Sex Toys we Would Never Sell

Today’s post is very interesting as you don’t usually hear about this side of the adult business.

We’re going to back up one of our claims: That we actually take time to select the toys we sell and we don’t just include every item on a manufacturer’s catalog. Some stores do, they claim to be the largest retailer with over 20,000 adult products. We don’t want to be that guy. We want to be smaller, we want to have only a select few items.

Sometimes it’s not good to be the mega store because it causes confusion. The reality is that out of the 4 major manufacturers, each one has copied each other’s products. Additionally there is a big handful of smaller manufactures trying to break into this market and they offer variations of the exact same thing and some sex toys are just plain bad.

It’s really easy to get confused as to which product is better, even sometimes we have trouble picking items to to sell on the website. We order a shipment of items with potential, test them out, look at them and analyze it to see if it’s worthy of being sold. In each batch of items ordered, there is always a dud or two.


Here are 2 examples of “duds” that we would never dream of selling to prove that we have strict standards and only choose the best sex toys:


1.) A bad masturbator.

Bad Masturbator

Masturbator misses the mark.

This one is for men, it sticks to the wall with a suction cup and the penis is to be inserted into the pussy opening on the front. The concept is very good, vibrators with suction cups are very popular so naturally we would assume a masturbator with suction cup would be a popular selling toy for men.

There is a massive flaw in the design however that caused this one to be discarded. Everything was great during the trial run, it stayed stuck to the wall very well and offered an enjoyable sensation to the user. The flaw came after the toy was used.

Every sex toy needs to be cleaned and when it came time to rinse this one out, we noticed that the pussy face was not sealed to the cannister. This resulted in about a half a cup of water getting into between the tube and the cannister. It would swish around into the sleeve and it was virtually impossible to get all the water out. After about 2 or 3 uses it would start to grow mold on the inside and this is obviously a concern. This unique masturbator had a great concept but poor execution and was tossed away.


2.) A poor vibrator.

Bad Vibrator

A good idea gone bad.

Another adult product that missed the mark was this glass vibrator. Glass sex toys are very popular and we were quite excited when it was released a few months ago. The color is great, the size is small and the price was right for the consumer. The glass is actually a hollow sleeve that slips over top of the plastic vibrator.

The big flaw becomes obvious when the vibrator is turned on, the motion of the plastic vibe rattled so loudly against the glass sleeve, it was the loudest most distracting and unpleasant noise we’ve ever heard from a sex toy!

There is a tiny rubber band that comes with it so we tried to move it up the shaft near the top before sliding over the glass sleeve hoping it would prevent the 2 parts from hitting each other. It did not work, we tried to tamper with it in a few different ways but to no avail. Once again an incredible concept with poor execution. We’re still on the lookout for a glass vibrator that doesn’t rattle and have come across a few that are a one piece unit which seems to be the key.


Every week we add new sex toys to the index and after reading these two failed attempts you can see that we care about the toys we feature and although our selection is not as large as some other stores, it’s easier to purchase with confidence because you know that someone tried out the models and they all passed the quality test.


Bondage Made Easy

We don’t claim to be the leader in bondage supplies, in fact we consider ourselves to be lackluster in that department but that’s a deliberate business choice we’ve made. Considering our customer base of  thirty-something and middle aged couples, it’s better not to add anything too freaky to our catalog.

Some bondage toys seem so severe that we even may loose staff members if they had to talk people through some strange activities that make us feel uncomfortable. This may leave you wondering why we even have bondage gear at all then?

Taking an extreme vanilla stance we really believe that trying light BDSM can really enhance your sex life. If you’re unsure of exactly what you should be doing when you open your package with handcuffs and a whip we’ll make it easy for you by outlining some really good starting points for your first BDSM experience together.


Bondage Toys


1.) Set your scene.

If the thought of being tied up is a turn on, get some restraints. If you think you’d like to punish your better half or ask them “who’s your daddy?”  in the heat of passion, perhaps a whip may suit your taste. The other additives like nipple clamps and blindfold can suit any scene but in order to purchase the right items you will want to imagine exactly what your session will be like. If you can get your mind into the motion then it will be easy to roll with the punches.


2.) Go shopping.

Get the type of toys that suit your scene you’ve made in your head. Most of the time a first timer will have limited role play ideas as you improvise with each other to fit into your roles and this is okay, it’s better to begin gently anyway and you can both grow together as each encounter gets a little more ramped up. All items are listed in the bondage toys category. If you’ve been around the block a few times perhaps the next step would be to purchase a ball gag for example.


3.) Role play.

Quite often bondage is more enjoyable when you’re pretending to be someone else. At least imagine you’re your own mirrored super-self that has a double life. A fetish fantasy such as this is easier to let inhibitions go. Stepping out of your personal convictions just a little bit is necessary but if you can’t manage to let go then imagining you’re a different  person is very helpful.


4.) Blind and restrain.

It may seem cliche but it’s a real stereotype that is deserved. A blindfold and pair of handcuffs can take you very far in your play. Keeping sight withheld is the best way to heighten all other sensations and it really works. This is one of those tips that you may have heard before but you’ll never really understand until you give it a try. Handcuffs, ropes and ankle cuffs are the submissive and dominant dream which is really important. It’s hard to play together in this way if you can’t tie up your partner so we highly suggest restraints of any kind.


5.) Have a sense of humor.

Bondage doesn’t have a reputation of being funny but we think it’s so important to approach it in a light-hearted way. The first few times around you’ll most likely have some silly sayings, you’ll hit a roadblock where you don’t know what to do nest or you’ll get tied up in the wrong way, trip etc. These are just a few examples of what could and probably will go wrong but don’t let it distract you, approach the whole session with a sense of humor and playful mind so you can improvise your way through and make it enjoyable. Don’t place to high of standards on your new BDSM life just go with the flow and each time you play it will get more in sync with your partner and the game you’re enjoying together.



Is Oral Sex Real Sex?

There seems to be a movement in this recent generation where oral sex is considered part of “making out”. It’s all part of the ever evolving and sex driven trend that our society is facing, it is even considered a replacement by some for actual intercourse. Today we’ll expand on this statement a little more with some facts and food for thought.

If you’re curious why a sex toy store would be presenting a view point like this, we’re into safe sex and proper education. We want people to have real knowledge about the ramifications of their actions. We’re not dirty sex fiends trying to spread promiscuity around, we’re here to educate, serve and help people have better sex lives however we can’t deny the downside of some sex acts and the problems in our society.

Many women don’t mind giving men oral sex because it’s a great way not be loose your virginity or to “give it up” to a man she’s not really that interested in. Some women consider it a part of kissing or a modernized version of second base. We’re not all that opposed to this as it is a good form of birth control but there are some downsides to fellatio. The largest being the skyrocketing rate or oral HPV. Some recent reports show oral cancer linked to HPV is up more than 200% in the past 15 years. That’s quite shocking. You many think that teen pregnancies are lowered but that’s also untrue, the USA has twice the rate of unwanted pregnancies as any other industrialized nation.

When it comes to oral sex, it’s really a personal opinion if you should incorporate it into foreplay or not. Technically it does mean that you didn’t have sexual intercourse which is limited to a penis entering the vagina so it’s like a big loophole in the moral standing. If you’re going to enjoy oral sex then we always say you should use a condom.

Sexually transmitted diseases are of real concern, there are ads on Television in Canada for syphilis. It’s becoming a widespread epidemic and of major concern because the virus is becoming immune to the medicine. This is a big problem but it seems that many people don’t care. The approach to STD’s is “I can take come Medicine and make it go away” but what happens after the virus is rampant and medication does not work anymore? We’re coming to that real soon.


Condoms for Safe Sex

Oral sex or real sex? Regardless of what you choose, always wear a condom.


The days of courting and kissing are long over, unfortunately some women feel the need to perform oral sex to make the man like her and get her noticed. A good way to raise pre teens is to tell them that the girl that gives it up all the time is mocked behind her back. Think if it this way – if you want a type of candy but can’t get it, you want it more. You think about it even more. It’s always on your mind. A girl giving up her virginity or even oral sex in this case is so common, that type of candy is eaten every day without given a second thought.

If you refrain from oral sex or intercourse and keep your legs closed you will evolve a certain mystique around you, you’ll be different when other girls. Gus will respect you. We’re not one to give out parenting tips, but this stance is a really good once and in our opinion parents should talk about sex and respect with their teenagers and perhaps an epidemic can be avoided by a little interactive talking and some helpful guidance.

The conclusion that could be made is that oral sex is not real sex in the dictionary definition. Oral sex can be grouped into real sex because of the intensity of the act and the risk it carries. A popular sex therapist has an article and they share the same stance as we do on this, in fact our article was inspired by her works. Isadora Alman is a Board-certified sex, marriage, and family therapist, lecturer, author, and syndicated advice columnist who is a friend of ours and works with us, we respect her work and some of her sexuality articles can be found here:

We think that a one night stand is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact you’ll probably run into an article writing about tips on getting the most of of a one-time encounter. Once in a while it’s fun to be really naughty but it’s very important to protect yourself. You have to make right decisions and personal restraint is always important. Pick and choose who your sex partners are, something you don’t have as often is better anyway, you’ll enjoy it more. The closing statement is that whichever route you choose, the most important thing is to take care of yourself. Remember to respect yourself, keep your dignity and always wear a condom.


How to Make Dildo Boots

Back in May 2011, there was an episode of American Idol where the editors had some extra work to do on Lady Gaga’s outfit. It went by unnoticed by the masses but a few people took notice, especially the tabloids. The over-the-top modern day shock rocker made underground headlines once again for her out-there fashion sense.

Even if you watched that episode of American idol, chances are you wouldn’t have seen this odd ensemble anyway because every time it was in view there was a “perfectly placed” American Idol logo over, or some say blurring, like they do when they want to hide a brand name’s logo on a t-shirt that hasn’t been a sponsor of the show. If you have no idea what we’re talking about you’re probably really curious so we’ll spill the beans. Lady Gaga wore dildo boots.

Normally when a sex toy makes it mainstream, there is a flood of new releases proudly labeled “As Seen on TV” the best example being the Sex and the City Jack Rabbit Vibrator which is still a very famous sex toy even today. We looked for dildo boots for sale but to no avail. Enough time as passed where we doubt they’ll be made so here are instructions on how to make your own dildo boots. Plus it’s right in time as you’re probably thinking about sexy and risque Halloween costume ideas.


Lady Gaga's Dildo Boots

Lady Gaga's Dildo Boots - Make your own homemade version.


1.) Find the boots and do some math.

Buy the boots first, preferably stilettos. What we mean by “do some math” is you’ll need to calculate the height of the heel and compare it to the height of the dildo. Average dildo size is 6 inches but if you’re not into 6 inch heels, you may become crafty and get a saw to cut the dildo down. (That is only if you don’t buy a glass one, see the following tip for details).

The boots will need to have a wedge-type heel so that you’ll be able to connect the dildo base with the heel. Average dildo width is 1 1/2 inches. This measurement may be difficult to compromise with so we insist on the importance of a wider heel.

2.) Buy the right dildo.

Watch what the dildo is made of. Wouldn’t you look silly if you stepped into your boots for the first time only to have the heel collapse and you twist your ankle. Now that would be a funny emergency room visit.

We like a glass dildo, that’s probably what Gaga used on her boots since you can notice it’s clear and there is a swirl inside. This usually is characteristic of a Pyrex glass dildo and this would make the most sense since this style is by far the most solid. You’re not going to be able to saw down glass so what you see is what you get. Make sure the glass has a flattened bottom so you can glue it to the heel.

The Blue Swirl Glass Dildo is our favorite for this arts and crafts project, it’s very fashionable, it has a flat bottom and a penis shape which will surely get people cocking an eyebrow at your unconventional style. This one has blue swirls whereas Gaga’s had white swirls. These stand out better and would look great with a patent leather or PVC boot. If you’re feeling way frisky you can spring for a rubber penis but realistically you won’t be able to walk as good with it.

3.) Get the right tools.

You’ll need to remove the heel from the boot. An electric jig saw may work best. You may need to file the rest to make it level. Next is the glue. Rhino Glue makes some great claims by stating it’s used in glass manufacturing and shoe repair, this claim seems perfectly suited for this project. Glue and clamp preferably overnight to give the strongest connection.

4.) Get the right outfit.

You’ll nee something wacky, loud and sexy to blend with the boots. Maybe a dominatrix outfit or why not go right to the source and get a lady gaga costume? We’re sure your local costume shop has plenty of these in stock now.

It’s no coincidence this was released right in time for Halloween, hopefully we have just inspired you to take the greatest costume idea ever made and bring it to life for your adult Halloween party. If you have taken our advice and made your own pair of dildo boots, please email us a photo or leave a comment below and show us the picture. We’d love to see your creation.



Real Sex Education

You’ll never find real sex education in high school or college. Sure you’ll learn anatomy and maybe how to put on a condom and quite often this lesson will quickly be shelved when the parents find out.

The real sex education comes from the school of hard knocks, life experiences and magazines. Cosmopolitan magazine for women and Maxim magazine for men seems to be the industry leaders when it comes to sex tips and advice.

I’ve read both publications quite frequently, being a past subscriber to Cosmo and Maxim was always the coffee table book of choice for my college guy friends. It’s always been interesting how each magazine writes it’s sex articles and suggestions to impress the opposite sex from each point of view.

Couple kissing

First we’ll analyze the advice found in Cosmopolitan. Most women readers would agree they’ve incorporated some foreplay advice and most tips have actually worked out quite well. Sometimes though they really miss the mark. Here’s a popular article called Cosmo’s 20 Favorite Sex Tips Ever.

The first tip called Randy Rub-a-Dub-Dub suggests taking a bath together.

If you look at the most common size dimension for an American a bathtub, is 5′ x 30″. If you compare this number with the average height of a man in the United States, 5′ 9″ and the average height of a woman is 5′ 3″.

With a quick mathematical calculation, you can plainly see that taking a bath together is far from romantic – it’s a pretzel puzzle and an awkward experience. You’ll need a hot tub or large jacuzzi to make it effective.

The man’s magazine on the other hand may suggest drawing a bath and filling it with rose petals but only the woman gets in. The guy will sit outside of the tub and massage her shoulders. Much smarter.

In tip number 5 called Putting on the Ritz, it suggests removing all the family photos and buying new bed sheets. If a woman actually thinks a guy will notice that – maybe she needs to pick up a Maxim magazine. We’re not against this tip at all, we just think that it’s for the woman only.

Guys don’t care about the setting, they care about you. Perhaps if you left up your family photos and spent more time applying pheromone infused vanilla scented body lotion you’d get more of a rise of of him – no pun intended of course.

The point we’re trying to get across is that you have to think about these suggestions and don’t expect too much. Most often they will end up being silly, like if they say put an ice cube in your mouth. Yes, it’s en erotic feeling but not that erotic to look at, she’ll look like a squirrel with a walnut in her mouth and once the cube starts to melt expect a runny mess everywhere.

The real point is that it’s great to try something new, in fact we really encourage it but you have to approach almost every new idea with a sense of humor. Being able to look at any situation in a lighthearted manner and not being too serious is a real turn on for both guys and girls.

If we were to write a sex tip, it would be to laugh and play silly. You’ll loose the passionate aspect that Cosmo magazine says is so important but who cares, to be able to laugh is sexy in itself. It will really be a night to remember in a very original way. If a girl is with a guy and she makes him laugh even in bed trying some silly tip, chances are this encounter will be remembered over all other serious lovers.

If you want a further breakdown of  magazine sex tips and their actual results, here is a perfect sex tips article courtesy of Maxim which has test drive reports on how some wacky suggestions actually worked out. Take a look and please feel free to comment on what you think.


Quick Lubrication Lesson

A smooth glide can make all the difference to your sexual pleasure. Most women at some point in time will experience vaginal dryness and there are many causes, it can be as simple as stress from work, hormone imbalance or medications such as decongestants that reduce nasal mucous – and it also affects the vagina. Symptoms such as itchiness are prevalent and sexual intercourse is often painful or very uncomfortable. Adding lubrication is one of the best ways to get the glide required to immerse yourself into the mood and to feel good.


Are big brands better?

In America, there are 2 brands that are immediately recognizable by most people, they are Astroglide and ID lubricants. These are high quality formulas but they are popular mainly because of the companies larger advertising and marketing budgets, however some of the smaller brands are just as good. Some swear on these big 2 brands but we’ve taken some little unknown products for a test drive and were pleasantly surprised with the results.


Aloe Cadabra personal lubricant

Organic plant based lubricant.


A new up and coming personal lubricant is called Aloe Cadabra. Making the push towards body safe ingredients, this one is 95 percent plant based organic ingredients so it’s a better natural option. It features food grade ingredients which are all non toxic and approved for human consumption so you know it’s safe to use during sexual intercourse.

It’s a thicker gel, think of Aloe Vera right from the plant – it has the same consistency. We enjoy this because it’s not runny and won’t drip. We think this new name is going to be very big, very soon and are proud to be one of the first retailers to offer this exciting new product for sale.


Water Based vs. Silicone

Silicone or petroleum based lubricants fit into the same category. They should never be used for anal use and we suggest it should be only for external masturbation. The reason is these liquids are not water soluble. If you use it underwater, it stays on the skin. The only way to get it off it to wash with soap and water, it’s never a good idea to put soap into the vagina as it can cause a natural bacteria imbalance and other health problems such as a yeast infection.

Silicone is excellent for male masturbation as it will never absorb into the skin unlike water based lubricants. If you’re using lube for sexual intercourse or using with sex toys, always choose water based lubricants.



Are cheap sex toys really a bargain?

“Cheap sex toys” is a common search keyword that’s used but do you really know what you’re buying? There are 2 definitions of the term “cheap”, first is low priced, second is low quality. We’re about to discover if these two descriptions go hand in hand when it comes to sex toys and adult products in general.

We’ll start with vibrators. We’ll discount tiny vibrators because it’s obvious they will be cheaper because they’re smaller. To make an accurate account, we have to compare apples with apples, so to speak. All things considered, the Turbo Glider is the cheapest vibrator we have for sale. Let’s compare it to a similar vibrator that’s more expensive like the Bathtub Buddy. Both vibrators are solid and they vibrate relatively equally in terms of strength and they are both waterproof.

Comparing 2 vibrators


There are 2 main differences: First the Bathtub buddy has a thin rubber coating on the top which warms it up a little bit, the Raspberry is plastic which is solid too but it’s a little colder then rubber. Also rubber feels softer to the touch. The other main different lies inside where we cannot see. The Raspberry is loud, the metal tip that spins inside rattles the batteries in the compartment because they have a looser fit.

The bathtub buddy’s interior compartment fits around the batteries much closer and the metal spinning head inside doesn’t create as much noise because the wires and cords are sheltered from each other and the casing, resulting in a more quiet operation. This is the real difference between cheap and moderately priced sex toys.

In conclusion, cheaper vibrators usually rattle more and moderately priced vibrators are better made inside resulting in more silence. You may have noticed we mentioned specifically “moderately priced” because you don’t need to slip into expensive territory to get a quiet vibrators. We suggest a price point of 20 dollars and up if silence is a must-have for you.

Cheap masturbators are all about he material it’s made with. Jelly is cheap, silicone is more expensive. Hard rubber is cheap, soft rubber is more expensive. Here’s a secret: jelly is just as good as silicone. If you’re shopping for a masturbation sleeve, you can get a very cheap one and it will still feel good.

Cheap Masturbator

Cheap masturbators still feel good, it's OK to buy.

A thicker padded sleeve costs more money and will feel better but the thin ones will still feel good. Bottom line is it’s okay to cheap out on a masturbation sleeve. A pocket pussy is a whole different story. We avoid selling the 15 dollar pocket pussies because these are hard rubber often too scratchy and sometimes you won’t even be able to fit your penis inside. Our cheapest pocket pussies start at about 30 dollars or so and these are all soft.

Cheap massage products often contain lots of sugar to sweeten them, sugar is a very inexpensive additive. The result is a sticky back however if you’re planning on jumping into the tub or shower together then save yourself some money and get the basic version. If you’re looking for a real honest sensual massage then splurge a little and get something with higher quality. Prices vary because the bottle size varies so you’ll have to read the description to get an indication of the quality. Words like “basic” indicate a more sugary formula.

Clitoral stimulators range in price but not as much as vibrators so it’s easier to splurge a little in this department. Higher prices always seems to correlate with stronger vibration. Silicone is also more expensive. If you want pure power then the higher priced bullet will deliver (Turbo Accelerator) but a moderately priced bullet is plenty powerful enough for pretty much every women to experience a clitoral orgasm.

Bondage is a tricky department because it seems mostly overpriced for what you get. We have searched for better quality and lower priced bondage toys you won’t find hundred dollar handcuffs in our store mainly because we offer “vanilla” choices but even the experienced enjoy these more basic piece, we have BDSM and dominatrix product reviewers that have taken home some of our bondage toys and they see the value in the price point we have and have all commented that for the average person, our selection well suit everyone’s needs just fine.

The conclusion to be made is that really cheap sex toys are noisy sometimes to the point of complete distraction. You’ll want to get a better step up in quality so in the end you’ll end up purchasing 2 vibrators. Skip yourself the irritation and spend a little more and get it right the first time. You do get what you pay for but we need to stress you don’t need to spend a fortune either, middle-priced sex toys are the ideal range to be. Luckily, that’s most of what we offer for sale. Happy shopping!


Obsession with Butterfly Vibrators

We often get calls from customers asking if we have butterfly vibrators for sale. We reply with the question “What type of butterfly vibrator are youStrap on Butterfly Vibrator looking for?” and it’s most often followed by a curious pause.

It seems like this is one of those terms that has been launched into popularity by general media and perhaps word of mouth. Today we’re going to set the record straight about this style of well hyped female sex toy.

The reason that a butterfly is an commonly used character in sex toy designs is the physical aspects of it’s body. If you think of how a butterfly looks, it has a blunt rounded body, a curved nose and thinner wings on each side. Now take this shape and place it over a woman’s privates.

It’s more then just a coincidence, the butterfly’s body fits right into the space between the labia, the curved butterfly nose lays over the clitoris and the wings spread over top of the lips. It’s like a ying and yang symbol, all the parts just fit right together.

Tiny Butterfly VibratorProbably the most common butterfly vibe is the strap on style that a woman wears. We suggest these primarily as a sex aid for couples to be used during sexual intercourse.

With the way they fit, there will always be access to the vagina since the butterfly sits higher up on the pelvis. When a woman has this subtle pressure and vibration externally over the lips and touching of the clitoris, it’s quite an enhancement to the penetration from her partner.

Additionally, she is free to move as she pleases without readjusting because the vibrator has straps around the waist and thighs keeping it right in place. Some women purchase a butterfly vibe expecting an impressive hands-free climax, only to be disappointed upon first use.

We have to mention the truth that strap on vibrators will never give you an orgasm, it’s pretty much impossible because the vibration is never strong enough and the pressure on the clitoris is never firm enough. Make sure you’re aware of the purpose – it’s a sex Silicone Butterfly Vibratoraid for couples only.

Manufacturers also know the raging popularity of the butterfly as a phallic object and as a result, there are some vaginal vibrators that are created with a butterfly which acts as the clitoral stimulator with the same result as a rabbit. If you were to ask us which is the best vibrator, we would always answer the rabbit is better.

With all that aside, it’s great that there are so many phallic animals to make cute vibrators with character, it’s a great ice breaker for the first timer and when it comes to body dimensions, some critters are just meant to fit with the intimate features on a woman’s body – or maybe that’s just our minds in the gutter!


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