Waterproof Egg Vibrator Review

The first observation to make is the awesome visual appearance of this cheeky little egg. It’s very modern and almost cartoonish in style. One thing you can’t see from the photo is the texture on the controller. Plastic is so passe, a dusty velvet coating is very upscale in my opinion, it’s warmer and looks nice in it’s deep royal blue.

Waterproof Egg Vibrator

The Waterproof Egg Vibrator Stays Classy

I enjoy how the controller has inset buttons instead of a dial which is again a homage to current fashionable sex toy trends. The lack of a dial has double duty making the controller waterproof too.

It’s nice to have the controller waterproof because you can use it in the tub without having to worry about the battery pack falling off the edge into the water.

The Waterproof Egg Vibrator is much fatter then I’m used to but it was a pleasant surprise, it is less focused then a narrow torpedo bullet so you can put the whole egg within your bare labia and it feels quite nice.

If I were to change anything, I would have coated the egg in the same velvet the controller has to make it warmer. The power was good, exactly what you’d expect for 2 AA batteries and the noise volume is acceptable, not very quiet but not too loud either.


G Spot Flower Vibrator Review

Close up of the Silicone G Spot Flower Vibrator

Certainly one of the most unique vibrators I’ve seen in a long time. It has sort of a classic design with pretty colors and little sunflowers on it, very well suited for a lady.

When it comes to g-spot vibrators, there’s not a whole lot of variation that can be allowed in the design otherwise it won’t work at hitting the g-spot so with that said, the Flower Vibrator combines look and relative effectiveness into one.

The curved tip is very wide and I think it squishes a little when it’s inside which makes sense since the whole shaft can flex a bit.

You won’t get a precision solid g-spot massage but it’s a “general forward motion” of rubbing which does impact the g-spot since it’s so wide and the spot is so small.

Your liking will really depend what kind of stimulation you’re looking for. Personally I enjoy both styles for their own ways. It’s always nice to have some variety becuase even the best vibrator can get boring after a while if you’ve used to too many times.

I would say this is a very good “second g-spot vibrator” but don’t make it your first if you’ve never felt what a pinpoint g-spot massage feels like (which is totally outstanding by the way). For that feature, I like the Iridescent Vibe better as the “first g-spot vibrator”.

This shaft is decorated with sunflowers and I really did feel them when the vibe was thrusted in and out by my over-eager hubby. I’m not a fan of over the top texture so I found it kind of scratchy. Furthermore the silicone was quite cold and it didn’t warm up quickly so you’ll need either warming lubricant or run it under warm tap water for a minute first to warm it up.

The vibration was quiet and centered high up, not as strong as I would like but it was plenty powerful to make me feel good. I also found that the wheel was quite stiff when I tried to turn it to increase the vibration intensity. I give it 4 stars out of 5. I would definitely use it again but it won’t always be my first pick when I reach into my sex toy box.


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