Missed the New Years Kiss? – Hip Reasons to be Single

    Missed the New Years Kiss? – Hip Reasons to be Single

    The ball is dropping in times square and all the doe-eyed couples and gazing at other about to share the popular first passionate kiss of the new year. It’s a lovely tradition for people in a relationship but for the singletons out there – it’s a gross tradition that makes you feel uncomfortable. You’re standing there like a lonely void in the crowd as eyes are taken off the ball and closed in the moment of a kiss. What do you do? Most singles look at the ground, the ones with voyeuristic tendencies watch the other couples, or maybe you’re scanning the crowd looking for that attractive male who’s all alone too. That would be a nice pick up technique, you instantly know who is single and who is not at the stroke of midnight and chances are if you approach a member of the opposite sex at this time, there will rarely be a rejection! Don’t worry about starting off 2012 flying solo, here are some reasons why it’s hip to be single.


    hip to be single

    Seize the moment of your singledom!


    1.) You’re tied to no one but yourself.
    You’re free to do what you please. No need for compromise with yourself, you can ski, hike, sky dive, cook and never clean. Do what you choose, life is your oyster.


    2.) You don’t need to dress yourself on your day off.
    It’s really nice to lounge e around in the house on your day off, hair messed up, no makeup, pajama bottoms all day long. You don’t need to impress anyone and can safely let it all out!


    3.) It’s fun to put more effort into your looks when you go out.
    If you’re single and always on the market, it’s fun to send that extra half an hour on your hair before you go out. When you’re attachment you’re not trying to woo anyone so it’s easy to let yourself go.


    4.) Have the best sex when you’re solo.
    A savvy chick knows this tip is right around the corner! Yes passionate lovemaking is hot but the best vibrator is even hotter. capable of bringing you to orgasmic fantasy within a minute or so, sometimes even seconds, a rabbit vibrator is your boyfriend and there’s nothing wrong with that. Sex toys for women can be much more enjoyable then a guy but if you don;t believe this statement, by all means you’re invited to contact us so we can set you up with your future joy-toy!


    5.) Put your time to good use.
    Without a significant other taking up your time, you can do some good for the world. Why not volunteer your time to a charity, maybe walk dogs as a local shelter. When you give your time to someone in need, you feel as good as they do at the end of the day.


    6.) Take a course in a topic that interests you.
    Going back to the statement life is your oyster, seize the day by learning something new you’ve always wanted to try. Take a pottery class, learn to paint or salsa dance. When you’re settles in a relationship you won’t have as much time for these sorts of activities and now is the only time you’re allowed to fill your social calendar with things you want to do.


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