Finger Butt Plug Review

    Finger Butt Plug Review

    Upon first glance, this anal toy looks like one of this Doc Johnson butt plugs that got left in the street and ran over by a truck. Even though the coloration is the exact same, there is one main difference aside from the shape that makes this plug entirely different. It’s hollow which is one of the most unique features. If you’re into back door play then having a hollow toy is a more hygienic way to poke around back there.

    Finger Butt Plug

    The Finger Butt Plug’s hollow center is large enough to fit your finger and it’s open all the way to the tip. As a consequence, the rubber is firm, the outside is covered in a shiny slippery coating and the inside is more textured and raw. It won’t bend at all and stays solid giving you an intense probing feel.

    For the first timer it may prove difficult to stick inside the rectum mainly because the end is so rounded. There nothing to ease it’s way in, you get the perpendicular end and that’s all. Once you’ve pushed it in the rest is history as this part required no effort. Just slide in.

    Without a tapered neck, it tends to squeeze it’s way out again so if you want to wear during sex then one of you will have to hold it in. Being one of the more boring looking anal toys I wanted to give this a try becuase sometime looks are only skin deep, don’t pass this one up becuase it doesn’t glitter, sparkle or vibrate but it’s still a nice variety. I enjoyed the straight shaft it’s a completely different feel from a normal shaped butt plug so this one is paraded for someone’s “second butt plug”. Even though it looks tame I would recommend it only for an intermediate user and it’s so cheap that it should hardly be worth a second thought at the checkout counter.


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