Is Oral Sex Real Sex?

    Is Oral Sex Real Sex?

    There seems to be a movement in this recent generation where oral sex is considered part of “making out”. It’s all part of the ever evolving and sex driven trend that our society is facing, it is even considered a replacement by some for actual intercourse. Today we’ll expand on this statement a little more with some facts and food for thought.

    If you’re curious why a sex toy store would be presenting a view point like this, we’re into safe sex and proper education. We want people to have real knowledge about the ramifications of their actions. We’re not dirty sex fiends trying to spread promiscuity around, we’re here to educate, serve and help people have better sex lives however we can’t deny the downside of some sex acts and the problems in our society.

    Many women don’t mind giving men oral sex because it’s a great way not be loose your virginity or to “give it up” to a man she’s not really that interested in. Some women consider it a part of kissing or a modernized version of second base. We’re not all that opposed to this as it is a good form of birth control but there are some downsides to fellatio. The largest being the skyrocketing rate or oral HPV. Some recent reports show oral cancer linked to HPV is up more than 200% in the past 15 years. That’s quite shocking. You many think that teen pregnancies are lowered but that’s also untrue, the USA has twice the rate of unwanted pregnancies as any other industrialized nation.

    When it comes to oral sex, it’s really a personal opinion if you should incorporate it into foreplay or not. Technically it does mean that you didn’t have sexual intercourse which is limited to a penis entering the vagina so it’s like a big loophole in the moral standing. If you’re going to enjoy oral sex then we always say you should use a condom.

    Sexually transmitted diseases are of real concern, there are ads on Television in Canada for syphilis. It’s becoming a widespread epidemic and of major concern because the virus is becoming immune to the medicine. This is a big problem but it seems that many people don’t care. The approach to STD’s is “I can take come Medicine and make it go away” but what happens after the virus is rampant and medication does not work anymore? We’re coming to that real soon.


    Condoms for Safe Sex

    Oral sex or real sex? Regardless of what you choose, always wear a condom.


    The days of courting and kissing are long over, unfortunately some women feel the need to perform oral sex to make the man like her and get her noticed. A good way to raise pre teens is to tell them that the girl that gives it up all the time is mocked behind her back. Think if it this way – if you want a type of candy but can’t get it, you want it more. You think about it even more. It’s always on your mind. A girl giving up her virginity or even oral sex in this case is so common, that type of candy is eaten every day without given a second thought.

    If you refrain from oral sex or intercourse and keep your legs closed you will evolve a certain mystique around you, you’ll be different when other girls. Gus will respect you. We’re not one to give out parenting tips, but this stance is a really good once and in our opinion parents should talk about sex and respect with their teenagers and perhaps an epidemic can be avoided by a little interactive talking and some helpful guidance.

    The conclusion that could be made is that oral sex is not real sex in the dictionary definition. Oral sex can be grouped into real sex because of the intensity of the act and the risk it carries. A popular sex therapist has an article and they share the same stance as we do on this, in fact our article was inspired by her works. Isadora Alman is a Board-certified sex, marriage, and family therapist, lecturer, author, and syndicated advice columnist who is a friend of ours and works with us, we respect her work and some of her sexuality articles can be found here:

    We think that a one night stand is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact you’ll probably run into an article writing about tips on getting the most of of a one-time encounter. Once in a while it’s fun to be really naughty but it’s very important to protect yourself. You have to make right decisions and personal restraint is always important. Pick and choose who your sex partners are, something you don’t have as often is better anyway, you’ll enjoy it more. The closing statement is that whichever route you choose, the most important thing is to take care of yourself. Remember to respect yourself, keep your dignity and always wear a condom.


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