Valentine’s Day Sex-Packs

Valentine’s Day Sex-Packs

Valentine’s Day Sex-Packs

Behold the most comprehensive Valentine’s day shopping guide for men and women you’ll find anywhere. We thought long and hard in accumulating the gifts in this list; we didn’t just randomly pick some stuff to highlight, a group of us sifted through pages for hours to formulate these results. Browse with confidence amongst the nine potential types of situations you’ll be shopping for and make this Valentine’s Day the best ever.

As of today, you have 21 days remaining to get your  shopping done. We’ve left a few days leeway for shipping purposes but if you’re the last minute type of person you actually have a few extra days but we like to give plenty of time and advance notice. Hint, hint guys :)

It’s nice to have a gift basket of surprises for your significant other, an assortment is a superb way to make the love last, literally and figuratively! Below are some sex-packs of products to purchase together that all tie into the same style depending on your personal needs.


Valentines Day


The bundle to snuggle.
Thinking of good ‘ol classic romance?

French Vanilla and Jojoba Massage Oil
Electric Infrared Massager
Hugs and Kisses Couples Coupon Book


Hot picks for hot sex.
If your goal is to get frisky in the sack, these are a must-have.

Warming Oral Sex Enhancer
Peek-A-Boo Bra & G-String
G Spot Flower Vibrator


Sex Toy Curious.
It’s the perfect time to introduce sex toys into the bedroom for the first time. These tame teasers will surely be appreciated.

Chocolate Love Kit
Finger Fun Vibrator
Strawberry Lubricant


Naughty needs.
If you dabble in BDSM Valentine’s day holds a slight different meaning for you but still a reason to celebrate your love, however you choose to express it.

Nipple Nibblers
Furry Cuff Kit
Leather Cock and Ball Divider


Seductive selections for her.
It’s hard to decide what to get in a fresh relationship,  if seduction is your game here’s the required tools.

Pheromone Massage Oil
Monkey Buddy
Lover Enhancer Ring


Seductive selections for him.
If your goal is to seduce your new man he’ll be putty in your fingers after this.

Sexy French Maid Costume
Ride ‘em Cowgirl
Juicy Flavored Sex Lube – Wild Cherry


Made for men.
The best manly gift ideas  he’ll love.

Penis Massage Cream
Fellatio Coupons
Macho Weighted Ring


Taking a walk on the wild side.
For a freaky V-Day, push the limits of your love with some fetish selections.

Numbing Deep Throat Spray
Alligator Nipple Clamps
Leather Thruster Strap On


She’s got it all.
For a woman who has a drawer full of sex toys long before you came along, these creative gifts will re-ingite her excitement.

Stairway to Pleasure
Floral Glass G Spot Massager
iVibe Bullet Vibrator



Valentine’s Day Ideas – Sex Toys with Hearts

A popular suggestion for transforming Valentine’s Day into a full size event is to run with a theme. To base all your gifts, decor and activities into a single theme helps it all to run smoothly and ties into together, you’ll be able to have a more professional looking event, if you will. One of the easiest and best themes is Hearts.

Valentine’s Day is all about feelings from the heart and you’ll easily be able to pick up some decor ideas at your local department store or maybe even online. Here is a list of every sex toy that’s decorated with hearts to make your moment of passion tie into the grand theme of the day.


Sex Toys with Hearts:


- The Love Vibe is the most obvious choice, if she squeals over a big batch of red heart shaped balloons, think of the reaction you’ll get with this style!


- A vibrating ring is a fun sex aid for couples although not as widespread in bedroom drawers, the Wireless Love Ring is a suitable first timer version as it’s small and discreet.

Sex toy with hearts


- The Tango is our favorite selection for a woman who has everything, a unique choice with innovative design capable of allowing specialized pleasure in the exact way that feels the best.


- A safe choice for an unconventional woman, the Bending Vibe looks interesting but don’t worry – she’ll fall in love with this one. I speak from personal experience – this one has ridiculous power and the bending shaft is very special you won’t be sorry, I promise!


- For the darker side of love , a dominatrix’s best  gift is a heart flapper whip and non-piercing heart nipple rings are a nice way to tone down the sweetness level.


- Another naughty choice is the Sinful vibrator, it has heart but also tons of attitude to go with it, my personal top pick of a trendy sex toy for 2012.


- If the overabundance of red is a turn-off get the blue-loving girl a sophisticated Glitzy vibrator with tiny heart detail making a more subtle gift choice.


- Slightly off topic but still useful for setting the mood for romance, drop a few heart shaped ice cubes in her beverage during dinner.


- A strap on harness is a daring choice for some, others who love to explore new things would be overjoyed with this design. Probably the only truly Valentine’s theme Heart Strap On dildo looks great, fits well and the attachment is one of the softest ones available for sale.


- A heart shaped sex pillow can help prop up your hips in a particular position for better penetration.


- The only heart shaped bottle holds a liquid for love, a delicious and edible strawberry massage oil is a great transitional piece from the dining room to the bedroom.



Closer Look at Clitoral Vibrators

Today we’ll look at variations of clitoral stimulators present on dual stimulation vibrators in addition to the famed rabbit. Some other critters for your clitoris just may entice you out of the rabbit comfort zone and inspire you to pick up yourself a new pet.


The Rabbit Vibrator.

With respect for a first timer we’ll show you a picture of the rabbit ears and let you visualize why this format is spectacular:


rabbit vibrator close up

The "V" shape is for caressing the clitoris.


That “V” shape where the ends flare out is the spot where your clitoris rests. It’s ergonomically designed to contact every possible inch of the exposed circumference  and literally caress it, furthermore powerful vibrations are shot up through the motor which lies only about an inch lower – the result? The best orgasm of your life.


The Dolphin Vibrator.

The dolphin is another character you’ll see quite often. The feature on this aquatic theme joy-toy is a single pressure point, sometimes the mouth is slightly open to produce the opposite angle as the rabbits, a dolphin is a more precise format for clitoral stimulation.


Dolphin vibrator close up

A dolphin is the opposite of the rabbit shape.


Other animal vibrators.

Ducks and elephants are another one and a few other obscure variances exist like a champagne bottle or a wavy extended form. These critters are most notably for physical appearance as it’s a good idea to offer alternatives to rabbit vibrators, It’s not to say that a woman will call us and say “I don’t like the rabbit what other animal do you have?” Rather the question would be something like: “I have 3 rabbits already and want something else, what can you suggest?” In this case we would show you a different animal.

Normally these sex toys are similar to dolphins where you get a single point of contact for the clitoris, usually the design is longer which means you’ll get more coverage. Often the critter or shape will lay through the middle of your labia. The goal is more external stimulation which is like a tease compared to direct vibration which gets you to your final destination quicker.

It would be safe to assume that anything other then a rabbit or dolphin may lead you to a playground of sexual pleasure before the big moment making these a wonderful option for taking the time to please yourself. When you use the more powerful rabbits, you’ll climax right away so if you feel like taking your time, lighting some candles on your bedside and caressing the moment of self sexuality then a style like these will probably give you the extra time you are looking for.


Rounded clitoral vibrators.

Amongst all the cute animals it’s easy to overlook the plain and blunt rounded shape. Mostly targeted towards women who are not overly feminine and would feel silly resting some character on the clitoris. Again this is all to target everybody regardless of your personality of feminine influence to your persona.

Even though they are not as attractive and cute to look at, the simple extension is a wonder to behold in itself. Some are wide allowing it to press your clitoris like a button, offering full coverage blunt force without any allowance for it to squish away, the direct force doubled with vibration is an orgasmic dream come true.

When shopping for this style of vibrator, keep in mind the size of the contact point. We have some that are really tiny for a tease and others that are wide for full on satisfaction. Similar to the points above, you’ll have to decide if you want instant and strong or slow and pampering.


Two clitoral vibrators

Left - more of a foreplay-like tease. Right - more contact = immediate orgasm.


The point of this lesson is not to discount rabbit vibrators, they are supremely powerful however there are other clitoral vibrators that should be considered as well. By refusing to purchase a sex toy without the famed bunny ears, you’re closing yourself off to new opportunities to enjoy your sexuality, a prized gift that should be cherished and if you know how to manipulate it right, you’ll be more in touch with your womanly side then the gals on Sex and the City!


Valentine’s Day Do’s and Don’ts for Men

Valentine's Day
The biggest day for love is quickly approaching, it’s a very busy time for both sexes however a heavy weight is placed on the woman’s side but men need love too – a different kind of love but it’s all the same.

A guy loves a surprise of you wearing sexy lingerie just as much as you love getting a bouquet of roses.

Every Monday for the next 3 weeks we’ll give Valentine’s Day ideas to women for men so they can enjoy part of this romantic day for lovers and it can bring you closer – which is the ultimate goal. Here are some do’s and don’ts for ladies when it comes to surprising men.


Valentine’s Day Don’ts


Don’t surprise him at work.

Women love being surprised in front of their co-workers, it’s a wonderful public grand gesture which shows everyone around how much we are loved. For guys, it’s an embarrassing feat that makes all the other males in the office make fun of him. Keep the surprising for your own private moments.

Don’t buy him flowers.

In the age when women and men are considered equal, some women misinterpret this by thinking that men and women like the same things. Even though equality abounds there is still a deep-routed instinct that will never go away. This is a long winded way of saying men hate flowers and they always will. Don’t try to change a man’s basic instinct.

Don’t pressure him.

Many men are not in touch with their feelings and this day makes them sweat with anxiety as there is such high expectations from women. If you hound him expecting something miraculous and ground breaking it just puts him on the spot and makes him nervous. Let it be, if you’re worried he’ll forget you can mention it in passing conversation like “We should go out for dinner on Valentine’s day” and leave it at that. Read off his response and you can tell how anxious he is. If he wants to plan something great he will but not every guy can be forced into something like this.


Valentine’s Day Do’s


Surprise him with lingerie.

This is probably the single biggest gesture you can do for him. It’s the male equivalent of a dozen roses. If you’re not so keen on lingerie we have some choices that cover more, like a flowing baby doll top so you can feel confident exposing yourself as eye candy for him. It’s really important to mention however that he loves what he sees regardless of the tiny flaws you think you have. Guys see the big picture and don’t focus on the little things like women do.

Cook him dinner.

Set a table for 2 by candlelight and make him some sexy aphrodisiacs infused recipes, we like the romantic menu planner as you can print out a specialized recipe based upon your skills in the kitchen and the level of romance you’re going for. A homemade dinner from scratch is a sure fire way to straight to his heart. Just a hint: this tip accompanies the lingerie tip above to create a perfect V-Day for men.

Make sure to appreciate any gift he gives you.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the day that you have high expectations in your mind only to be disappointed by a “measly” box of chocolates. He thinks it’s something you’ll love and he did get you something so appreciate it, give him a sincere kiss and a thank you because after all, he didn’t forget about the day!


Science Behind the Foot Fetish

A foot fetish is one of the most common sexual fetishes apart from genitalia. For the analytical mind, you may wonder why feet are a target after all they are dirty, smelly and abused as we walk around with them stuffed tightly into a dark musty shoe all day long so what’s the sexual allure?


Neuroscientists & Acupressurists Perspectives

A very interesting study was done by a curious neuroscientist named Vilanayar Ramachandran who discovered a connection between feet and genitals as they’re mapped in the same area in the brain. Further detailed results can be found in this article about why do people have foot fetishes. It’s quite eye-opening and it really does make sense!

Another possibility that I suggest is the link between acupressure and the genitals. If you study pressure points on the foot, there is a link between certain foot massage techniques and sexual arousal although some may argue it’s because you’ve made the person relaxed and now they are more receptive to sexual arousal, others debate that there is scientific merit to all of this. There are many sources citing libido enhancement using acupressure which helps to harness energy flow. We’re not talking “old hippy wives-tales” type of remedies rather these holistic treatments are producing valid study results in the new-age era. It’s a more popular way for couples to connect, to reach beyond simple foreplay and sex you’re sharing an entirely different kind of passion, one that reaches into the psyche and soul.


Foot Sensitivity

Perhaps another reason for this peculiar but popular fetish is the sensitivity of the feet. Going back to their dirty purpose, a foot is not usually pampered (outside of a pedicure). If you have never had your toes sucked before you’re really in for a treat. It’s a highly sensitive tingling feeling; men probably like the woman’s reaction, getting her all squeamy on the bed. As for the ladies perspective, getting attention away from the sexual hot spots shows that he likes to pay attention to her and her pleasure matters. Sort of like embracing every womanly inch of her body and treating her like a temple or a Goddess – sounds good doesn’t it ladies ? ;)


Bringing Foot Fetish into Reality.

There used to be a foot masturbator for men of two feet together. The penis was inserted into the hole between the ankles. We offered this one for sale as a test to see if it would be an item we should carry, even though a foot fetish is so popular, men don’t want to buy a masturbator shaped like a foot and as a result, it had a very temporarily lifespan on our stock room!

Foot Fetish

This was actually a masturbator for men - as you may think it was not a popular seller!


Foot Techniques and Foreplay.

In some future lesson regarding new foreplay techniques I will make sure to mention toe sucking however most people may shun this and never give it a try. I am sort of on this side myself – I do think it’s not very appealing maybe it’s the self consciousness coming out worrying that my toes are smelly when he’s sucking on them. I would only suggest trying this in the bath or a jacuzzi especially for the first time. I speak from personal experience when a boyfriend a long time ago sucked on my toes, he asked me first which was probably a wise thing to do and then I hesitantly said yes. It tickled so much I did not find it arousing at all but it was very playful and to be silly and playful is a real turn-on so I was aroused, indirectly.

I’m not into foot fetishes myself and certainly don’t condone it but want to present the scientific reason behind this weird focus – when you read the two links I provided you’ll probably lean something new, I did!


How to Enjoy Sex When His Penis is Too Big

Believe it or not, this is a common problem facing women. Ask a man if he thinks his penis is too big and chances are he’ll say he wish it were bigger. Truth is the vagina is not very large, sexual intercourse with a longer penis will often push against the cervix causing pain for the woman. It feels like a solid push inside, not very welcoming nor arousing. The following 6 tips are for couples to help enjoy sex when his penis is too large.


1.) Timing of the Menstrual Cycle.

Following your monthly cycle allows you to time intercourse on the days when the cervix is soft. During ovulation which occurs between day 12 and 14 of the cycle (the first day is the beginning of the menstrual flow), the cervix softens and opens slightly allowing semen to flow up into the uterus. Sex during this time is the most pleasurable for women as nature intended it to be the ideal time for conception. As a result, a large penis will be most welcoming as the top of the vagina is swollen and soft.


2.) Add more Lubrication.

This tip is always suggested for solving sexual issues but it’s true, wetter is better and even though we’ve suggested lube a hundred times, it’s never better then being used in this scenario. Use lots, don’t just put it on his penis but spread it over your vagina opening and even on your perineum. As the skin stretches to accommodate his extra girth, there will hardly be any pulling, his manhood will ease in like a rubber tube going down a water slide.


3.) Invest in Thick Cock Rings.

A sex life savior, these thick cock rings are specifically made for solving painful penetrations due to a bigger then average penis. The set of three is very thick with a flat back so you can stack them on his shaft. They’re very soft and when the ring comes into contact with the labia, it helps to enhance her pleasure. Another version is this double support ring that will reduce penetration about 1 1/4 inch.


Thick cock rings

A sex life savior for the overly well-endowed man.


4.) Pretzel/Scissors Position.

This sexual position has a few different terms but the general idea is the couple lays on the bed in a spooning position, he enters via the back and the woman’s legs can either stay closed in the same position or she can lay a leg over his hi backwards. This minimizes penetrations and allows the woman to move forward should it become too unconformable.


5.) Reverse Cowgirl Position.

She will be able to adjust the depth required for maximum pleasure. The angle of the woman’s body as she props herself up by putting her hands on his thighs is helpful for minimizing penetration. Also she can squat on the tip only rocking back and forth.


6.) Missionary Position.

If the woman lays on the bed and keeps her legs closed, it minimizes how far her partner can reach, also the rubbing on the thighs and maximum skin to skin contact enhances the passion and makes both of you feel more connected during sex.


Cheap Hollow Strap On’s

Hollow strap on dildos are very popular, customers purchase them very often and from pre-sales consultations  and review feedback we’ve received, there are 2 reasons for this purchase:


Popular choice for 2 types of customers.


1.)  To enjoy sex when a man has erectile dysfunction.

Some men find that a penis pump is not as effective or perhaps they have adverse side effects to medications like Levitra and Viagra. A safe and fast solution is to get one of these hollow dildos that strap on to the waist with the use of an elastic band. Most straps on are made to be for both sexes however we have one type that’s made for men on a budget.

The elastic waist band stays in place and the entire tube is hollow in the center allowing the penis to rest inside. The exterior is solid and it’s not very soft but many women do enjoy this firm pressure during penetration. We do have some softer alternatives too but they are higher priced. Make sure to see the penis extension section for other alternatives.


2.)  For a woman to experience a thick girth.

Some top out at 2 inches across making the tools perfect for fetish sex and with the low price considering the bulky size, for the couple who love big penetrations the woman get to enjoy and the man is treated to an impressive sight – these are the sex tools they reach for every time. Luckily there are some that are so large that an entire erect penis can fit inside.

The dual purpose cheap hollow strap on’s are a sexual savior for many couples and if you fit into any of these 2 categories, this style will most definitely pique your interest.


Silicone vs. Cyberskin

Anyone who’s in the know is a fan of these 2 types of sex toys. Ask this person however which is better or what the difference is and most won’t be able to tell you. Until our brand new information sheet titled What Sex Toys are Made Of, I had no idea what the scientific difference was either. All I knew was Cyberskin is like skin and silicone is a safe jelly-like material. They are actually not very similar in appearance at all but of you were to analyze the compounds in a lab, they would be strikingly similar, this piece of information I also did not know.

Let’s pretend that you’re not concerned with appearance since silicone will be colored and Cyberskin will be ivory, ebony or brown. Which style should you choose?

These two popular formats could be compared in the following ways:

cyberskin vagina

A sure bet for the guys.

Cyberskin has a velvet smooth surface, silicone has a slick surface.

When properly lubricated, you’ll be able to enjoy a faster glide with the latter.

Another massive difference being silicone is mostly much tighter then it’s counterpart.

The final big difference? Silicone is more durable. This would show a disadvantage of Cyberskin meaning even though it looks good and it’s expensive, it can break easily and that’s is the truth, it’s inferior in this respect.

If I were to choose a masturbation sleeve, I would go with Cyberskin, For a woman’s toy I would choose silicone. That’s my opinion and sales stats reflect this as well.


Sterling Vibrator Review: Best Bullet to Bless My Clit


From the picture, a bullet is a bullet. They look all the same but the mechanical arrangement under that plastic shell is the feature that makes or breaks it.

For the average consumer, you have no idea what this is like until you get it delivered – or you could read my review.

This one deserves praise,  so wonderful you can almost enjoy a religious experience from how close you’ll come to floating in heaven when your orgasm takes you away…

If you also own the Sterling Bullet Vibrator you will agree with my over zealous statement knowing it’s reality. I wish every woman had one of these and I will be telling all my friends about it.

The power is plentiful but that’s not what makes it the best bullet out there, if you notice the bullet is black whereas everything else is silver. The black is like a velvety coating over the solid shape that acts as a barrier of warmth on your clitoris. It’s slightly grippy enabling your fingers to maintain the grasp no matter how much lube gets onto the surface. You’ll never cramp up your fingers ever again as the bullet squeezes out and flies away (yes this does happen with smooth surfaces).

I would give all the glory to the black coating, proving once and for all the smallest detail can have the biggest impact. It’s my top pick for a first vibrator even though penetration is not the point, you’ll never need to buy another bullet. Rated 5 starts out of 5, buy this one today, hurry!!


Missed the New Years Kiss? – Hip Reasons to be Single

The ball is dropping in times square and all the doe-eyed couples and gazing at other about to share the popular first passionate kiss of the new year. It’s a lovely tradition for people in a relationship but for the singletons out there – it’s a gross tradition that makes you feel uncomfortable. You’re standing there like a lonely void in the crowd as eyes are taken off the ball and closed in the moment of a kiss. What do you do? Most singles look at the ground, the ones with voyeuristic tendencies watch the other couples, or maybe you’re scanning the crowd looking for that attractive male who’s all alone too. That would be a nice pick up technique, you instantly know who is single and who is not at the stroke of midnight and chances are if you approach a member of the opposite sex at this time, there will rarely be a rejection! Don’t worry about starting off 2012 flying solo, here are some reasons why it’s hip to be single.


hip to be single

Seize the moment of your singledom!


1.) You’re tied to no one but yourself.
You’re free to do what you please. No need for compromise with yourself, you can ski, hike, sky dive, cook and never clean. Do what you choose, life is your oyster.


2.) You don’t need to dress yourself on your day off.
It’s really nice to lounge e around in the house on your day off, hair messed up, no makeup, pajama bottoms all day long. You don’t need to impress anyone and can safely let it all out!


3.) It’s fun to put more effort into your looks when you go out.
If you’re single and always on the market, it’s fun to send that extra half an hour on your hair before you go out. When you’re attachment you’re not trying to woo anyone so it’s easy to let yourself go.


4.) Have the best sex when you’re solo.
A savvy chick knows this tip is right around the corner! Yes passionate lovemaking is hot but the best vibrator is even hotter. capable of bringing you to orgasmic fantasy within a minute or so, sometimes even seconds, a rabbit vibrator is your boyfriend and there’s nothing wrong with that. Sex toys for women can be much more enjoyable then a guy but if you don;t believe this statement, by all means you’re invited to contact us so we can set you up with your future joy-toy!


5.) Put your time to good use.
Without a significant other taking up your time, you can do some good for the world. Why not volunteer your time to a charity, maybe walk dogs as a local shelter. When you give your time to someone in need, you feel as good as they do at the end of the day.


6.) Take a course in a topic that interests you.
Going back to the statement life is your oyster, seize the day by learning something new you’ve always wanted to try. Take a pottery class, learn to paint or salsa dance. When you’re settles in a relationship you won’t have as much time for these sorts of activities and now is the only time you’re allowed to fill your social calendar with things you want to do.


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