History of the Mistletoe

    History of the Mistletoe

    Kissing under the mistletoe is a well-known North American and European tradition originating as an object of ancient folklore. The mistletoe has very interesting botanical properties that will surprise you. Personally when I was researching the history, I discovered an interesting fact that does not seem to match with the obvious interpretation so I’ll start with that.

    It’s quite humorous to discover the mistletoe is in fact an invasive species, a parasite that grows on trees, it reaches it’s roots into the tree and essentially steals the water from the tree. A misogynist may interpret this as kissing under the mistletoe means you’ll get infected from the woman’s charms ad she’ll choke the life out of you. Of course this is not true but it’s what came to mind originally when I first leaned about the botanical properties of this popular holiday plant.

    Now back to reality and the REAL history if the mistletoe. In ancient Greece, it was an aphrodisiac and symbolized fertility which is the real reason for it’s romantic association. The history is probably in line with what you would think – kissing under it symbolizes a lasting marriage and fertility and this is true but the origins are based farther back in time in the folklore days of yore. The Roman festival called Saturnalia which is a festival held during the end of December that is quite similar to Christmas in a few ways such as gift giving, giving thanks for what you have and family celebrations. The main difference? We don’t do the sacrifices anymore, expect some vegetarians may find our turkey eating ritual to be a sacrifice.

    To further emphasize the loving nature of Mistletoe, certain norther European counties associated it with peace, when given as a gift it can smooth over any neighborly conflicts. If you stand under the mistletoe, no harm can come to you, traditionally a woman would stand under it and be approached by the man who would then kiss her, it also assured that they would marry in the year to come.

    These days it still means getting a kiss and it can even mean a little more. When you have your seasoned eggnog in hand and you’re stumbling around a Christmas party, to see a beautiful woman (or man) and lead them under the mistletoe for a kiss, its a perfect way to snag your kiss without having to worry about getting a bad reputation, it’s socially acceptable to pucker up at this time of year and whatever else happens can stay behind closed doors.

    TheĀ  setting of a holiday party under the mistletoe is an excellent starting point for a sexual fantasy or role playing game. You can actually go to a party and pretend you don’t know each other, stand under the mistletoe and pretend to have your first kiss, which is so hot that you can’t keep your hands off each other. Now you’re frantically searching for a dark closet or a bathroom with more space. Hands slip up skirts, down blouses, a passionate embrace fueled by the butterflies of a first time sexual encounter. It’s quite hot! You’re welcome to take that one and live it out, being the frisky girl I am I just may share my full story with you one day, erotic details and all!


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