Analogy of a Sexy Santa

    Analogy of a Sexy Santa

    If you think about the real Santa, he’s an overweight man who only wears a red suit, he needs haircut and he only works one day a year. Why would that ever be associated with anything sexy? Maybe it’s the sexual connotation of “sit on my lap and tell me what your wishes are”. It’s easy to get your mind in the gutter and interpret this one is an X-rated way.

    The slutty nurse is part of Halloween and the Sexy Santa is part of Christmas, that’s just the way our North American culture works. A few weeks ago we sold the last Sexy Santa costume of the year. One of the best fetishes for the holiday season is a Sexy Santa, our sales stats prove this but so do videos on Youtube and pictures in holiday themed erotic magazines. A sexy Santa is one of the easiest role play ideas, many couples shy away from this adults-only sexual fantasy exploration because of fear of where the story line is going, but the Santa is simple.

    Playing Santa has many possibilities such as pretending he’s coming down the chimney and surprising the sleeping woman on the couch… But wait a second, Sexy Santas are always women! How odd that is, first Santa is a jolly, fully clothes fat man who needs haircut and all of a sudden it’s scantily clad woman? Where did the switch come about for this one? When you take a step back and think about this whole topic from a third person point of view, it does seem quite funny.


    Sexy Santa

    Merry Christmas!


    There are some costumes for men but they usually consist of a hat and a red candy cane colored pouch. The Chippendale have a sexy holiday routine that’s a real turn on and I’m not sure why we never had a costume for guys this year. Maybe the average man is not like a Chippendales dancer, he’s some beer-belly man with a hairy chest. How on earth would that be sexy? At least with the woman, is she has a little pot belly sticking out the average sexy women’s costume has a teddy like top open in the front so you’ll get better coverage.

    I suppose guys are really limited in their sexy Santa costume without it being the full red suit, long white beard. I think that dressing up in the full suit would be sort of creepy, that’s a darker sexual fantasy, perhaps one day we’ll explore that but I’m still enjoying being the one who dresses up after all it’s nice to hear what my man wants for Christmas, I love to hear what he likes best about me and it’s my favorite way of getting him to dump his feelings. He’s a man of few words, but when Santa comes to town, he tells me everything he wants!

    Merry Christmas everybody!


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