Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving

    As one of the most anticipated holidays is upon us, it’s time to reflect and give thanks for all our blessings. No matter how difficult your personal or financial situation, we have to be thankful for living in the United States of America. Just being here means we have unlimited opportunities, we have a safe country of freedom.


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    We have many simple life necessities at hand that many others living in third world countries can only dream of. In this time for family and fellowship, make sure to take a moment and be thankful for what we have.


    Even though this time of year can bring stress from preparing a massive dinner with all the trimmings forĀ a large family gathering, setting up Christmas decorations and waiting in line at 5 am for Black Friday sales, it’s all part of the joyous season and as we look back when it’s all over, these routine activities are what make the season so great.



    Enjoy every moment with your family, go skating in the park and watch the annual Christmas Tree lighting in your hometown. Personally I love this time of year as it’s OK to put the diet behind me and splurge on a big slice of pumpkin pie and extra turkey servings (white meat is lean so I can have a second helping without feeling guilty!) :)

    In between all the festivities, make sure to take a moment with your significant other. It’s easy to put romance on the back burner as you’re occupied with other things but that special kiss under the mistletoe is a nice relief from the fast pace of the holiday season. Take a moment for an intimate massage by candlelight, tell them you love them and that you’re thankful you have this amazing person in your life.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, enjoy your time off work and have fun with your family and don’t forget to let some romance sparkle!


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