Rabbit Vibrators Outside the Box

    Rabbit Vibrators Outside the Box

    Rabbits and sex toys have been best buddies for a few decades. The Ying of the rounded clitoris sticking up like a rock in a waterfall and the Yang of the heavily indented twin ears fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

    Assuming you’re already aware of a rabbit vibrator‘s effect on female sexual response we won’t go there but we’ll highlight some other unknown inventions. The lovely little lagomorphs are excellent representatives for adult toys because of the term “f*ck like rabbits* which they do. I actually have proof of this, a real life analogy.

    A long time ago I had a rabbit named Cookie. My friend had a rabbit names Princess. We gave them a play date, supervised the whole time. They got along very well frolicking and bantering in the living room. A mere 30 days later, I went to feed Cookie only to notice something peculiar going on in her cage.

    Upon closer inspection, there were tiny naked bodies writhing underneath her… I immediately called my friend and asked him to change his loyal pet’s name, Princess no longer applies as it was obviously a male and somehow impregnated my female. The conclusion to be made is the bunnies were playing, no one got humped and we did not witness any sex happening, so the phrase about rabbits having on overly active sex life is very true!

    Different kind of rabbit sex toys.

    Before we bore you with the same vibrators you’ve always seen, here are a few that are unusual with a similar purpose, the vibrating rabbit ring has those double ears, double vibrators to double your sexual pleasure. Does it work? You bet, although the guy may find the vibration too intense, she will enjoy the ears. The secret to making this one successful is not to thrust to quickly, it’s for stationary sex to enjoy the full effect.

    Clitoral stimulators got into the mix too, a softer version for nice girls called the Bunny or quite the opposite is a brisk solid one that almost can’t pass as a clitoral stimulator as it’s much bigger with fancy Vivid colors. These may be considered far fetched but the makers of these adult products are smart. They acknowledge the rabbit’s popularity so riding the coat tails there are a few products like this that are crafted with the familiar figure to sell more toys.

    A glowing example has got to be the rabbit strap on harness, honestly who would have ever though of that idea? Some creative guy somewhere, we give him props. This one is quite humorous, the bullet has a rabbit sticking out of the top which serves practically no purpose at all, some some woman somewhere will screech “ooh look at the cute little fella”.
    Strap on Rabbit Harness and Vibrator
    Strap on butterfly vibrators are somewhat popular too, but have you ever considered the strap on bunny vibrator? Another far fetched creation desperately attempting to grasp at straws however we’ll still give it brownie points for a cool form. Remote control vibrators need to be married to a jack rabbit for full effect, creating a mish-mash of technology and classical shape. This one ranks quite high in the monetary scale however there is a cheap rabbit vibrator or two that’s a savings grace for women without a massive budget but who still appreciate a good orgasm in the morning.

    Finally this post can’t exist without touching on the best selling jack rabbit vibrator of all time. The good ol’ dependable waterproof stiffly built model with rotating beads, firm ears, clitoral vibration you know, all the good stuff that a female sex toy should have. If there is any product to purchase from today’s suggestions this one would have to win, hands down without even considering the others. That’s my personal opinion having tried all of these (yay the perks of working at a sex shop!)


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