The Tushie Touch that Matters

The Tushie Touch that Matters

The Tushie Touch that Matters

An unusual style of vibrator is listed in the catalog that spurs some raised eyebrows and inquiries about the efficiency of an appendage that is used for “anal tickling”. Not a term that makes most women have the urge to splurge but I was given the chance to try this vibrator out and was ridiculously impressed and am happy to promote this one with lavish warmth to every lady – even if you’re not keen on anal toys (which by the way, I am not) the experience this appendage gives actually heightens everything. I know that in the world of sex toys, “heightened” is a term grossly over-used but it applies fully to this vibrator.


Making A Vibrator Special

Looking similar to any clitoral vibrator the motor in the clit stim is strong, the little tip flickers directly on the clitoris and the entire main shaft can bend and stay where you put it, the white coil in the center is very stiff so it stays however it’s important to note the clear jelly is phthalates free, newly redesigned to be safer with a PVC based soft rubber and not the old style smelly-jelly.

Two motors exist just like any other popular clitoral vibrator but the real feature is the long anal tickler on the back side. I call it a tickler because that’s exactly what it is – perhaps an impossible feat to insert it into the anus, being super floppy and will prove useful only laying in between your butt cheeks when you insert the shaft into the vagina. Again not the most appealing image in the mind however the image does not matter – it’s the feeling that does.


How it Stacks Up

Wow does this ever deliver, one of the strongest female sex toys out there although it only uses 3 batteries I would compare the power easily to a 4 battery unit as somehow it seem to harness the power without any loss, delivering it strongly to the motors which exude all the pleasure a lady needs. The anal tickler does not vibrate, it sits in between the cheeks and tingles from the waves of vibration that come from the motors. It’s not a creepy feeling at all and the light tingle makes the whole bottom half of the body feel better with a certain unique sexual feel that I have never found with any other sex toy to date. Looking for only one vibrator to splurge on in 2012? Please, please make it the Triple Flex, you won’t be sorry, I promise!


Exploring the Idea of the Touchie Touch

In addition to a lavish orgasm. I also reached another conclusion – the light touch in the tushie matters. The most subtle of experiences yet carries a large impact on sexual enjoyment, I furthered my quest by seeking out other similar products and the anal toys category has a few more, The Mini beginner Anal Toy is a vibrating device similar to the backside of the Triple Flex and I requested a test run of this – I held it between the cheeks perpendicular to the anus and twisted the bottom – it is much more influential then the Triple Flex to no surprise as it offers direct vibration.

Being a more solid stick, easier to apply pressure which, as imagined, increases the tingling back there and the force of the pleasure up there. The only downside is I have to hold it continuously unless I lay on my bed to use a different style vibrator and sit on the anal toy, again not a pretty sight but totally functional. Would I ever do this? Perhaps however the Triple Flex allows me to enjoy the tushie touch hands-free.


Notice the similarities?


The New Style of Pleasure Discovered

I love it how a subtle back door touch enhances the entire body’s sensation. It’s neat to see such a simple thing give more pleasure then ever. It makes me wonder this style of sexual stimulation is not more popular, all I ever see is “stick it in” style butt plugs and anal plus butt it seems there is such a larger realm of anal sex toys that don’t need to be inside, outside is just as effective. As I discovered more styles online I will bring them home for a personal trial and I’ll report back the errors and the successes. Until next time!


Awkward Moments in Erotic Encounters

In the human mind lies this perfectly crafted situation of the ideal sexual encounter. Something so passionate and erotic, a romance novel brought to life. One of the hottest movie scenes originates from the 1986 release of 9 1/2 weeks starring Mickey Rourke Kim Basinger. Their perfect execution of utilizing foods in foreplay and movement of positions with ease is enough to leave any human highly aroused and tingling in their privates below. Some wish for a moment like this…

The perfect moment is shaken awake via reality shock!

Sex is far from perfect, bodies never seem to intertwine with ease as shown on movies, either XXX in mature or a movie with an R rating. The reality is our limbs move in certain ways what don’t always mesh with the partner, we fall over, slip, bump heads the list goes on and on.


How to deal with awkward moments in sex?

The best way is to approach it with a sense of humor. A chuckle shows the partner you’re lighthearted, you don’t take things too seriously and regardless of being male or female this is a character trait that’s most welcome and certainly appreciated. You’ll have better sex if you are more playful after all, it’s called forePLAY for a reason!

Another important tip for keeping your cool is to never place such high expectations of what a sexual encounter is going to be like. If expectations are too high, the after effects can be disappointing. In fact several articles and information sources cite that first time sexual encounters usually do not meet expectations becuase the person has been looking forwards to it for so long and expected sex to be magical, explosive and this is rarely the case. Often overinflated by the media including music videos, fornication between two people is made out to be much more then it really is.


Thank nature for these embarrassing moments!

An easy going personality is always sexy, even when the vagina expels air and it sounds like flatulence – which happens all the time and it’s a part of our bodies build. Commonly known as a “queef“, this embarrassing sound is created when the penis (or another object) has been thrust into the vagina causing a vacuum suction, when the air releases the “queef” is the resulting sound. Should a woman be embarrassed? Think of it this way – this is such a common occurrence that the alternative dictionaries of the world has added the term to their listings.

Performance anxiety can also create awkward moments. If the man cannot become erect, it’s always nice to have a vibrator there to give an alternative. Furthermore, using the vibrator will give him an enjoyable view further increasing the body’s ability to produce an erection through sheer visual arousal – crisis averted!


Take a break for a laugh.

For a couple of laughs, check out these series of photographs and clips depicting some awkward unintended sex moments not meant to be sexual. Ooh people have a dirty mind, don’t they ;)

Sometimes the major movie studios acknowledge sex’s messy moments and capture these into some of the funniest scenes around. Here is a compilation of what really happens during sex, well these are of course exaggerated for entertainment purposes but the general idea is written all over. All that matters is how it’s handled. Without further a due, the most awkward sex scenes in movies complete with video clips.

In the era of PVR’s people tend to fast forward commercials without ever watching them forcing advertisers to create some ingenious commercials, props go out to who created this hilarious commercial showing what a steamy sex scene straight out of a erotic novel would be like if converted into a  real life situation. Enjoy!



A hilarious awkward sex moment courtesy of Can’t Hardly Wait (1998)



Top 5 Sex Toys When You’re Bored with Sex

Even the greatest sex life succumbs to the Groundhog effect at some point in time. Just like in a career and everyday routine life, a person reaches their peak and after time the repetitive nature causes the excitement to fizzle. Being stuck in a slump is also a common complaint in a couple’s sex life. The online adult shop is your sex-life savior in this case and with the right guidance, a few products can be added to the repetoire to transform lovemaking into a stupendously insane adventure, or a more romantic depending on personal preference. For a couple looking to better the joy of sex, the following advice will assure falling in love with exploring the realm of sexual intimacy once again.



1.) Take a peek in the back door.

Further devided into 2 categories – first is the “stick in and leave” type of anal toy and secondly is the “foreplay” type of anal toy. Which degree suits an individual best depends on how adventurous they are. A stick in and leave is always better for the first timer. For 2 suggestions based on the above category descriptions, The Bender is really good for foreplay, and the Slim Red Plug is perfect for trying it for the first time. Please note however the slimmer design may not be able to stay in and sometimes a helping palm-of-the-hand is required to hold it in – some find it too cumbersome having to baby-sit the butt plug but at least it offers an indication if anal toys are enjoyed in the first place before investing money in a larger selection and higher end toys.


2.) Use Ben Wa balls during intercourse.

Normally used for pelvic floor exercises for women however did you know the original purpose was for added sexual pleasure? That’s right, from the Orient comes these weighted balls that are inserted into the vagina. The man will notice the stroking of the metallic spheres as he thrusts in and out and women enjoy the feeling of the balls rolling about rubbing the sensitive walls inside the vagina. It’s a sure fire way to enhance  pleasure but it’s important to use large unattached balls to avoid pinching or discomfort. The best recommendation is the Large Ben Wa balls which are noticeable without being to big for pleasure. To address some concerns right away – no, it’s not possible for them to “get lost” in the vagina as they will never be able to pass through the cervix and thanks to the help of gravity, you’ll always be able to pluck them out after use.


3.) Non-traditional bondage.

Suggesting handcuffs is so 1990′s. It’s been over done and there’s not have cuffs in your bedside table that simply indicates it’s not of interest. Everyone seems to have tried this by now. There are a few other interesting bondage ties that and slings that help ease your limbs when trying new positions or cuffs that hold the body in an upright standing position. For the couple who does not even look in the bondage category anymore thinking it’s only random colors of furry handcuffs, here’s saving some time and showing the best unconventional bondage supplies you should buy. The door cuffs and the doggie style sex sling are all the bondage accessories needed this year.


4.) Strap on sex.

Often the last frontier of sex play and quite frequently the first thing the couples will say when they’re done the heavy breathing post-orgasm is “why did we wait so long to try that?” There’s several variations from the unisex harness which is most recommended – you’ll never know when time comes to try gender bender. For some it’s a little too kinky and others will enjoy dabbling in this freakish type of sex. If  not something of interest, other harnesses have some big attachment for big fetish sizes for women and others vibrate and of course the DP harness is a kinky alternative gaining popularity when a couple likes to play very naughty.


5.) Get out of the bedroom.

All sex toys aside, a guaranteed way to make sex more fun is to get out of the bedroom. Have sex on the kitchen table, in a closet, on your balcony outside (perhaps at night so the neighbors don’t see!) Outdoors in the forest, in a tent while camping. Even in a strange place like the hallway makes the act feel more naughty, it’s incredibly arousing to be more taboo. A dildo would be the ideal novelty to bring into the great outdoors simply due to the nonexistent sound, a buzzing is quite obvious and the last thing you want is the bylaw officers invading a private moment! A tight space like a closet forces bodies to be close and immediately the intimacy is heightened. Being in the dark is also very sexy as the only way to navigate reach others bodies is through the sense of touch.


Yoga and a Better Sex Life

The Journal of Sexual medicine is one of the top ranked medical journals and just like National Geographic, each issue can teach you some incredible things about stuff you THOUGHT you knew. There’s always more to every picture and sex is certainly no exception. Unfortunately this is a taboo topic in our society, even in this modern century some adults still find it hard to talk about sex. Understandably so when in the search for real articles about human sexuality the internet is stuffed full of pornography which is hardly educational, although some men may disagree…

If you take the time to read some professional articles by doctors ans scientists  it can greatly refresh the way of thinking about sex. It’s a natural human activity and even required for the procreation of the species and even though the importance of a healthy sex life, many couples never talk about it and sadly many women never experience the joys of a full orgasm.

One of the recent articles talked about the link to Yoga and a better sex life. This is something we’re really for as a company as we’re constantly trying to lead people to a batter sex life and although sex toys are a good part of that, there are many other ways to have pleasurable sex life and yoga is one of those routes even though not direct another link has been proven.



Free your mind – better sex will follow.


Upon first thought it seems like the flexibility is the key, not quite the truth as if it were so then gymnasts would have the best sex life out of any of us! The real secret is yoga teaches mindfulness and relaxation. It allows the person to disconnect with everyday life and to focus on the task at hand. Being self aware is also the foundation of Tantric sex and the well-known Kama Sutra technique.

Yoga teaches to focus on each specific part of the body through the movements and be aware of what is going on. If you transfer this to your bedroom moment with your husband the link is noticeable – when you focus and be mindful on the manipulation of his fingers, it’s easy to experience the greatest orgasm. Follow the movements of your muscles, focus and concentrate on the release of energy. Think of a yoga technique and transfer all you have learned in between the sheets and an astoundingly better sex life is right there ready for you to take hold. Focus is another serious topic, the Journal of Sexual medicine also quoted that many women lack focus during foreplay and sex which inhibits their ability to fully get involved with the situation and creates a certain detachment which is a serious detriment to sexual satisfaction.


For the person not so keen on so-called hippie classes, here’s a brief run down of what to expect on your first yoga session and some other tips to help in the quest for fulfilled sexuality:

1. Don’t worry about lack of flexibility. This comes with practice like any sport. Over time you’ll develop these skills but remember – this is not the single secret to better sex. You want to relish the emotional and mental aspects of yoga over the physical.

2. Pick a spot in the back off to the side. Allowing a better view of the structure as well as the advanced “yogis” at the front who like to show off their skills. You can follow the people for several angles to maximize your position.

3. Mediate. Try guides meditation or self hypnosis – this is after your class. Sometimes an instructor can lead you to the right place to learn proper meditation techniques these can come in very useful especially if you’re a highly stressed person or your mind runs a mile a minute, you’ll need help learning to let go of the stress as this is key to mindfulness.

4. Focus on the physical. After the mindful part is fully realized, time to focus on the movements of your body. The stretches get your blood flowing and holding the position loosens your muscles. These motions will help as libido booster and get you in the mood for sex.

September is National Yoga Month so check the local listings for free first classes and discounts on memberships. Learn to meditate and focus your mind on one singular topic while shutting away the rambling in your head, when you can really clear your mind you’ll be a sexual shaman on the way to enlightenment and the final goal – better orgasms!

To read this and other articles from the Journal of Sexual medicine, the month’s issues are available for reading at the library online at


Clit Pump Review

My review is the case where my background is important before the rest of the review begins. I have never used a clit pump before and knew they create extra sexual arousal for women and I’m aware they help to enhance sensitivity. Call it a biased opinion but that’s what I had in my head as I unwrapped the Vibrating Clitoral Sucker Pump for the first time.

It’s really small making it useful only for clitoral sucking. I doubt you’ll get much vaginal stimulation from this. The large oblong cup can grab your entire clitoris, the hood and the skin surrounding it. I thought the size was very important; when I was choosing different clit pumps some seems like the clit cup would be way to small to hold mine – not to brag or anything but I think it’s very big compared to other girls. I have been told it’s a good thing to have…clit pump

There was a blindfold in the box which in my opinion was stupid. You need to see what you’re doing especially at the start to fit it over the clitoris properly so why in the world would you want to blindfold yourself? I’m not complaining – it’s free and free stuff is nice.

The vibration is not very strong probably because the motor is positioned behind the cup which is quite firm itself and seems to absorb the vibration. For the gals who require vibration for the climax, I suggest you pass on this and stick to the bullets which are the best at delivering just that.

The suction on the other hand was STRONG. This pump can be sucked and then hands removed while it remains suctioned to the clitoris. Movement is restricted so it’s a “stick and leave in place” deal which was arousing but there would be no way I’d ever orgasm from it. It does work at making the vagina lubricated on it’s own terms and would be a great precursor to sex and would make an excellent first vibrator. I will try that next time but in order to post me review in a timely matter I reported my initial experience only.


2012 Vibrator Trends

On December 28th, our product specialists knocked their heads together to come up with a list of possible 2012 sex toy trends. Now that 2 1/2 months are in the bag it’s same to come forward with the fruition of these predictions. All big words aside, to no surprise our team was right. If anyone were to peek at their resumes, it would make sense why they’re so on the money. These gals really know their stuff and we’re happy to have them as advisers for the store. Here’s a recap of the predictions and their accompanying outcomes and some examples of trendy vibrators that have been selling very well in the last 2 1/2 months.



- Scented toys — This option piggy-backs with jelly – since jelly toys always had added scents the new TPR versions are less scented, medical grade silicone being completely unscented; this one is being fazed out simply by the material change.

- Packages with pictures of naked women — This is a slow move in the industry but customers here would never really notice much as we don’t upload pictures of packaging, there’s no reason to highlight the container you will be throwing away upon arrival!

- Jelly vibrators — Jelly vibrators have been replaced with TPR which is a type of silicone. It’s phthalates free but it is porous so proper cleaning is required. An example of a former jelly vibe updated to TPR is the Daydream vibe.

- Straight plastic vibrators — Just like the trend of waif skinny women is disappearing and a natural curvaceous body is in, vibrators are also following suit. Want an example? Check out the blue Lola in the picture.

- Dials on the bottom — Inset buttons are popping out every day. The pun was intended – it’s a joke! But in all seriousness, buttons are the raging fad right now. We’re confident more buttons will replace dials in the coming year and even into 2013.



The curvaceous beauty is in fashion.



- Multi functions — Women are being walloped with so many features sex toys are getting way too confusing. Of course for the techie girl with all the latest electronics this is very much appealing however the simplistic might get overwhelmed. Luckily the simple vibration is still there but multi function is becoming a more widespread option.

- Vibrators that warm up — Warming lotions back in the 1990′s and warming vibes now. Nothing else has the ability to carry your psyche off to a warm sandy beach, sun gleaming down on your bronzed skin, the motion of the ocean mimicking the movement of your internal muscles towards crashing on the shore, exploding at the moment of orgasm. A little guided visualization is always beneficial!

- Trendy looking curvy shapes — Again look at the blue Lola, this babe’s all curves, all glory and super fad like a fashion accessory. In fact this is one of the only vibrators a woman wouldn’t be shy to show her friends.

- Silicone surfaces — We’re constantly getting emails from little manufacturers who are launching their own line of medical grade silicone vibrators. We carry some of them but don’t fill our shelves like some other companies. Why? The price is very high for these resulting in lower sales, especially in a slower economy women prefer cheaper options so to balance out the checkbook with pleasure, we focus more on TPR silicone instead.

- Buttons on the side — Being able to use a vibrator in the bath or shower allows women to use it every day. The reality is a house full of people will near you laying on your bed upstairs happily humming away, however if you sneak it into the shower it’s practically inaudible. Buttons inset on the side is the only way a multi function vibe can be waterproof as it seals of the bottom from water.



Comparing 2 Strap On Dildos – Butterfly vs. Chocolate

Out of any sex toy comparison, the strap on dildo demands the most attention. We pride ourselves on being one of the only sex shops that offer multi-angle photographs of the harness being worn on a mannequin but to convey the feeling from appearance on a plastic body shell to a real human that’s obviously not in the same proportion (unless you happen to be a super model) can cause some confusion.

The Butterfly strap on vibrator and chocolate hollow are very comparable in their fit, design, size and characteristics. A shopper will only want to choose one and today we’ll hash out the differences to clarify certain features allowing the customer to acquire their correct model. It’s important to mention I’ve tried them both, being a woman I can speak from this perspective and can also offer opinions from my male partner as well.



Betty’s Butterfly Vibrating Strap-On Dildo

Yet another example of a toy that transcends all realms of sexual pleasure – except it looks like it’s frozen in time. Customers often overlook this one becuase it’s not very flashy or modern looking, in fact it’s rather bland. The pinkish-orange shade of jelly is nothing near sexy and the basic elastic straps look like a medical gauze band that you wrap around the leg when you pulled your muscles. Forget the look – this baby’s all pleasure with a smooth never ending shaft and immense power.

The dildo is jelly which is a huge detriment to some women. If you’re concerned about the health aspect then simply cover it with a condom. If this were made from silicone, you could literally buy 10 box of condoms to cover the extra price. Features two motors – one in the spiked butterfly back and another in the dildo’s mid shaft.

Betty’s Butterfly Strap-on harness is made for women and men – if a man is wearing it the butterfly’s spiky backside will rest on her pelvis for added pleasure and vibration. For my man, he was able to let it sit over top of his erection very easily. The size is good, it’s nice and long and the taper is so gradual there is never a moment of pain. it’s pure pleasure all the way to the hilt. Using C batteries is a big bonus,  by far the most powerful out of any vibrating dildo harness I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying.

Unfortunately the controller is big and ugly but luckily the cord is so long you can place it far away from you. Any plus size person can wear this, the sliders on the “gauze band” straps can increase in size far beyond most people’s biggest measurements.



Chocolate Hollow Vibrating Strap On Dildo

The biggest disadvantage is the lack of flexibility in the elastic band. It needs to said first because it’s much smaller then an average man in my opinion. If you can fit it under your beer belly you’ll be good but if you’ve got a spare tire forget it. The positive part is the band is very thick so it won’t move around nearly as much as the butterfly. Also the dildo is more stiff and will never sag from gravity’s effect.

The Chocolate Strap On is originally made for men with erectile dysfunction, the hollow core is perfect for fitting a flaccid penis, padded with a very soft rubber in the inside for his comfort. I can’t comment much on this as my man gets an erection but I can say if he is erect it’s still OK to have. You’ve got plenty of space below in between the twin thin straps at the bottom for his testicles and erection to hang by the wayside.

It’s much quieter then the butterfly however not nearly as strong. Comparing a sex toy with C batteries and AA batteries is plenty of justification to the power. This one is way more attractive, the dildo has a nice milk chocolate sheen and is more  realistic looking then the ugly orange butterfly, additionally it’s phthalates free for all you body conscious babes out there. The battery pack can clip on the belt never getting kneeled on or tossed about.


The final verdict?

The dildos are very comparable in size and length. I think the butterfly is slightly softer then the chocolate but not as much where I would shy away from it. In the end I choose Betty’s butterfly over the chocolate by a fair margin. The chocolate wins on looks but who cares about appearance – it’s the feeling that counts.


5 Reasons to Enjoy a Sexual Dry Spell

There’s nothing like a new relationship. Hot, heavy and always in a heightened state of passion and lust. Fast forward a few years and you’ll come across an eventual dry spell. There are many tips on how to get your sex life back in full swing again but this time we’ll cherish the sexless side and bring to light some reason why a sexual dry spell can be a good thing to have.


1.) More time to talk.

When the hormones aren’t raging and you’re sitting in bed late at night getting ready to shut off the lights, it’s a prime time to have a nice conversation. Starting with the popular ice breaker question “how was your day” to talking about mores serious matters like family planning, being together in bed is a nice place to have a heart to heart with your spouse. Whys is bed such a great place for conversation? You’re sitting beside each other without direct eye contact which allows you to open up to personal matters easily, when you’re not directly having someone in the light it’s easier to let your emotions out.


2.) Deepens friendship.

When you’re dating, it seem as if everything is about sex. Men are constantly wooing women trying to get them into bed. It’s just a natural instinct driven by a primal urge, and friendship is often strained between men and women since sex always gets in the way. Now that intercourse if off the table, you can get to know each other on a friendship basis, depending your relationship.


3.) Sex is really hot when you get going again.

Take away a kid’s favorite toy and ten give it back to them a month later and hey love it just like the day they got it. Rotating the supply of toys is actually a very popular technique since it keeps the “newness” there. We always want what we can’t have and when it comes back it’s better then ever before. The same goes with sex. Enjoy the time off from your sex life. When you finally have your encounter, it will be very explosive. The longer you wait, the better it will be when you get frisky again.


4.) A good excuse not to shave your legs (or other places).

For women, shaving can become a chore. There’s a lot of ground to cover and sometimes you’re just too busy. No worries, in a dry spell, you can either jump out of the shower and use this extra time to finish other chores or maybe you want to pamper yourself with a new sweetly scented body wash instead. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to be lazy with you personal grooming knowing a hand won;t be running up your leg anytime soon!


5.) Spend more time with the girls.

This tip is for single women and married gals alike. In the quest to primp up, look pretty and find a mate we shelve our relationships with female friends. Call up your college pal and go for coffee, hit the mall do some shopping. Quality time with your female friends is often overlooked in the latter years of life after commitment from men and the time ti takes culturing male-female relationships. Plan a girls night out and forget the guys, focus your time on dancing and acting goofy together. It can be the best night you’ve had in a long time.


Do Fancy Looking Cock Rings do the Trick?

A cock ring is no longer a simple looking, perfectly rounded ring. For a person who’s never seen the rings category they may be quite surprised upon first glance. It’s actually the most colorful section of all with several interesting looking devices. One may ask themselves – what do these do?

fancy cock ring

A subtle enhancer.

Originally rings were constriction devices design to prolong an erection. By constricting the penis it limited blood flow back into the body which is the root of an erection. In this case, a simple band would do. The one day some genius designer in a factory somewhere decided it would be a nice idea to add a title something to the top of the ring – thinking of the body’s position during intercourse the clitoris comes very close to the base of the penis, all that’s required is a little extra length and perhaps a curve to the tip and it can rub her magic spot thus enhancing the enjoyment of sexual intercourse.

The first trial run must have been a great encounter – it was a whole new way to enjoy intercourse and clitoral stimulation without having to touch down there. A new revolution was started and it blossomed from there…

Today several styles are available and not all of them have the aforementioned top protruding piece for clitoral stimulation. Certain styles such as in the blue photos attached are flattened and rounded. Made to rub against the labia with the thought that any external stimulations will enhance sexual intercourse.

It would have to be agreed this is a great addition, it’s a favorite way for couples to try a sex toy for the first time since it does not vibrate, it’s very small and there is no fumbling required – slip it on the penis and enjoy.

To answer the initial question asked above, Do Fancy Looking Cock Rings do the Trick? The conclusion would be yes, they do the trick. keep in mind it’s not going to add a powerful orgasm but the subtle touching of more skin space is an enhancer and will make every motion just a little bit better therefore enhancing sex as a whole.


McKenzie Lee Pocket Pussy Review

Many men with high standards tend to shy away from cheap pocket pussies and with reason – anything under thirty dollars can be very solid with unforgiving rubber. Don’t jump to conclusions however that this will not feel good, some men enjoy a firm scratchy feeling on their penis, hence the solid jelly vibrating masturbators but when a pocket pussy is the sex toy of choice, most guys want softness after all the visual stratification of looking at a life like pussy should match the feeling of one.

The McKenzie Lee Pocket Pussy is a relatively new addition released only last year however its quickly skyrocketed to the top of the popularity list. It’s a dual category toy – able to be listed both as masturbation sleeve and a pocket pussy. It really has it all – a smaller size which is a desired feature – after all it’s nice to have sex with a 12 inch long, 12 inch wide spread eagle vagina but the problem comes in stashing it away, especially for the college student; in all honesty there is nowhere to hide the thing without your roommate seeing it. The stash-ability is a big plus.

It’s ridiculously realistic feeling especially considering the low price. It sits on the cheaper end since the days of 10 dollar masturbators are fading away quickly not because of stores charging higher prices, but the manufacturer has been incurring extra shipping and labor costs which flows down the tail pipe and in the end causes the prices to be increased to the consumer – yes it’s another reason to blame high gas prices!

Ribbed on the outside and the inside the inner texture is really self explanatory however the outer spiraled ribbed surface has dual purpose – you can hold onto it easily and it oozes out between your fingers when you’re in the throes of a good manly grip. Also it makes the exterior looks good, when you’re shopping by looking a photograph, extra spirals and special features do make a difference.

The pussy face is very real and the vagina lips are actually life sized and even hand painted. As far the the tester has been concerned, the paint color did not fade after the first 5 uses and washing. Speaking of cleaning – it’s open on both sides without a tapered end which is an excellent feature as it allows the fluids and soap to rush through uninterrupted, always keeping it clean and safe.

There is nothing to fault at all, a deserving and easy 5 stars is awarded to McKenzie Lee’s Pocket Pussy sleeve.


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