they took a stand in observance of this important issue and it has worked – we are commenting on it now raising awareness of the AIDS epidemic and if you search for this online you’ll come across thousands of similar published pieces written in different perspectives all promoting the need for safe sex becuase in the end, that’s what really matters.


Analogy of a Sexy Santa

If you think about the real Santa, he’s an overweight man who only wears a red suit, he needs haircut and he only works one day a year. Why would that ever be associated with anything sexy? Maybe it’s the sexual connotation of “sit on my lap and tell me what your wishes are”. It’s easy to get your mind in the gutter and interpret this one is an X-rated way.

The slutty nurse is part of Halloween and the Sexy Santa is part of Christmas, that’s just the way our North American culture works. A few weeks ago we sold the last Sexy Santa costume of the year. One of the best fetishes for the holiday season is a Sexy Santa, our sales stats prove this but so do videos on Youtube and pictures in holiday themed erotic magazines. A sexy Santa is one of the easiest role play ideas, many couples shy away from this adults-only sexual fantasy exploration because of fear of where the story line is going, but the Santa is simple.

Playing Santa has many possibilities such as pretending he’s coming down the chimney and surprising the sleeping woman on the couch… But wait a second, Sexy Santas are always women! How odd that is, first Santa is a jolly, fully clothes fat man who needs haircut and all of a sudden it’s scantily clad woman? Where did the switch come about for this one? When you take a step back and think about this whole topic from a third person point of view, it does seem quite funny.


Sexy Santa

Merry Christmas!


There are some costumes for men but they usually consist of a hat and a red candy cane colored pouch. The Chippendale have a sexy holiday routine that’s a real turn on and I’m not sure why we never had a costume for guys this year. Maybe the average man is not like a Chippendales dancer, he’s some beer-belly man with a hairy chest. How on earth would that be sexy? At least with the woman, is she has a little pot belly sticking out the average sexy women’s costume has a teddy like top open in the front so you’ll get better coverage.

I suppose guys are really limited in their sexy Santa costume without it being the full red suit, long white beard. I think that dressing up in the full suit would be sort of creepy, that’s a darker sexual fantasy, perhaps one day we’ll explore that but I’m still enjoying being the one who dresses up after all it’s nice to hear what my man wants for Christmas, I love to hear what he likes best about me and it’s my favorite way of getting him to dump his feelings. He’s a man of few words, but when Santa comes to town, he tells me everything he wants!

Merry Christmas everybody!


History of the Mistletoe

Kissing under the mistletoe is a well-known North American and European tradition originating as an object of ancient folklore. The mistletoe has very interesting botanical properties that will surprise you. Personally when I was researching the history, I discovered an interesting fact that does not seem to match with the obvious interpretation so I’ll start with that.

It’s quite humorous to discover the mistletoe is in fact an invasive species, a parasite that grows on trees, it reaches it’s roots into the tree and essentially steals the water from the tree. A misogynist may interpret this as kissing under the mistletoe means you’ll get infected from the woman’s charms ad she’ll choke the life out of you. Of course this is not true but it’s what came to mind originally when I first leaned about the botanical properties of this popular holiday plant.

Now back to reality and the REAL history if the mistletoe. In ancient Greece, it was an aphrodisiac and symbolized fertility which is the real reason for it’s romantic association. The history is probably in line with what you would think – kissing under it symbolizes a lasting marriage and fertility and this is true but the origins are based farther back in time in the folklore days of yore. The Roman festival called Saturnalia which is a festival held during the end of December that is quite similar to Christmas in a few ways such as gift giving, giving thanks for what you have and family celebrations. The main difference? We don’t do the sacrifices anymore, expect some vegetarians may find our turkey eating ritual to be a sacrifice.

To further emphasize the loving nature of Mistletoe, certain norther European counties associated it with peace, when given as a gift it can smooth over any neighborly conflicts. If you stand under the mistletoe, no harm can come to you, traditionally a woman would stand under it and be approached by the man who would then kiss her, it also assured that they would marry in the year to come.

These days it still means getting a kiss and it can even mean a little more. When you have your seasoned eggnog in hand and you’re stumbling around a Christmas party, to see a beautiful woman (or man) and lead them under the mistletoe for a kiss, its a perfect way to snag your kiss without having to worry about getting a bad reputation, it’s socially acceptable to pucker up at this time of year and whatever else happens can stay behind closed doors.

The  setting of a holiday party under the mistletoe is an excellent starting point for a sexual fantasy or role playing game. You can actually go to a party and pretend you don’t know each other, stand under the mistletoe and pretend to have your first kiss, which is so hot that you can’t keep your hands off each other. Now you’re frantically searching for a dark closet or a bathroom with more space. Hands slip up skirts, down blouses, a passionate embrace fueled by the butterflies of a first time sexual encounter. It’s quite hot! You’re welcome to take that one and live it out, being the frisky girl I am I just may share my full story with you one day, erotic details and all!


Best Christmas Gifts for Men 2011

Google today’s title and you’ll end up with pages full of XBOX and PS3 games, perhaps some tablets like the iPad or other similar one-offs. These make great gifts and he’ll be happy with them but there’s a few other gifts that he’ll love just as much (if not more) but these he can’t open in front of mom. Another advantage of sex toys for men as Christmas gifts? They cost much less the video game or electronic device. We’re talking a third of the price. That should be evidence enough to convince you!

The year 2011 is present (no pun intended!) in the title as well because there has been so many new toys for men this year that we need to specify this year’s items. One hot tend for men? Prostate toys have been the rage this year. In fact our prostate toys section has blossomed from 8 products to 18 products and we have loads more to be considered and will be added in the coming year. We know not every guy will appreciate this as a Christmas present so there are some other products that he’ll like. These are fairly general and can be applied to the Army solider to the lumberjack to the computer geek. All guys appreciate the same thing so for us women out there, holiday shopping for men is very easy.


Christmas Presents


1.) Masturbation Sleeves
Back in October, we created a guide for masturbation sleeves and pulled out the top 3 to highlight. Instead of repeating this again the link has been provided. The sleeve is our number one choice for guys, it’s discreet, easy and is a perfect gift for women to give. It might be a little strange for some women to give your husband a fake vagina for Christmas and we get where that sentiment comes from, so this allows him to enjoy sexual pleasure when you’re not in the mood and offers nothing for the imagination so he’s clear to think about you :)


2.) Vibrating Cock Ring
He will always appreciate this one because it means he’ll get sex. What you can do to help him out is offer up a style that’s no so feminine. Most of these are feminine and it’s probably because it’s usually the guy who purchases it for the lady and she appreciates a sweet and nice air but the opposite recipient should have something manly. Don’t hurt his ego, the Maximus Ring is the most hefty piece. A bonus for you? That ring will never flip around the other side and clitoral vibrations will always be in the same place. If you’ve never tried a vibrating ring before this is a feature that’s very important.


3.) Flavored Lubricant
It may seem a little too girly and in comparison to the last suggestion when we mentioned you should avoid products that are overly feminine. This seems to be hypocritical but there’s a reason, flavored lube is good for oral sex. It’s so heavily flavored that it will mask the taste of semen and this is definitely something he’ll be really excited to try out. Also compatible for sexual intercourse making it a double duty adult novelty and when he’s not around you can use it on your vibrators for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with a gift that you can use too!



Best Christmas Gifts for Romance

Standing underneath the mistletoe, sharing a cup hot hot cocoa, ice skating holding hands; these are just a few reasons why the season is so romantic. Considered a romantic precursor to Valentine’s day, Christmas is a popular time for marriage proposals and romance a few notches more intense then a normal day. Speaking as a woman, I prefer romance for Christmas because it’s less expected then Valentine’s Day which is over hyped and often forces guys to be romantic whereas a Christmas gift that says romance is his choice. He could have bought me a sweater or a blender but if he gives me a snuggly teddy bear for Christmas, it’s a gesture more well received then that lover’s holiday in February.

So to all the guys out there, take this time to give her something romantic in between the practical stuff. The ladies working behind the desk here have brain stormed together and come up with this list for best adult products for romance that make the best sexy holiday gift ideas for lovers. It’s fairly general and can be for a new relationship to the old married couple, everyone can benefit and your lady will love it, you can trust us, we’re a bunch of girls giving you these suggestions!


Christmas Presents


1.) 52 weeks of romance
An obvious suggestion and the first one that we came up with immediately upon thinking romantic ideas. It really doesn’t get any better then this. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, a coupon for every week of the year suggesting nice activities to do together. Not x-rated but just right to promote some love and tenderness. Cheap to buy and priceless for a year’s worth of love. If you want more coupons, there is another similar product called hugs and kisses.


2. ) Floral Wonder Vibe
As a big seller of vibrators, we had to include one on the list. Out of all our vibrators for sale, this pretty little device is the sweetest looking out of all. It’s perfect for a lady who doesn’t have a vibrator yet, almost artistic like in appearance lacking any taboo aura it’s nice, small, quiet and delicate. The flower is cool making it look sweet and presentable.


3.) Lover Enhancer Ring
It’s shaped like a heart, promoting sharing of sexual intimacy and love. makes sex better by adding a subtle hands free vibration. Both the man and woman will enjoy this one and it won;t wiggle around on you due to the testicle, strap which keeps it all neat in place. Don;t worry guys, this strap won;t cause you any discomfort it;s very stretchy.


4.) Infrared massager
The electric massage that’s made for back massage. Not meant to be an intimate sexual device, rather a romance and soothing tool made to set the mood for love. Who doesn’t love a nice massage on right muscles? It loosens everything up and make your romantic encounter more passionate when you’re feeling liberated.


5.) Warming Massage Lotion
We’ve got many choices here but the warming versions are more sensual as they warm up as you rib them. Forget the chilly touch and reach for a warm and soothing formula instead. Flavored in light and fruity or dark chocolate like scents the aphrodisiac smell will make you entire room a den of love.


6.) Massage Guide Book
Written by a sexual shaman, this book helps guide you to a world pas sexual romance. Embraces passion and all these other nice terms we like this book as it;s different them any other ones. take a look at the link oh is site, it;s a good reference for the other behind the story. This one is a fan favorite too, it’s amazing how you can have better sex when you’re in touch with your inner spirit.



Best Christmas Gifts for a Woman who has Everything

If you’re doing research trying to find a sex toy for your lady chances are you’ve seen lists written about gifts for first timers. Assuming in your case your lovely companion already has a drawer full of sex toys anything recommended on a beginner’s list will do you no good. This handy guide is made for women who have already explored numerous styles and knows how fun it is to bring a vibrator in the shower with her. The ideas below are ground breaking, more powerful and offer something different then your normal waterproof vibrator.


Christmas Presents


1. ) Digital Egg Vibrator
Not just your typical egg vibe, it has a detailed screen that shows your patterns and intensity levels. A technology marvel in adult toys for women this one is practically guaranteed to get a truthful “wow” from her when she gives it as try. It looks very flashy and with 6 AA batteries involved, the power is unsurpassed by everything else.


2. ) Wall Bangers Vibrator
There’s not much that looks different but the real star quality lies in that suction cup. It’s so strong you can stick it anywhere. If she likes vibrators in the shower, this one offers interesting squatting position which prevent her legs from getting sore. The vibe itself is quite plump, even though it does not look fancy it is one of those styles that does not need to be filled with fancy textures and such. It’s been in the catalog for about 4 years and has always been a hot seller. Sometimes it’s a beginner’s choice because of the tame looks but with that suction cup it quickly transforms the common woman into a well rounded self-sexual expert.


3.) Hand Cuffs
Offering you an “in” to the sex play. Opens the door for frisky activities together so that you don’t feel left out from her pleasure. Other bondage restraints offer the same type of fun but because it’s technically not a sex toy bondage toys get forgot about this time of year so we’ll bring it to your attention for your consideration.


4.) Vibrating cock ring.
Again offering you some part in play of her sexual satisfaction. It’s difficult to recommend one style because they vary quite a bit so you’ll have to anticipate what she likes. Think of yourself too since you’ll also benefit from the vibration. To enhance your pleasure, try a ring with a double vibrator. If you’re worried about loosing your load to early, pick yourself up some penis desensitizer which is located in the same category as the cock rings.


DP Harness

A present she won't expect.

5.) DP harness
One of our most original sex toys for couples, there is no other like it. Includes the harness and 1 silicone dildo, you insert your penis into the other ring and give her the hidden double penetration sex fantasy that many women have. The concept may seem kinky and we’d have to agree, what you will like is the fit, it wears well without hurting your ego. The silicone dildo is curved making great g-spot contact or this one can be used for anal penetration since it;s more narrow then the dimensions of the average male penis.



This list could go on and on and it we have to admit it was difficult choosing only 5 things to highlight. With Christmas coming on a Sunday this year, technically there is a whole extra week involved in shipping time so you don’t have to rush as of yet. In the coming days more suggestions will be added but for now, this is good start.


Love Maker Vibrator Review

This is my first review, I am a long time customer and first time reviewer. Normally I like to choose vibrators with a fashionable look and when the Love Maker vibrator appeared in this store about a month ago I jumped at the chance to take it home.

Easily categorized into that type that appeals to feminists and women who are snobs about toxins it’s a fancy vibrator that’s expensive but less so then the hundred dollar plus vibrators. This day you don’t get more power for more money.

Love Maker VibratorJust becuase this one will set you back sixty five dollars doesn’t mean you’ll orgasm quicker then with a twenty dollar vibrator. What you’re buying is the body safe silicone coating and better wiring. Not to say these won’t be defective simply becuase everything breaks, even my expensive espresso machine broke, it started leaking after one year. I know that a little off topic but I’m just trying to stress that quality doesn’t come cheap or expensive.

I quite enjoyed the grippy texture of the silicone. What seems kind of cheap to me is how it’s like a separate layer on top of the solid core. Not really attached that well which I thought was quite stage. I was not totally convinced it would be great and it was just OK. I also found it too thin.

A great feature is that little bulb for clitoris pressing. That was nice and even without clitoral vibrations you can rock it back and forth becuase the size of the nub is the size of your clit. A nice match made in heaven for the clitoris. A great present as it’s one of the nicest looking sex toys I’ve seen in a long time so perhaps you may ay this review is just in time for Christmas!


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