Comparing 2 Luxury Brown Dildos

    Comparing 2 Luxury Brown Dildos

    A slow trickle of emails are received on a regular basis asking about the difference between two similar high-end brown dildos. Both are in the luxury category, they look and feel the same however one is double the price. We’ll examine if this price jump is really worth it since luxury sex toys can be a very deceiving niche, often the high price is plain exuberance and a woman can find herself a comparable sex toy for half the price. Let the truth be told!

    Beginning with a visual comparison, when placed side by side you can notice subtle differences even though the general features are the same. Without knowing the price, can you guess which is more expensive? If you guess the dildo on the right, you’d be correct. The stance is much nicer, it’s upright position and meatier looking presence is a stronger statement then the comparable waif-like dildo on the left.


    Cyberskin and Pure Skin Dildo comparison


    Pure Skin Brown Penis

    View the Pure Skin Penis. Pure Skin is the term for the fleshy surface. It’s created by a rival brand of Cyberskin and it seems as if they took a sample into the lab and recreated it quite well. Did they win this rivalry? We think so. Cyberskin is not necessarily the best, it’s the first which is why other brands are trying to copy it. If Pure Skin would have been invented first, the manufacturer of Cyberskin would be creating it’s version based on the predecessor. Pure skin is smooth and much less tacky. This dildo is smaller, measures 7 inches total length including the suction cup on the bottom. There is 5 inches insertable and the shaft is slightly under 1 1/2 inches wide. The suction is very good. The average size makes it more desirable and the price point is well put. It’s very luxurious for the price and even if it were retailed at $50.00, it would be worth it but luckily we can buy this one cheaper and pass along the savings to you.


    Cyberskin Real Man

    View the Cyberskin Brown Dildo. A beefy monster, it’s stout testicles look peculiar but of you give them a squeeze you’ll be astounded by the solid balls inside that can move about – that’s right they’ve even crafted the testicles to be as real as can be. If it worth your money? No. You won’t notice them at all and with all the length provided¬† you’ll never be able to get all the way to the balls anyway. It’s added fluff that makes no difference on your pleasure but if you’re a gal who like the best in realism and strange features you’ll enjoy this. The rest of the shaft is extremely life like, perhaps a touch more so then it’s comparable dildo but for the double price tag it’s not doubled the pleasure. Maybe 1/5 better in our opinion. It’s one of the best of the big guys however as the size is magnificent. It measures 8 1/2 inches long and 6 inches insertable. The shaft is a little over 2 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches deep.


    Which luxury brown dildo is the best?

    The Pure skin wins. It’s not a landslide victory but a significant one nonetheless. You get the same velvet texture without any tackiness that is a common complaint with Cyberskin. It’s sized better, the suction cup is good and the balls aren’t so creepy. Both are safe and phthalates free so if you’re into healthy options either one is a good choice. Save yourself the money and snag the imitator – you won’t be disappointed!


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