Science Behind the Foot Fetish

    Science Behind the Foot Fetish

    A foot fetish is one of the most common sexual fetishes apart from genitalia. For the analytical mind, you may wonder why feet are a target after all they are dirty, smelly and abused as we walk around with them stuffed tightly into a dark musty shoe all day long so what’s the sexual allure?


    Neuroscientists & Acupressurists Perspectives

    A very interesting study was done by a curiousĀ neuroscientist named Vilanayar Ramachandran who discovered a connection between feet and genitals as they’re mapped in the same area in the brain. Further detailed results can be found in this article about why do people have foot fetishes. It’s quite eye-opening and it really does make sense!

    Another possibility that I suggest is the link between acupressure and the genitals. If you study pressure points on the foot, there is a link between certain foot massage techniques and sexual arousal although some may argue it’s because you’ve made the person relaxed and now they are more receptive to sexual arousal, others debate that there is scientific merit to all of this. There are many sources citing libido enhancement using acupressure which helps to harness energy flow. We’re not talking “old hippy wives-tales” type of remedies rather these holistic treatments are producing valid study results in the new-age era. It’s a more popular way for couples to connect, to reach beyond simple foreplay and sex you’re sharing an entirely different kind of passion, one that reaches into the psyche and soul.


    Foot Sensitivity

    Perhaps another reason for this peculiar but popular fetish is the sensitivity of the feet. Going back to their dirty purpose, a foot is not usually pampered (outside of a pedicure). If you have never had your toes sucked before you’re really in for a treat. It’s a highly sensitive tingling feeling; men probably like the woman’s reaction, getting her all squeamy on the bed. As for the ladies perspective, getting attention away from the sexual hot spots shows that he likes to pay attention to her and her pleasure matters. Sort of like embracing every womanly inch of her body and treating her like a temple or a Goddess – sounds good doesn’t it ladies ? ;)


    Bringing Foot Fetish into Reality.

    There used to be a foot masturbator for men of two feet together. The penis was inserted into the hole between the ankles. We offered this one for sale as a test to see if it would be an item we should carry, even though a foot fetish is so popular, men don’t want to buy a masturbator shaped like a foot and as a result, it had a very temporarily lifespan on our stock room!

    Foot Fetish

    This was actually a masturbator for men - as you may think it was not a popular seller!


    Foot Techniques and Foreplay.

    In some future lesson regarding new foreplay techniques I will make sure to mention toe sucking however most people may shun this and never give it a try. I am sort of on this side myself – I do think it’s not very appealing maybe it’s the self consciousness coming out worrying that my toes are smelly when he’s sucking on them. I would only suggest trying this in the bath or a jacuzzi especially for the first time. I speak from personal experience when a boyfriend a long time ago sucked on my toes, he asked me first which was probably a wise thing to do and then I hesitantly said yes. It tickled so much I did not find it arousing at all but it was very playful and to be silly and playful is a real turn-on so I was aroused, indirectly.

    I’m not into foot fetishes myself and certainly don’t condone it but want to present the scientific reason behind this weird focus – when you read the two links I provided you’ll probably lean something new, I did!


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