5 Reasons to Love Crotchless Panties

5 Reasons to Love Crotchless Panties

5 Reasons to Love Crotchless Panties

Crotchless panties are an underrated accessory for women that’s often left for special occasions only however I have a handful of reasons why every lady should have a pair in her lingerie drawer to be used more then twice a year. You would think that something that’s cut in the middle would be odd, I’ll let the cat out of the bag – when you first wear them it feels kind of strange as you have the free breeze of the room rushing over your labia while everything around your pubic area is covered, it’s like the feeling of leaving your fly open while walking outside in a wind storm – times a hundred! It’s good to know what to expect so turn up the heat in the house and get randy with reasons to love crotchless panties.


1.) It’s empowering.
Do you remember when you were young and your mother bought your first training bra or first thong? That signified you’ve graduated into a young woman. Crotchless thongs transform you from a house wife into a sexy vixen. It’s the same feeling you’ll get, a powerful feminine temptress ready to cast any man under your lavish spell of seduction. Do these adjectives seem to be overused? Perhaps but it parallels how you will feel, it’s a powerful sentiment.


2.) Hide your pubic hair stubble.
Did you run out of time in your morning shower? Couldn’t shave today but he doesn’t know that and wants an impromptu sexual encounter? If you’re aroused like him but don’t want to have your poky pubes interfere with any sexy motions wearing the thong will hide what needs to be hidden while exposing only the good parts.


3.) Keeps a little to the imagination.
There is a reason why lingerie exists in the first place. Sure you can enter the room naked and partake in your sex play. Wearing something sexy leaves a little to the imagination and men love to be teased. The appeal of strings hanging and a soft lace touching your skin is a real turn on for him. Seeing a naked body is nothing overly magical, but keeping the secret slightly hidden is incredibly effective at getting his blood boiling nice and strong.


4.) Gives you confidence to leave the lights on.
One conundrum that faces many couples is a woman’s lack of self confidence and wanting to keep the lights out all the time. The perfect compromise allows the man to see a small part of her womanly jewels while she can feel covered up. A great way to get the foot in the door for more explicit sexual play as she’ll get increased confidence over time. Even though that’s a new topic I need to touch base with it briefly – when you’re naked with your aroused partner, he overlooks your flaws. He focuses on what’s good and what he likes hence the raging erection and horny sex drive!


5.) It’s the best accessory to tease him unexpectedly.
Wear your crotchless panties and don’t tell him. Over top is a mini skirt, very short. Sit on the couch and “accidentally” leave your legs open a little too wide so he can get a glimpse of what’s underneath It will be like he spots a sparkling diamond hidden in the brush – okay maybe that’s not the best analogy but you get my drift!


crotchless panties


I have to end with a funny joke.

A woman wanted to spice up her marriage so one day she decided to surprise her husband when he came home from work by laying on the bed surrounded by candlelight wearing nothing but a pair of crotchless panties.

When he came home and arrived into the bedroom, he saw his wife sitting provocatively on the bed, he looked at his wife with an odd glare.

She said:

“Hey baby, don’t I look sexy, do you want some of this?”

He said:

“No way, look what it did to your panties!”



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