5 Reasons to Enjoy a Sexual Dry Spell

    5 Reasons to Enjoy a Sexual Dry Spell

    There’s nothing like a new relationship. Hot, heavy and always in a heightened state of passion and lust. Fast forward a few years and you’ll come across an eventual dry spell. There are many tips on how to get your sex life back in full swing again but this time we’ll cherish the sexless side and bring to light some reason why a sexual dry spell can be a good thing to have.


    1.) More time to talk.

    When the hormones aren’t raging and you’re sitting in bed late at night getting ready to shut off the lights, it’s a prime time to have a nice conversation. Starting with the popular ice breaker question “how was your day” to talking about mores serious matters like family planning, being together in bed is a nice place to have a heart to heart with your spouse. Whys is bed such a great place for conversation? You’re sitting beside each other without direct eye contact which allows you to open up to personal matters easily, when you’re not directly having someone in the light it’s easier to let your emotions out.


    2.) Deepens friendship.

    When you’re dating, it seem as if everything is about sex. Men are constantly wooing women trying to get them into bed. It’s just a natural instinct driven by a primal urge, and friendship is often strained between men and women since sex always gets in the way. Now that intercourse if off the table, you can get to know each other on a friendship basis, depending your relationship.


    3.) Sex is really hot when you get going again.

    Take away a kid’s favorite toy and ten give it back to them a month later and hey love it just like the day they got it. Rotating the supply of toys is actually a very popular technique since it keeps the “newness” there. We always want what we can’t have and when it comes back it’s better then ever before. The same goes with sex. Enjoy the time off from your sex life. When you finally have your encounter, it will be very explosive. The longer you wait, the better it will be when you get frisky again.


    4.) A good excuse not to shave your legs (or other places).

    For women, shaving can become a chore. There’s a lot of ground to cover and sometimes you’re just too busy. No worries, in a dry spell, you can either jump out of the shower and use this extra time to finish other chores or maybe you want to pamper yourself with a new sweetly scented body wash instead. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to be lazy with you personal grooming knowing a hand won;t be running up your leg anytime soon!


    5.) Spend more time with the girls.

    This tip is for single women and married gals alike. In the quest to primp up, look pretty and find a mate we shelve our relationships with female friends. Call up your college pal and go for coffee, hit the mall do some shopping. Quality time with your female friends is often overlooked in the latter years of life after commitment from men and the time ti takes culturing male-female relationships. Plan a girls night out and forget the guys, focus your time on dancing and acting goofy together. It can be the best night you’ve had in a long time.


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