The Tushie Touch that Matters

An unusual style of vibrator is listed in the catalog that spurs some raised eyebrows and inquiries about the efficiency of an appendage that is used for “anal tickling”. Not a term that makes most women have the urge to splurge but I was given the chance to try this vibrator out and was ridiculously impressed and am happy to promote this one with lavish warmth to every lady – even if you’re not keen on anal toys (which by the way, I am not) the experience this appendage gives actually heightens everything. I know that in the world of sex toys, “heightened” is a term grossly over-used but it applies fully to this vibrator.


Making A Vibrator Special

Looking similar to any clitoral vibrator the motor in the clit stim is strong, the little tip flickers directly on the clitoris and the entire main shaft can bend and stay where you put it, the white coil in the center is very stiff so it stays however it’s important to note the clear jelly is phthalates free, newly redesigned to be safer with a PVC based soft rubber and not the old style smelly-jelly.

Two motors exist just like any other popular clitoral vibrator but the real feature is the long anal tickler on the back side. I call it a tickler because that’s exactly what it is – perhaps an impossible feat to insert it into the anus, being super floppy and will prove useful only laying in between your butt cheeks when you insert the shaft into the vagina. Again not the most appealing image in the mind however the image does not matter – it’s the feeling that does.


How it Stacks Up

Wow does this ever deliver, one of the strongest female sex toys out there although it only uses 3 batteries I would compare the power easily to a 4 battery unit as somehow it seem to harness the power without any loss, delivering it strongly to the motors which exude all the pleasure a lady needs. The anal tickler does not vibrate, it sits in between the cheeks and tingles from the waves of vibration that come from the motors. It’s not a creepy feeling at all and the light tingle makes the whole bottom half of the body feel better with a certain unique sexual feel that I have never found with any other sex toy to date. Looking for only one vibrator to splurge on in 2012? Please, please make it the Triple Flex, you won’t be sorry, I promise!


Exploring the Idea of the Touchie Touch

In addition to a lavish orgasm. I also reached another conclusion – the light touch in the tushie matters. The most subtle of experiences yet carries a large impact on sexual enjoyment, I furthered my quest by seeking out other similar products and the anal toys category has a few more, The Mini beginner Anal Toy is a vibrating device similar to the backside of the Triple Flex and I requested a test run of this – I held it between the cheeks perpendicular to the anus and twisted the bottom – it is much more influential then the Triple Flex to no surprise as it offers direct vibration.

Being a more solid stick, easier to apply pressure which, as imagined, increases the tingling back there and the force of the pleasure up there. The only downside is I have to hold it continuously unless I lay on my bed to use a different style vibrator and sit on the anal toy, again not a pretty sight but totally functional. Would I ever do this? Perhaps however the Triple Flex allows me to enjoy the tushie touch hands-free.


Notice the similarities?


The New Style of Pleasure Discovered

I love it how a subtle back door touch enhances the entire body’s sensation. It’s neat to see such a simple thing give more pleasure then ever. It makes me wonder this style of sexual stimulation is not more popular, all I ever see is “stick it in” style butt plugs and anal plus butt it seems there is such a larger realm of anal sex toys that don’t need to be inside, outside is just as effective. As I discovered more styles online I will bring them home for a personal trial and I’ll report back the errors and the successes. Until next time!


Clit Pump Review

My review is the case where my background is important before the rest of the review begins. I have never used a clit pump before and knew they create extra sexual arousal for women and I’m aware they help to enhance sensitivity. Call it a biased opinion but that’s what I had in my head as I unwrapped the Vibrating Clitoral Sucker Pump for the first time.

It’s really small making it useful only for clitoral sucking. I doubt you’ll get much vaginal stimulation from this. The large oblong cup can grab your entire clitoris, the hood and the skin surrounding it. I thought the size was very important; when I was choosing different clit pumps some seems like the clit cup would be way to small to hold mine – not to brag or anything but I think it’s very big compared to other girls. I have been told it’s a good thing to have…clit pump

There was a blindfold in the box which in my opinion was stupid. You need to see what you’re doing especially at the start to fit it over the clitoris properly so why in the world would you want to blindfold yourself? I’m not complaining – it’s free and free stuff is nice.

The vibration is not very strong probably because the motor is positioned behind the cup which is quite firm itself and seems to absorb the vibration. For the gals who require vibration for the climax, I suggest you pass on this and stick to the bullets which are the best at delivering just that.

The suction on the other hand was STRONG. This pump can be sucked and then hands removed while it remains suctioned to the clitoris. Movement is restricted so it’s a “stick and leave in place” deal which was arousing but there would be no way I’d ever orgasm from it. It does work at making the vagina lubricated on it’s own terms and would be a great precursor to sex and would make an excellent first vibrator. I will try that next time but in order to post me review in a timely matter I reported my initial experience only.


Comparing 2 Strap On Dildos – Butterfly vs. Chocolate

Out of any sex toy comparison, the strap on dildo demands the most attention. We pride ourselves on being one of the only sex shops that offer multi-angle photographs of the harness being worn on a mannequin but to convey the feeling from appearance on a plastic body shell to a real human that’s obviously not in the same proportion (unless you happen to be a super model) can cause some confusion.

The Butterfly strap on vibrator and chocolate hollow are very comparable in their fit, design, size and characteristics. A shopper will only want to choose one and today we’ll hash out the differences to clarify certain features allowing the customer to acquire their correct model. It’s important to mention I’ve tried them both, being a woman I can speak from this perspective and can also offer opinions from my male partner as well.



Betty’s Butterfly Vibrating Strap-On Dildo

Yet another example of a toy that transcends all realms of sexual pleasure – except it looks like it’s frozen in time. Customers often overlook this one becuase it’s not very flashy or modern looking, in fact it’s rather bland. The pinkish-orange shade of jelly is nothing near sexy and the basic elastic straps look like a medical gauze band that you wrap around the leg when you pulled your muscles. Forget the look – this baby’s all pleasure with a smooth never ending shaft and immense power.

The dildo is jelly which is a huge detriment to some women. If you’re concerned about the health aspect then simply cover it with a condom. If this were made from silicone, you could literally buy 10 box of condoms to cover the extra price. Features two motors – one in the spiked butterfly back and another in the dildo’s mid shaft.

Betty’s Butterfly Strap-on harness is made for women and men – if a man is wearing it the butterfly’s spiky backside will rest on her pelvis for added pleasure and vibration. For my man, he was able to let it sit over top of his erection very easily. The size is good, it’s nice and long and the taper is so gradual there is never a moment of pain. it’s pure pleasure all the way to the hilt. Using C batteries is a big bonus,  by far the most powerful out of any vibrating dildo harness I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying.

Unfortunately the controller is big and ugly but luckily the cord is so long you can place it far away from you. Any plus size person can wear this, the sliders on the “gauze band” straps can increase in size far beyond most people’s biggest measurements.



Chocolate Hollow Vibrating Strap On Dildo

The biggest disadvantage is the lack of flexibility in the elastic band. It needs to said first because it’s much smaller then an average man in my opinion. If you can fit it under your beer belly you’ll be good but if you’ve got a spare tire forget it. The positive part is the band is very thick so it won’t move around nearly as much as the butterfly. Also the dildo is more stiff and will never sag from gravity’s effect.

The Chocolate Strap On is originally made for men with erectile dysfunction, the hollow core is perfect for fitting a flaccid penis, padded with a very soft rubber in the inside for his comfort. I can’t comment much on this as my man gets an erection but I can say if he is erect it’s still OK to have. You’ve got plenty of space below in between the twin thin straps at the bottom for his testicles and erection to hang by the wayside.

It’s much quieter then the butterfly however not nearly as strong. Comparing a sex toy with C batteries and AA batteries is plenty of justification to the power. This one is way more attractive, the dildo has a nice milk chocolate sheen and is more  realistic looking then the ugly orange butterfly, additionally it’s phthalates free for all you body conscious babes out there. The battery pack can clip on the belt never getting kneeled on or tossed about.


The final verdict?

The dildos are very comparable in size and length. I think the butterfly is slightly softer then the chocolate but not as much where I would shy away from it. In the end I choose Betty’s butterfly over the chocolate by a fair margin. The chocolate wins on looks but who cares about appearance – it’s the feeling that counts.


McKenzie Lee Pocket Pussy Review

Many men with high standards tend to shy away from cheap pocket pussies and with reason – anything under thirty dollars can be very solid with unforgiving rubber. Don’t jump to conclusions however that this will not feel good, some men enjoy a firm scratchy feeling on their penis, hence the solid jelly vibrating masturbators but when a pocket pussy is the sex toy of choice, most guys want softness after all the visual stratification of looking at a life like pussy should match the feeling of one.

The McKenzie Lee Pocket Pussy is a relatively new addition released only last year however its quickly skyrocketed to the top of the popularity list. It’s a dual category toy – able to be listed both as masturbation sleeve and a pocket pussy. It really has it all – a smaller size which is a desired feature – after all it’s nice to have sex with a 12 inch long, 12 inch wide spread eagle vagina but the problem comes in stashing it away, especially for the college student; in all honesty there is nowhere to hide the thing without your roommate seeing it. The stash-ability is a big plus.

It’s ridiculously realistic feeling especially considering the low price. It sits on the cheaper end since the days of 10 dollar masturbators are fading away quickly not because of stores charging higher prices, but the manufacturer has been incurring extra shipping and labor costs which flows down the tail pipe and in the end causes the prices to be increased to the consumer – yes it’s another reason to blame high gas prices!

Ribbed on the outside and the inside the inner texture is really self explanatory however the outer spiraled ribbed surface has dual purpose – you can hold onto it easily and it oozes out between your fingers when you’re in the throes of a good manly grip. Also it makes the exterior looks good, when you’re shopping by looking a photograph, extra spirals and special features do make a difference.

The pussy face is very real and the vagina lips are actually life sized and even hand painted. As far the the tester has been concerned, the paint color did not fade after the first 5 uses and washing. Speaking of cleaning – it’s open on both sides without a tapered end which is an excellent feature as it allows the fluids and soap to rush through uninterrupted, always keeping it clean and safe.

There is nothing to fault at all, a deserving and easy 5 stars is awarded to McKenzie Lee’s Pocket Pussy sleeve.


Comparing 2 Luxury Brown Dildos

A slow trickle of emails are received on a regular basis asking about the difference between two similar high-end brown dildos. Both are in the luxury category, they look and feel the same however one is double the price. We’ll examine if this price jump is really worth it since luxury sex toys can be a very deceiving niche, often the high price is plain exuberance and a woman can find herself a comparable sex toy for half the price. Let the truth be told!

Beginning with a visual comparison, when placed side by side you can notice subtle differences even though the general features are the same. Without knowing the price, can you guess which is more expensive? If you guess the dildo on the right, you’d be correct. The stance is much nicer, it’s upright position and meatier looking presence is a stronger statement then the comparable waif-like dildo on the left.


Cyberskin and Pure Skin Dildo comparison


Pure Skin Brown Penis

View the Pure Skin Penis. Pure Skin is the term for the fleshy surface. It’s created by a rival brand of Cyberskin and it seems as if they took a sample into the lab and recreated it quite well. Did they win this rivalry? We think so. Cyberskin is not necessarily the best, it’s the first which is why other brands are trying to copy it. If Pure Skin would have been invented first, the manufacturer of Cyberskin would be creating it’s version based on the predecessor. Pure skin is smooth and much less tacky. This dildo is smaller, measures 7 inches total length including the suction cup on the bottom. There is 5 inches insertable and the shaft is slightly under 1 1/2 inches wide. The suction is very good. The average size makes it more desirable and the price point is well put. It’s very luxurious for the price and even if it were retailed at $50.00, it would be worth it but luckily we can buy this one cheaper and pass along the savings to you.


Cyberskin Real Man

View the Cyberskin Brown Dildo. A beefy monster, it’s stout testicles look peculiar but of you give them a squeeze you’ll be astounded by the solid balls inside that can move about – that’s right they’ve even crafted the testicles to be as real as can be. If it worth your money? No. You won’t notice them at all and with all the length provided  you’ll never be able to get all the way to the balls anyway. It’s added fluff that makes no difference on your pleasure but if you’re a gal who like the best in realism and strange features you’ll enjoy this. The rest of the shaft is extremely life like, perhaps a touch more so then it’s comparable dildo but for the double price tag it’s not doubled the pleasure. Maybe 1/5 better in our opinion. It’s one of the best of the big guys however as the size is magnificent. It measures 8 1/2 inches long and 6 inches insertable. The shaft is a little over 2 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches deep.


Which luxury brown dildo is the best?

The Pure skin wins. It’s not a landslide victory but a significant one nonetheless. You get the same velvet texture without any tackiness that is a common complaint with Cyberskin. It’s sized better, the suction cup is good and the balls aren’t so creepy. Both are safe and phthalates free so if you’re into healthy options either one is a good choice. Save yourself the money and snag the imitator – you won’t be disappointed!


Toys with Noise – What Makes a Vibrator Quiet

Some customers have requested we include a noise score on product pages allowing them to locate a quiet vibrator with ease. If a vibrator is exceptionally quiet, we write this as a selling feature in the description. On the contrary if you’ll hear a distracting tone we’ll mention that also. If the vibrator is extremely loud we simply won’t sell it. This is why there is currently no quality score for sound level as we avoid the ones that are too noisy – if it’s loud you’ll know and if it’s quiet you’ll be well aware of this before you make the final purchase. In the future, we will be implementing this feature so stick around, check back often and one day you’ll see it there, star rating and all.

Despite this information, some people may be left asking what makes a vibrator quiet in the first place? Using this as a guide you can get an idea of styles with the least noise and what is present to muffle the distraction.


Inside the vibrator motor.

vibrator motorA battery operated device with a motor inside which makes an exposed weighted metal part to sway on an axis in a circular motion.

The weighted piece is on one side only which creates an imbalance when it turns causing the entire vibrator to thud back and forth, with the high speed this motor turns it creates a feeling of vibration. The noise comes from two possible sources, first the turning of the device inside the motor and secondly the spinning of the weighted part itself.


Interior sound muffling.

The quality of the build affects how quiet the motor will operate. A good quality motor will have precise spacing in between the moving parts preventing rubbing which is a common cause of rattling. You won’t be able to see inside to view the padding and the type of parts used so you’ll have to base this on price. It’s not always a sure thing however it’s a general guideline that the higher the price, the better quality the motor. Especially in plastic vibrators. A cheap vibe will be loud, an expensive plastic vibrator will be more quiet.


It’s what’s on the outside that counts.

Knowing what it’s made from is the best way to determine how quiet a sex toy will be. Anything thick like Cyberskin or jelly will be the most quiet, physics plays the biggest role as the more dense and thick a vibe is, the more quiet it will be as the sound waves are absorbed by the material on it’s way out. A dense jelly vibrators will be the most quiet type of sex toy. On the contrary, a plastic shell will always be the loudest.


Trying it out.

We’ve noticed that many packages claim “whisper quiet” only to activate it ourselves to discover it’s just as loud as any other comparable product. This is frighteningly more common then you may think. This is another reason why when we order a new sex toy for our catalog, we always take one out of the box and turn it on, try it out (not literally of course) but we hold each thing in our hand to see exactly what it looks like, how it sounds and what it feel like to touch it.


Big brands compare.

If a sex toy is made under a popular brand name, this has no effect on it’s level of silence. Price prevails, all manufacturers have cheap loud toys and quiet high end versions as well.


Too loud to sell.

Ending on an exemplary note, once we ordered a mini stimulator called the Silent Rocket. Excitedly we gave it a whirl only to discover it was just as loud as the cheaper no-name versions. This one would have retailed for double the price! It was an easy decision to send it back and never to sell these to our customers as the product name itself was extremely misdealing!


Valentine’s Day Movie Review

For a slight change of pace, I’ll talk about the movie called Valentine’s Day and how it relates to real life. Although Rotten Tomatoes scores it only at 18%, I don’t agree at all. Some of the critics were right on target when they said how gooey it is – like a box of chocolates that you’ve left too long in the back seat of your car. I agree with this statement, but just because you’ve got a gooey box of chocolates doesn’t mean it’s no good. You can make chocolate fondue!


This move is so fluffy and sweet, I suggest it to every woman out there. Especially if you’re lonesome on the day of love. Romance aside, you’ll see when one of the characters throws her yearly “I Hate Valentine’s day Party” and the chaos that ensures from there.

There are many story lines that interconnect touching on the lives of various people, from the almost-in-love to the newly-in-love to the best friend kind of love, it’s all covered in a fun way. The cast is star studded and some are a surprise – like Julia Roberts as a side character on a plane, you’d never expect to see such big names taking such small roles but somehow the producers managed to snag big names for this flick.

It all takes place in Los Angeles in one day with a similar plot to the movie 200 Cigarettes (which is based on New Year’s eve). There is one hot scene of young love between Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner which prove to be the hottest couple and they have magical chemistry which in my opinion is the highlight of the story. It made me feel a tingle inside reminiscing of days of past when I was in that stage of life – ah the good ‘ol days of innocence and purity!

Sappy it is however you’re sure to end with a good feeling and that’s what’s really important. Very funny, very cute and somewhat superficial but isn’t that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about? Download the movie here and get yourself settled with a warm blanket, gooey chocolate bar and enjoy!


Sterling Vibrator Review: Best Bullet to Bless My Clit


From the picture, a bullet is a bullet. They look all the same but the mechanical arrangement under that plastic shell is the feature that makes or breaks it.

For the average consumer, you have no idea what this is like until you get it delivered – or you could read my review.

This one deserves praise,  so wonderful you can almost enjoy a religious experience from how close you’ll come to floating in heaven when your orgasm takes you away…

If you also own the Sterling Bullet Vibrator you will agree with my over zealous statement knowing it’s reality. I wish every woman had one of these and I will be telling all my friends about it.

The power is plentiful but that’s not what makes it the best bullet out there, if you notice the bullet is black whereas everything else is silver. The black is like a velvety coating over the solid shape that acts as a barrier of warmth on your clitoris. It’s slightly grippy enabling your fingers to maintain the grasp no matter how much lube gets onto the surface. You’ll never cramp up your fingers ever again as the bullet squeezes out and flies away (yes this does happen with smooth surfaces).

I would give all the glory to the black coating, proving once and for all the smallest detail can have the biggest impact. It’s my top pick for a first vibrator even though penetration is not the point, you’ll never need to buy another bullet. Rated 5 starts out of 5, buy this one today, hurry!!


5 Reasons to Love Crotchless Panties

Crotchless panties are an underrated accessory for women that’s often left for special occasions only however I have a handful of reasons why every lady should have a pair in her lingerie drawer to be used more then twice a year. You would think that something that’s cut in the middle would be odd, I’ll let the cat out of the bag – when you first wear them it feels kind of strange as you have the free breeze of the room rushing over your labia while everything around your pubic area is covered, it’s like the feeling of leaving your fly open while walking outside in a wind storm – times a hundred! It’s good to know what to expect so turn up the heat in the house and get randy with reasons to love crotchless panties.


1.) It’s empowering.
Do you remember when you were young and your mother bought your first training bra or first thong? That signified you’ve graduated into a young woman. Crotchless thongs transform you from a house wife into a sexy vixen. It’s the same feeling you’ll get, a powerful feminine temptress ready to cast any man under your lavish spell of seduction. Do these adjectives seem to be overused? Perhaps but it parallels how you will feel, it’s a powerful sentiment.


2.) Hide your pubic hair stubble.
Did you run out of time in your morning shower? Couldn’t shave today but he doesn’t know that and wants an impromptu sexual encounter? If you’re aroused like him but don’t want to have your poky pubes interfere with any sexy motions wearing the thong will hide what needs to be hidden while exposing only the good parts.


3.) Keeps a little to the imagination.
There is a reason why lingerie exists in the first place. Sure you can enter the room naked and partake in your sex play. Wearing something sexy leaves a little to the imagination and men love to be teased. The appeal of strings hanging and a soft lace touching your skin is a real turn on for him. Seeing a naked body is nothing overly magical, but keeping the secret slightly hidden is incredibly effective at getting his blood boiling nice and strong.


4.) Gives you confidence to leave the lights on.
One conundrum that faces many couples is a woman’s lack of self confidence and wanting to keep the lights out all the time. The perfect compromise allows the man to see a small part of her womanly jewels while she can feel covered up. A great way to get the foot in the door for more explicit sexual play as she’ll get increased confidence over time. Even though that’s a new topic I need to touch base with it briefly – when you’re naked with your aroused partner, he overlooks your flaws. He focuses on what’s good and what he likes hence the raging erection and horny sex drive!


5.) It’s the best accessory to tease him unexpectedly.
Wear your crotchless panties and don’t tell him. Over top is a mini skirt, very short. Sit on the couch and “accidentally” leave your legs open a little too wide so he can get a glimpse of what’s underneath It will be like he spots a sparkling diamond hidden in the brush – okay maybe that’s not the best analogy but you get my drift!


crotchless panties


I have to end with a funny joke.

A woman wanted to spice up her marriage so one day she decided to surprise her husband when he came home from work by laying on the bed surrounded by candlelight wearing nothing but a pair of crotchless panties.

When he came home and arrived into the bedroom, he saw his wife sitting provocatively on the bed, he looked at his wife with an odd glare.

She said:

“Hey baby, don’t I look sexy, do you want some of this?”

He said:

“No way, look what it did to your panties!”



Love Maker Vibrator Review

This is my first review, I am a long time customer and first time reviewer. Normally I like to choose vibrators with a fashionable look and when the Love Maker vibrator appeared in this store about a month ago I jumped at the chance to take it home.

Easily categorized into that type that appeals to feminists and women who are snobs about toxins it’s a fancy vibrator that’s expensive but less so then the hundred dollar plus vibrators. This day you don’t get more power for more money.

Love Maker VibratorJust becuase this one will set you back sixty five dollars doesn’t mean you’ll orgasm quicker then with a twenty dollar vibrator. What you’re buying is the body safe silicone coating and better wiring. Not to say these won’t be defective simply becuase everything breaks, even my expensive espresso machine broke, it started leaking after one year. I know that a little off topic but I’m just trying to stress that quality doesn’t come cheap or expensive.

I quite enjoyed the grippy texture of the silicone. What seems kind of cheap to me is how it’s like a separate layer on top of the solid core. Not really attached that well which I thought was quite stage. I was not totally convinced it would be great and it was just OK. I also found it too thin.

A great feature is that little bulb for clitoris pressing. That was nice and even without clitoral vibrations you can rock it back and forth becuase the size of the nub is the size of your clit. A nice match made in heaven for the clitoris. A great present as it’s one of the nicest looking sex toys I’ve seen in a long time so perhaps you may ay this review is just in time for Christmas!


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