Sex Toys we Would Never Sell

    Sex Toys we Would Never Sell

    Today’s post is very interesting as you don’t usually hear about this side of the adult business.

    We’re going to back up one of our claims: That we actually take time to select the toys we sell and we don’t just include every item on a manufacturer’s catalog. Some stores do, they claim to be the largest retailer with over 20,000 adult products. We don’t want to be that guy. We want to be smaller, we want to have only a select few items.

    Sometimes it’s not good to be the mega store because it causes confusion. The reality is that out of the 4 major manufacturers, each one has copied each other’s products. Additionally there is a big handful of smaller manufactures trying to break into this market and they offer variations of the exact same thing and some sex toys are just plain bad.

    It’s really easy to get confused as to which product is better, even sometimes we have trouble picking items to to sell on the website. We order a shipment of items with potential, test them out, look at them and analyze it to see if it’s worthy of being sold. In each batch of items ordered, there is always a dud or two.


    Here are 2 examples of “duds” that we would never dream of selling to prove that we have strict standards and only choose the best sex toys:


    1.) A bad masturbator.

    Bad Masturbator

    Masturbator misses the mark.

    This one is for men, it sticks to the wall with a suction cup and the penis is to be inserted into the pussy opening on the front. The concept is very good, vibrators with suction cups are very popular so naturally we would assume a masturbator with suction cup would be a popular selling toy for men.

    There is a massive flaw in the design however that caused this one to be discarded. Everything was great during the trial run, it stayed stuck to the wall very well and offered an enjoyable sensation to the user. The flaw came after the toy was used.

    Every sex toy needs to be cleaned and when it came time to rinse this one out, we noticed that the pussy face was not sealed to the cannister. This resulted in about a half a cup of water getting into between the tube and the cannister. It would swish around into the sleeve and it was virtually impossible to get all the water out. After about 2 or 3 uses it would start to grow mold on the inside and this is obviously a concern. This unique masturbator had a great concept but poor execution and was tossed away.


    2.) A poor vibrator.

    Bad Vibrator

    A good idea gone bad.

    Another adult product that missed the mark was this glass vibrator. Glass sex toys are very popular and we were quite excited when it was released a few months ago. The color is great, the size is small and the price was right for the consumer. The glass is actually a hollow sleeve that slips over top of the plastic vibrator.

    The big flaw becomes obvious when the vibrator is turned on, the motion of the plastic vibe rattled so loudly against the glass sleeve, it was the loudest most distracting and unpleasant noise we’ve ever heard from a sex toy!

    There is a tiny rubber band that comes with it so we tried to move it up the shaft near the top before sliding over the glass sleeve hoping it would prevent the 2 parts from hitting each other. It did not work, we tried to tamper with it in a few different ways but to no avail. Once again an incredible concept with poor execution. We’re still on the lookout for a glass vibrator that doesn’t rattle and have come across a few that are a one piece unit which seems to be the key.


    Every week we add new sex toys to the index and after reading these two failed attempts you can see that we care about the toys we feature and although our selection is not as large as some other stores, it’s easier to purchase with confidence because you know that someone tried out the models and they all passed the quality test.


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