Awkward Moments in Erotic Encounters

    Awkward Moments in Erotic Encounters

    In the human mind lies this perfectly crafted situation of the ideal sexual encounter. Something so passionate and erotic, a romance novel brought to life. One of the hottest movie scenes originates from the 1986 release of 9 1/2 weeks starring Mickey Rourke Kim Basinger. Their perfect execution of utilizing foods in foreplay and movement of positions with ease is enough to leave any human highly aroused and tingling in their privates below. Some wish for a moment like this…

    The perfect moment is shaken awake via reality shock!

    Sex is far from perfect, bodies never seem to intertwine with ease as shown on movies, either XXX in mature or a movie with an R rating. The reality is our limbs move in certain ways what don’t always mesh with the partner, we fall over, slip, bump heads the list goes on and on.


    How to deal with awkward moments in sex?

    The best way is to approach it with a sense of humor. A chuckle shows the partner you’re lighthearted, you don’t take things too seriously and regardless of being male or female this is a character trait that’s most welcome and certainly appreciated. You’ll have better sex if you are more playful after all, it’s called forePLAY for a reason!

    Another important tip for keeping your cool is to never place such high expectations of what a sexual encounter is going to be like. If expectations are too high, the after effects can be disappointing. In fact several articles and information sources cite that first time sexual encounters usually do not meet expectations becuase the person has been looking forwards to it for so long and expected sex to be magical, explosive and this is rarely the case. Often overinflated by the media including music videos, fornication between two people is made out to be much more then it really is.


    Thank nature for these embarrassing moments!

    An easy going personality is always sexy, even when the vagina expels air and it sounds like flatulence – which happens all the time and it’s a part of our bodies build. Commonly known as a “queef“, this embarrassing sound is created when the penis (or another object) has been thrust into the vagina causing a vacuum suction, when the air releases the “queef” is the resulting sound. Should a woman be embarrassed? Think of it this way – this is such a common occurrence that the alternative dictionaries of the world has added the term to their listings.

    Performance anxiety can also create awkward moments. If the man cannot become erect, it’s always nice to have a vibrator there to give an alternative. Furthermore, using the vibrator will give him an enjoyable view further increasing the body’s ability to produce an erection through sheer visual arousal – crisis averted!


    Take a break for a laugh.

    For a couple of laughs, check out these series of photographs and clips depicting some awkward unintended sex moments not meant to be sexual. Ooh people have a dirty mind, don’t they ;)

    Sometimes the major movie studios acknowledge sex’s messy moments and capture these into some of the funniest scenes around. Here is a compilation of what really happens during sex, well these are of course exaggerated for entertainment purposes but the general idea is written all over. All that matters is how it’s handled. Without further a due, the most awkward sex scenes in movies complete with video clips.

    In the era of PVR’s people tend to fast forward commercials without ever watching them forcing advertisers to create some ingenious commercials, props go out to who created this hilarious commercial showing what a steamy sex scene straight out of a erotic novel would be like if converted into a  real life situation. Enjoy!



    A hilarious awkward sex moment courtesy of Can’t Hardly Wait (1998)



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