Truth in (Romance) Fiction

    Truth in (Romance) Fiction

    It’s a natural human impulse to escape away into fantasy. It allows us to relieve the day’s stress, escaping from any family or financial problems and it’s a great source of relaxation. Again it’s natural for these fantasies to be sexual as our hormones rush through our veins in the same fashion as an orgasmic release soothing the mind, body and soul.

    Men fantasize mostly while watching adult films and women have romance novels. Some may dispute this claim stating that romance is not always sexual but the undertones are always there. Every romance novel I’ve ever read has had undertones of passion which leads to sex. Even Nora Roberts who I think is a “tame” author compared to many others set the scene for a passionate kiss and always a lovemaking scene although she does not to go into detail like some other authors.

    As soon as the blouse slips off the heroine’s shoulders, the chapter ends. This is like “blue balls” for me. Some women who have old fashioned “lady-like” values leave the rest of the scene to their imaginations while other who are more open and less shy about sexuality enjoy reading what comes next. This is all up to matter of personal taste however and I’m not saying that any type of woman is right, it’s completely personal opinion.

    67 million American women have enjoyed a romantic fantasy. If you think that number is high, so did I until I read stats on romantic literature as published by the Romance Writers of America. Hopefully some of this readership is reading this right now as I’m about to suggest few easy ways to make your fantasy better, more involved and more pleasurable.

    I’m talking about connecting your mind with your body. One of my favorite places to read a steamy story is in the bath tub. The hot water surrounding my body, the scent of patchouli bubbles, (an aphrodisiac) and the warmth of my blood matches the heat of the book. It’s one of the finest ways to enjoy womanhood in my opinion.

    I like a good novel with a steamy sex scene. I also enjoy historical romance as it takes place in far away time when women were succumbed to a man’s power and will. She had her place in the world and that was with little say. I suppose that’s the submissive side coming out, if you’re into bondage at all try a historical romance, these two may seem steps apart but you’ll get my drift when the story is in full swing. It’s the whole concept of dominant and submissive which is a secret turn-on of many women. Historical romance is also good at satisfying your secret inner fetish.

    Another way to really get in tune with your body is to have a vibrator at your side. Spread your favorite silk sheets on your bed, light candles on your bedside table, lock the door. Read the story and visualize everything that is happening, character development helps to make the sex scene come alive. It’s like a movie in your head but you fill in the details in the exact way you want. When the male star caresses the woman’s body, licking, sucking, bodies entwining in a never ending dance of erotic passion. Visualize these things happening to your body.

    Feel your womanly wetness as it lubricates your vagina and labia in a silk wetness. Touch yourself, hold a rabbit vibrator and rub it around your lusty parts like the man licking your sweet flower. Insert it and turn on the motor, let the rabbit hug your clitoris just like the sexy hunk’s tongue dances over the hot button releasing surges of female pleasure all throughout, let the sparks fly, imagine the vibrator is the man of your dreams, forget who you are and completely slide away into the deepest erotic vision you’ve ever had. Let your mind wander turn up the power, clench your legs like he’s sliding his firm, warm manhood inside you. Imagine the rabbit ears are his fingers magically manipulating your secret spot like no other man can. Experience that orgasm with “him” inside you. Let it all flow, the release will be incomparable to anything you’ve ever felt before.

    Lay there is complete bliss once it’s over. Feel the surge in your body, feel your fingers tingle and your toes as they gradually regain sensation. Enjoy the hormonal rush after the climax. You will slowly return to your real life but will carry with you the memories of the wildest fantasy you’ve ever had. Combining a vibrator with your romance novel is one of the finer things in life, a naughty little secret that feels amazingly good and the escape is so worth it!


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