Hypnotic Audio Stories

    Hypnotic Audio Stories

    Lately when people ask what I do, I’ve said that I produce hypnotic audio stories. But for many of my listeners, a hypnotic audio story can be a deeply erotic experience.

    A few years ago, the idea of virtual reality peaked a lot of interest. People became fascinated by the idea that they could experience an entire adventure (all the sights, sounds and physical sensations) by immersing themselves in a computer program. Computers never quite delivered total immersion, but the human mind always had this ability.

    The human mind has many fascinating abilities, including the ability to trance. Trance enables us to recall more clearly the sights, sounds and feelings we have in our memories. Trance enables us to focus on the moment and shut out distractions, or to step outside of the moment and imagine future possibilities. Trance enables us to lose ourselves in music and story; to sympathize with the characters and feel what they feel. Trance enables us to become sexual aroused and enjoy the sensual pleasures of our bodies. And all of this can be accessed through hypnosis.

    Stories have a special ability to engage our minds. When you read, or hear, a particularly good story, you naturally visualize what the words describe. You see in your mind the people, the places, the action described by the words. To do this, you actually place yourself in a light trance. And when I tell a story with hypnotic language patterns, I help my listener’s go even deeper into a trance; one which enables them to actually feel the physical sensation of kisses and caresses as I describe them.

    For many listeners this provides an opportunity to explore a sexual fantasy in complete safety that they might otherwise be too afraid to experience. You can be seduced by a stranger, tied to the bed and teased to orgasm, be kidnapped and trained as a slave, learn to enjoy fellatio, or even be raped by a demon.

    Hypnotic audio stories also provide an entertaining way to help women overcome sexual inhibitions, and expand their sexuality. Many of my stories include post-hypnotic suggestions and positive affirmations for increased sexual desire and pleasure with real lovers. My recording, The Ultimate Kiss, has helped several women overcome their inhibitions about fellatio. And my upcoming recording, Reorienting, will include suggestions to help shy bi-curious women accept their desire to be with other women and become more open to exploring their desires.

    Hypnotic audio stories offer endless possibilities for exploring and enhancing our sexuality. And I look forward to helping people discover, enjoy, and benefit from this new art form.

    Hypnotic Dreams: Hypnotic Audio Stories for Men and Women


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