Bacon Flavored Lubricant

Here at we’re always trying to stay on the cutting edge of the adult industry. Keeping up with the Joneses also includes highlighting some rather wacky products that may appeal to some and appall others. Last night on Jay Leno, he talked about bacon flavored lubricant in his monologue. The next day at work, we all sat around the coffee room in the morning and talked about this. The consensus was that 3 people thought it was neat, 2 through it was gross. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Will we ever carry bacon flavored lubricant? Let’s just say that there have been some other strange products that have been invented that actually ended up being very popular. A perfect example is the Clone-a-Willy and Clone-a-Pussy that came out about 5 years ago. We brought in a few and put it on the website and to our amazement they sold out so quickly that we ordered in a huge batch! 5 years later, it’s still selling strong and one of those odd adult novelties that sell well even though first opinions might suggest otherwise. It goes to show you never know.

We’re talking about bacon lube now and will most likely approach the company about wholesale and bring it to you. In the meantime however here is the link to their store if you want to purchase some right now. What is our opinion? It could be good, bacon scent really makes you mouth water so perhaps it might be nice for oral sex. Ask most guys and if it does a good job at masking pussy flavor with pig flavor, they might be a big fan. As long as it smells real then it should be a hit. Although greasy bacon is not really an aphrodisiac, it might be appealing enough to some that they’d want to bring it in the bedroom. Stay tuned and we’ll see how this product takes off!


Finger Butt Plug Review

Upon first glance, this anal toy looks like one of this Doc Johnson butt plugs that got left in the street and ran over by a truck. Even though the coloration is the exact same, there is one main difference aside from the shape that makes this plug entirely different. It’s hollow which is one of the most unique features. If you’re into back door play then having a hollow toy is a more hygienic way to poke around back there.

Finger Butt Plug

The Finger Butt Plug’s hollow center is large enough to fit your finger and it’s open all the way to the tip. As a consequence, the rubber is firm, the outside is covered in a shiny slippery coating and the inside is more textured and raw. It won’t bend at all and stays solid giving you an intense probing feel.

For the first timer it may prove difficult to stick inside the rectum mainly because the end is so rounded. There nothing to ease it’s way in, you get the perpendicular end and that’s all. Once you’ve pushed it in the rest is history as this part required no effort. Just slide in.

Without a tapered neck, it tends to squeeze it’s way out again so if you want to wear during sex then one of you will have to hold it in. Being one of the more boring looking anal toys I wanted to give this a try becuase sometime looks are only skin deep, don’t pass this one up becuase it doesn’t glitter, sparkle or vibrate but it’s still a nice variety. I enjoyed the straight shaft it’s a completely different feel from a normal shaped butt plug so this one is paraded for someone’s “second butt plug”. Even though it looks tame I would recommend it only for an intermediate user and it’s so cheap that it should hardly be worth a second thought at the checkout counter.


3 Secrets Behind the Bullet

The terms bullet vibrator and egg vibrator are interchangeable, in reality they are characterized by their form. As the same implies, the bullet is longer and skinny while the egg is spherical and blunt. Considering these tiny accessories typically only have 1 function (if you’re in the dark, they’re for clitoral stimulation) it may be a challenge to determine the proper style that you’ll like better. We have 5 pages of mini vibrators with the purpose of offering a selection for every personal need so even though one lady will enjoy a subtle fat shape, the girl next door prefers a pinpoint effect and maybe some casual foreplay.


Vibrating bullets

Just a few pointers in buying the right bullet vibrator.


3 attributes to consider:


1.) The Need for Speed

A powerful bullet is much more desirable however we do offer lighter bullets too. Why would anyone buy a weaker sex toy?  The main reason is the need for silence (more power = more noise). Additionally, a strong bullet means it will make your fingers tingle too and some may find this irritating, lighter is better for foreplay and sexual arousal. On the flip side, if power is important you most likely will feel unsatisfied from a weaker selection. To determine how strong it will be, read the description as we state it clearly but if you’re still unsure, then check how may batteries they use. More batteries = more power.


2.) Double the Love

Certain styles have 2 bullets together. Some have separate seed control, others share the same setting. The main reason for these is for dual stimulation meaning one bullet teases the vagina, the other the clitoris (alternatively, you can try clitoral – anal or vagina-anal) Don’t insert the egg into the anus, it’s for external teasing. Don’t discount this entirely; if you’ve never tried this type of sexual stimulation you’re really in for a treat.


3.) Wireless vs. Corded

Many customers are attracted to the appeal of the wireless bullet and it’s nice to have a tamper-free model without a battery pack getting crushed under your elbow as you’re changing positions during sex, but we must warm you that the corded bullet vibrators have much more power then the styles without. It’s because of engineering, a wireless one will be small, will have to contain the batteries AND motor in one unit creating the need for cell batteries as opposed to AA batteries like the regular styles have. It’s plain to see there is up to 5 times more power with the corded varieties.



Heart Strap-On Harness Review

It’s important to know the history of the person writing the review. Especially for strap on harnesses because they seem to be copies of each other, if you’re a connoisseur of harnesses than you know that 70% have the same 4 way thigh-and-hip harness. The Heart Strap On fits into that percentile. It doesn’t make it special in any way nor does it make it stand out but if you’re using one for the first time you’ll probably be impressed by it. I’m not trying to state it’s less then par however, the nylon fitting is very good but the downside is they are all the same.

Heart Strap On Harness

I like to buy strap ons for variety, the same old penis gets old. Especially for an old married lady like me. I’m a heterosexual married woman who likes for my man to wear different harnesses. This one if perfect for a lady like me, your man can wear I no matter how big of a spare tire he has around the belly since those nylons straps are ridiculously long, far beyond plus size. Some may say it’s overkill but in the age of obesity like this, it’s a good option to have extra log straps.

The PVC heart backing is quite flimsy and cheap looking, I was unimpressed with that however it can hold the long dildo well with the rubber rings provided. The dildo is very floppy, it seems like jelly but it says on the box it’s phthalates free. I guess you have to take their word for it as it’s probably illegal to list this on the box if it has phthalates. The dildo was nice, quite often an attachment is very hard but it needs to be so it can’t get too floppy and flaccid. The softness is nice but you’ll need to guide it into your orifice as it will buckle and you’ll have to minimize how fast you thrust. Otherwise that it’s a nice variety piece.


Ultimate X-10 Anal Plug Review

An anal plug had a one-night stand with anal beads and this was their resulting love child. A peculiar style that has many good points and a single overbearing bad one.

Anal Plug Review

Anal toys love child?


Here are my observations: The thinnest bulb is thin enough to put inside the anus without feeling like you’re pushing in a fire extinguisher (which is what some blunt plugs feel like, everything is magnified back there!)

The stem is stiff enough where it won’t move about as you’re sticking it in. The ring does not get in the way when used with other toys (or human parts) which could gave been a concern from liking at the photo, but it’s not that obtrusive. The length is very good longer probes are more fun and the curve is fitting to a human’s natural internal structure so it’s quite ergonomic.

Even though I just gave it high praise, there seems to be a flaw that I can’t get over. The smell is quite pungent. It’s very strange considering the thing is silicone, not only does it state that on the website but on the packaging too. It doesn’t really loose the smell when exposed to air for several days like jelly vibrators do. It also seems to absorb odors and even though it’s seamless and easy to clean, you’ll never really seem to make it scent free. That’s a shame becuase everything else seem so right about this anal plug.



Bending Bubbly Vibrator Review

I know there’s already a review directly on the product listing but I was so intrigued by both the description and other person’s experience that I wanted to try it for myself.

Everything about the concept is very good, I think this is too much of an underrated toy, it does not sell as much as some other rabbit vibrators who share the same page and hopefully after this analysis the sales will see a little spike, deservingly so.

Bendy Vibrator Review

The first feature that stands out is the big white coil spring inside the shaft. This is what allows it to bend. It can go side to side too, not just backwards or forwards. Honestly, the only way you’d even really bend it is forwards to rub over the g-spot.

I tried this not sure if it would work because it’s not actually curved, but if you’re laying down and you hold it with your hand by reaching under the thigh, it will rub the g-spot, sort of like how a man’s penis rubs it when you’re doing the reverse wheelbarrow position (When you put your ankles around his neck and lay on the bed while he stands on the floor) This is what the penetrations felt like when it was bending forwards.

With that said, even though the Bending Bubbly Vibrator is pink with hearts on it, the penis shaped head is what makes it feel real, and surprisingly it does considering the physical appearance.

Now for the clitoral part, a splashing bottle of champagne totally cute and perfect for the Aquarius girl like me who doesn’t like trendy things. I completely agree with the other reviewer where it lays over everything without giving direct pressure to any particular spot.

This is great, not as good for clitoris orgasms like the rabbits however but I really did enjoy the feeling of something new. The clitoral part is a real tease but the vibrator inside is so powerfully strong that the pleasing of the inside combined with the teasing of the outside is a cool combination that make me orgasm nicely. I was quite out of breath after!

It’s quite strong considering it only has 3 batteries, the wiring must be good not to loose any of the power as it’s transferred. I give the Bending Bubbly Vibrator 5 out of 5 stars for uniqueness, 4 1/2 out of 5 for efficiency as the rabbit ears still give you better clitoral squeezing if that’s your real thing.


Alexis Amore Vibrating Pocket Pussy Review

Pocket Pussy ReviewI can’t think of any better pocket pussy then this one. It looks the best, comparable to the high end full size vaginas. It’s half the size and half the price but the same quality. If you want to compare to to more, see all the pocket pussies here.

The pussy hole allowed my erection to slip through with a tighter squeeze like a real vagina does and when you’re moving back and forth, the lips have the same type of hugging appeal that a real woman does.

If you stick in the bullets, they go on each side and when you sink in real far and squeeze the end the it makes the end feel more dense almost like the pubic bone inside. The ribbed interior stays firm and your penis head goes “bump bump bump” as you’re moving in and out. The anus has the same tunnel as the vagina and is the same tightness.

The matching vibrations evens it out better which is really the only way to go from now on. Lopsided vibration can’t cut it anymore, this best pocket pussy has raised the bar. I don’t think I’ll be trying any others anytime soon and I’m really glad I got the opportunity to take this one home. Buy  Alexis Amore’s Vibrating Pocket Pussy And Ass.


Cheaper Alternative to Cyberskin Vibrators

One of the most commonly known adult toy materials, Cyberskin is a unique blend of rubber and silicone which is safe for the body,  phthalates free and is one of the first surfaces to replicate the feeling and warmth of human skin. It’s soft and silky and if you’ve never touched a Cyberskin dildo before, it feels just like a real penis.

Unfortunately Cyberskin can be expensive and we are often asked if there are other vibrators that have the same softness without the higher price tag. Luckily there are a few great options but we’re happy to reveal the newest addition to our sex toy line that feels like Cyberskin, is also phthalates free and costs literally half the price as a Cyberskin vibrator.

It’s called Fanta Flesh and has been used in male sex toys for a while now and is relatively new to vibrators. Last month the Fanta Flesh vibrators were introduced and we immediately snapped these up and are now touting them as the cheaper alternative to Cyberskin. There are three colors available, white, brown and black.


Cheaper Alternative to Cyberskin

Cheaper alternatives to Cyberskin, same warmth and softness.


The major difference in it’s construction is that the core of the Fanta Flesh has a solid vibrator inside, so it can’t bend like Cyberskin can however the exterior sleeve is so thick that you won’t notice the center is solid, it will simply act as an effective way to hold it up.

Fanta Flesh is so floppy if there wasn’t a center core, it would collapse into a pile of mush on the floor whereas the interior of Cyberskin is the same all the way through but the center is extra dense which is what gives it the shape and still allows it to bend.

We think this difference is so minor that a customer looking for the softest vibrator won’t mind the discrepancy between the two, they’ll be happy that there is a replacement that costs less and still delivers the same life like feeling that so many crave.


Sinsations Dolphin Vibrator Review

Upon first glance this looks like another run of the mill female sex toy with a dolphin, rabbit style. Yes they have harnessed the mass marketing of popular animals in adult toys but there’s a reason for this style.

I did not realize how little this vibe is, from the photo it appears as if it’s one of those bulky vibes but it’s quite petite, everything about it from the plastic bottom to the little penis shaped head at the top. This also means the dolphin is petite too however it’s a refreshing change of pace since you’ll be left with a different reaction then with a bigger vagina-stuffing vibrator.

The first thing I noticed is how jelly-like it is. I had to look twice on the packaging and lo and behold it states phthalates free. I guess technologically advances along with masses of complaints to sex toy manufacturers now results in similar jelly feeling rubbers without phthalates. This leaves me wondering “why couldn’t they have done that in the first place?”  That’s neither here nor there, well just continue on with the review now.

The plastic beads inside the Dolphin Vibrator offer the same ‘ol jiggle massage you’re used to and the head gyrates, no difference there. The shaft is thinner then normal which kind of left me wanting more but it’s like fetish tease to want something and not get it. The dolphin nose splits like he’s smiling and is perpendicular to the rabbit ears if you look at it right.A new concept that is unique compared to the side by side ears. The up and down is good for clitoral contact since the clit is more vertical anyways.

I like that it’s fully submersible however I noticed the rubber band on the controller that gives the water tight seal is quite thick so you will have to twist it rightly to make contact and seal off the battery compartment. For such a small sex toy it’s nice and powerful, not as much as some others but I wasn’t left lacking in sexual enjoyment at all. A good buy especially for first timer which is who it’s aptly marketed towards.

Dolphin Vibrator Review

Smaller then you think, as effective as you want.


Super Stretch Cock Ring Review

We always see reviews for vibrators but cock rings are a really good toy for couples that’s often left in the dark. Just because they don’t have flashing lights and crazy patterns doesn’t mean that they don’t have the same effect.

Here is a perfect example of a device that’s always overlooked, The Super Stretch cock ring  looks strange and pointless to some but we gave it a test run and were pleasantly surprised with the results. OK we can’t go into it saying it was the most super-orgasmic explosive time we’ve ever had, let’s get real; it’s a piece of thick purple silicone.

What it will do for you is enhance sex a small amount, but a noticeable amount. The term enhance means in a positive way too. It’s quite subtle and what you’ll feel is the squishy padding on your labia when he pushes in very deep. I specifically enjoy this during non-ovulation times.

If you recall an anatomy lesson, the cervix is closed for about 25-28 days a month and this time deep penetration is usually uncomfortable, especially if you’re a petite woman. The padding reduced the inches he can sink in and reduces any of the interior poking and pinching when the penis head hits the closed and solid cervix.

It’s mighty stretchy and will fit him very and it wears quite loosely too and he enjoyed this very much. A good device that is ideal for something extra, maybe a good first timer’s sexual device because it’s so discreet simple and doesn’t really do much; not in a bad way but I mean that it’s subtle and shouldn’t scare anyone away.

Stretch Cock Ring Review

The cock ring that reduces the "ouch" factor.


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