Obsession with Butterfly Vibrators

    Obsession with Butterfly Vibrators

    We often get calls from customers asking if we have butterfly vibrators for sale. We reply with the question “What type of butterfly vibrator are youStrap on Butterfly Vibrator looking for?” and it’s most often followed by a curious pause.

    It seems like this is one of those terms that has been launched into popularity by general media and perhaps word of mouth. Today we’re going to set the record straight about this style of well hyped female sex toy.

    The reason that a butterfly is an commonly used character in sex toy designs is the physical aspects of it’s body. If you think of how a butterfly looks, it has a blunt rounded body, a curved nose and thinner wings on each side. Now take this shape and place it over a woman’s privates.

    It’s more then just a coincidence, the butterfly’s body fits right into the space between the labia, the curved butterfly nose lays over the clitoris and the wings spread over top of the lips. It’s like a ying and yang symbol, all the parts just fit right together.

    Tiny Butterfly VibratorProbably the most common butterfly vibe is the strap on style that a woman wears. We suggest these primarily as a sex aid for couples to be used during sexual intercourse.

    With the way they fit, there will always be access to the vagina since the butterfly sits higher up on the pelvis. When a woman has this subtle pressure and vibration externally over the lips and touching of the clitoris, it’s quite an enhancement to the penetration from her partner.

    Additionally, she is free to move as she pleases without readjusting because the vibrator has straps around the waist and thighs keeping it right in place. Some women purchase a butterfly vibe expecting an impressive hands-free climax, only to be disappointed upon first use.

    We have to mention the truth that strap on vibrators will never give you an orgasm, it’s pretty much impossible because the vibration is never strong enough and the pressure on the clitoris is never firm enough. Make sure you’re aware of the purpose – it’s a sex Silicone Butterfly Vibratoraid for couples only.

    Manufacturers also know the raging popularity of the butterfly as a phallic object and as a result, there are some vaginal vibrators that are created with a butterfly which acts as the clitoral stimulator with the same result as a rabbit. If you were to ask us which is the best vibrator, we would always answer the rabbit is better.

    With all that aside, it’s great that there are so many phallic animals to make cute vibrators with character, it’s a great ice breaker for the first timer and when it comes to body dimensions, some critters are just meant to fit with the intimate features on a woman’s body – or maybe that’s just our minds in the gutter!


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