Real Sex Education

    Real Sex Education

    You’ll never find real sex education in high school or college. Sure you’ll learn anatomy and maybe how to put on a condom and quite often this lesson will quickly be shelved when the parents find out.

    The real sex education comes from the school of hard knocks, life experiences and magazines. Cosmopolitan magazine for women and Maxim magazine for men seems to be the industry leaders when it comes to sex tips and advice.

    I’ve read both publications quite frequently, being a past subscriber to Cosmo and Maxim was always the coffee table book of choice for my college guy friends. It’s always been interesting how each magazine writes it’s sex articles and suggestions to impress the opposite sex from each point of view.

    Couple kissing

    First we’ll analyze the advice found in Cosmopolitan. Most women readers would agree they’ve incorporated some foreplay advice and most tips have actually worked out quite well. Sometimes though they really miss the mark. Here’s a popular article called Cosmo’s 20 Favorite Sex Tips Ever.

    The first tip called Randy Rub-a-Dub-Dub suggests taking a bath together.

    If you look at the most common size dimension for an American a bathtub, is 5′ x 30″. If you compare this number with the average height of a man in the United States, 5′ 9″ and the average height of a woman is 5′ 3″.

    With a quick mathematical calculation, you can plainly see that taking a bath together is far from romantic – it’s a pretzel puzzle and an awkward experience. You’ll need a hot tub or large jacuzzi to make it effective.

    The man’s magazine on the other hand may suggest drawing a bath and filling it with rose petals but only the woman gets in. The guy will sit outside of the tub and massage her shoulders. Much smarter.

    In tip number 5 called Putting on the Ritz, it suggests removing all the family photos and buying new bed sheets. If a woman actually thinks a guy will notice that – maybe she needs to pick up a Maxim magazine. We’re not against this tip at all, we just think that it’s for the woman only.

    Guys don’t care about the setting, they care about you. Perhaps if you left up your family photos and spent more time applying pheromone infused vanilla scented body lotion you’d get more of a rise of of him – no pun intended of course.

    The point we’re trying to get across is that you have to think about these suggestions and don’t expect too much. Most often they will end up being silly, like if they say put an ice cube in your mouth. Yes, it’s en erotic feeling but not that erotic to look at, she’ll look like a squirrel with a walnut in her mouth and once the cube starts to melt expect a runny mess everywhere.

    The real point is that it’s great to try something new, in fact we really encourage it but you have to approach almost every new idea with a sense of humor. Being able to look at any situation in a lighthearted manner and not being too serious is a real turn on for both guys and girls.

    If we were to write a sex tip, it would be to laugh and play silly. You’ll loose the passionate aspect that Cosmo magazine says is so important but who cares, to be able to laugh is sexy in itself. It will really be a night to remember in a very original way. If a girl is with a guy and she makes him laugh even in bed trying some silly tip, chances are this encounter will be remembered over all other serious lovers.

    If you want a further breakdown of  magazine sex tips and their actual results, here is a perfect sex tips article courtesy of Maxim which has test drive reports on how some wacky suggestions actually worked out. Take a look and please feel free to comment on what you think.


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