Yoga and a Better Sex Life

    Yoga and a Better Sex Life

    The Journal of Sexual medicine is one of the top ranked medical journals and just like National Geographic, each issue can teach you some incredible things about stuff you THOUGHT you knew. There’s always more to every picture and sex is certainly no exception. Unfortunately this is a taboo topic in our society, even in this modern century some adults still find it hard to talk about sex. Understandably so when in the search for real articles about human sexuality the internet is stuffed full of pornography which is hardly educational, although some men may disagree…

    If you take the time to read some professional articles by doctors ans scientists  it can greatly refresh the way of thinking about sex. It’s a natural human activity and even required for the procreation of the species and even though the importance of a healthy sex life, many couples never talk about it and sadly many women never experience the joys of a full orgasm.

    One of the recent articles talked about the link to Yoga and a better sex life. This is something we’re really for as a company as we’re constantly trying to lead people to a batter sex life and although sex toys are a good part of that, there are many other ways to have pleasurable sex life and yoga is one of those routes even though not direct another link has been proven.



    Free your mind – better sex will follow.


    Upon first thought it seems like the flexibility is the key, not quite the truth as if it were so then gymnasts would have the best sex life out of any of us! The real secret is yoga teaches mindfulness and relaxation. It allows the person to disconnect with everyday life and to focus on the task at hand. Being self aware is also the foundation of Tantric sex and the well-known Kama Sutra technique.

    Yoga teaches to focus on each specific part of the body through the movements and be aware of what is going on. If you transfer this to your bedroom moment with your husband the link is noticeable – when you focus and be mindful on the manipulation of his fingers, it’s easy to experience the greatest orgasm. Follow the movements of your muscles, focus and concentrate on the release of energy. Think of a yoga technique and transfer all you have learned in between the sheets and an astoundingly better sex life is right there ready for you to take hold. Focus is another serious topic, the Journal of Sexual medicine also quoted that many women lack focus during foreplay and sex which inhibits their ability to fully get involved with the situation and creates a certain detachment which is a serious detriment to sexual satisfaction.


    For the person not so keen on so-called hippie classes, here’s a brief run down of what to expect on your first yoga session and some other tips to help in the quest for fulfilled sexuality:

    1. Don’t worry about lack of flexibility. This comes with practice like any sport. Over time you’ll develop these skills but remember – this is not the single secret to better sex. You want to relish the emotional and mental aspects of yoga over the physical.

    2. Pick a spot in the back off to the side. Allowing a better view of the structure as well as the advanced “yogis” at the front who like to show off their skills. You can follow the people for several angles to maximize your position.

    3. Mediate. Try guides meditation or self hypnosis – this is after your class. Sometimes an instructor can lead you to the right place to learn proper meditation techniques these can come in very useful especially if you’re a highly stressed person or your mind runs a mile a minute, you’ll need help learning to let go of the stress as this is key to mindfulness.

    4. Focus on the physical. After the mindful part is fully realized, time to focus on the movements of your body. The stretches get your blood flowing and holding the position loosens your muscles. These motions will help as libido booster and get you in the mood for sex.

    September is National Yoga Month so check the local listings for free first classes and discounts on memberships. Learn to meditate and focus your mind on one singular topic while shutting away the rambling in your head, when you can really clear your mind you’ll be a sexual shaman on the way to enlightenment and the final goal – better orgasms!

    To read this and other articles from the Journal of Sexual medicine, the month’s issues are available for reading at the library online at


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