Valentine’s Day Do’s and Don’ts for Men

    Valentine’s Day Do’s and Don’ts for Men

    Valentine's Day
    The biggest day for love is quickly approaching, it’s a very busy time for both sexes however a heavy weight is placed on the woman’s side but men need love too – a different kind of love but it’s all the same.

    A guy loves a surprise of you wearing sexy lingerie just as much as you love getting a bouquet of roses.

    Every Monday for the next 3 weeks we’ll give Valentine’s Day ideas to women for men so they can enjoy part of this romantic day for lovers and it can bring you closer – which is the ultimate goal. Here are some do’s and don’ts for ladies when it comes to surprising men.


    Valentine’s Day Don’ts


    Don’t surprise him at work.

    Women love being surprised in front of their co-workers, it’s a wonderful public grand gesture which shows everyone around how much we are loved. For guys, it’s an embarrassing feat that makes all the other males in the office make fun of him. Keep the surprising for your own private moments.

    Don’t buy him flowers.

    In the age when women and men are considered equal, some women misinterpret this by thinking that men and women like the same things. Even though equality abounds there is still a deep-routed instinct that will never go away. This is a long winded way of saying men hate flowers and they always will. Don’t try to change a man’s basic instinct.

    Don’t pressure him.

    Many men are not in touch with their feelings and this day makes them sweat with anxiety as there is such high expectations from women. If you hound him expecting something miraculous and ground breaking it just puts him on the spot and makes him nervous. Let it be, if you’re worried he’ll forget you can mention it in passing conversation like “We should go out for dinner on Valentine’s day” and leave it at that. Read off his response and you can tell how anxious he is. If he wants to plan something great he will but not every guy can be forced into something like this.


    Valentine’s Day Do’s


    Surprise him with lingerie.

    This is probably the single biggest gesture you can do for him. It’s the male equivalent of a dozen roses. If you’re not so keen on lingerie we have some choices that cover more, like a flowing baby doll top so you can feel confident exposing yourself as eye candy for him. It’s really important to mention however that he loves what he sees regardless of the tiny flaws you think you have. Guys see the big picture and don’t focus on the little things like women do.

    Cook him dinner.

    Set a table for 2 by candlelight and make him some sexy aphrodisiacs infused recipes, we like the romantic menu planner as you can print out a specialized recipe based upon your skills in the kitchen and the level of romance you’re going for. A homemade dinner from scratch is a sure fire way to straight to his heart. Just a hint: this tip accompanies the lingerie tip above to create a perfect V-Day for men.

    Make sure to appreciate any gift he gives you.

    It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the day that you have high expectations in your mind only to be disappointed by a “measly” box of chocolates. He thinks it’s something you’ll love and he did get you something so appreciate it, give him a sincere kiss and a thank you because after all, he didn’t forget about the day!


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